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Autumn clean up.


By holly


Hi everyone, I have spent my morning clearing up the fallen leaves in my garden, I have tried to keep up to it over the past few weeks clearing them off the grass mainly. Today I have shredded and put them all in my leaf mould bin which I emptied a couple of weeks ago with the ones I had from last year. They had all broken down to make lovely stuff for my borders and some for the pot grown acid plants I have. My bin is never big enough so I put some in bin bags pierce the bags and water to leave behind the shed for them to decompose, I even have freinds bring me their leaves, they must think I don’t have enough (which I certainly do) they turn up with bin bags full and say they have a presents for me. (They all think i’m sad, but we gardeners know i’m not, don’t we?
I have had a week off work and inspired by Littlelarford have been planting tulips, obviously not as many as him but my knees certainly are feeling the strain. I have made a new border over the past few months a grassed area which didn’t serve any purpose, so dug it over in the summer and it has made lovely loam ready for planting.
I decided to plant it as a Winter/Spring garden so have put in evergreens and one or two Sarcacoca Confusa which I saw at a lovely garden in February and the perfume is really powerful the flowers are not much but the smell makes up for them. Most of the tulips I bought have now gone into this new area, at the moment it doesn’t look much but come the spring, fingers crossed it will be lovely. I will put a photo of my new little garden on the site, as it looks now and then when the tulips are in full bloom next year. Littlelarford did give me a few ideas for varieties to purchase but it was too late for the ones he advised so have made notes for those next year.
I do hope the colours I have chosen work out but if not will change it next time, it’s all trial and error this gardening thing.
Oh, and while I’m typing just wanted to say, thankyou to Spritz the idea about a gardening journal is really good and has inspired me to do the same, not started yet but will be my project for this coming winter and beyond, I will make it my new year resolution, I don’t usually make them but this one seems to be one I might be able to keep. I’m off now to to fleece my plants in the greenhouse a sharp frost is forecast for tonight, luckily I have got all my tenders inside now.

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Hi Holly - thanks for your kind comment on my filing system- journal. Hope you find it as useful as I do. I've also been clearing leaves this week. I've composted some, put others to rot down and (whisper) burnt the rest! We have the vines on the house and pergolas, 3 Lombardy Poplars, 3 others with large variegated leaves, the 2 Weeping Ash, a Silver Birch, a Beech and a Horse Chestnut as well as the trees in the farm field next door, the leaves always seem to come our way! So there are SOOO many leaves. Then I pruned the two very tall standard rose trees (on a stepladder) this afternoon. Unfortunately, brambles from the farm were well over the fence and entangled in the roses. I decided to hack my way back to the fence, and found that they'd pushed it of its post. Husband not too pleased - his job to sort out! By then, I could only just see due to the time, and was called in - reluctantly - snipping a few too-tall shoots off the Eleagnus as I came. Busy, busy, while the weather stays dry! Who needs to go to a Gym when they've got a garden?

11 Nov, 2007


I'm trying something new with some tulips for next year (well, new for me anyway).
IMy garden will be open under the National Garden Scheme Yellow Book in mid May and I know I will have one or two areas that may need some colour. So I have planted 18 pots of late-flowering tulips, five to a pot. If all goes according to plan, I can sink the pots where necessary and, voila, instant colour. I'll let you all know if the plan works!

11 Nov, 2007


hi holly, i don't think you are sad at all, i do the same, i have a compost bin full of leaves and several bags up by the shed - in fact i have just ordered another compost bin to cope with the demand. but it will be well worth it next year!

13 Nov, 2007

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