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I'm showing my age - I'm getting a shed for my birthday!


Hello All

I just thought I would share this with you green fingered crew. We’ve just moved to a new house and there is room for me to have a shed!
It started off being a shed for my husband to keep the gardening things in but has turned into ‘my shed’ to be made pretty and for me to do my gardening stuff in; even if it is raining outside.
I commented to my husband that getting a shed for your birthday was a real sign that you had got to a ‘certain age’ (and I am a Lady of a Certain Age). But of course it’s all changed now and sheds have had a huge renaissance – and now young people would love to have a shed in the garden that is their own little space for them to decorate – or not – however they like and do ‘their stuff’ in.
Then I read that David Cameron has just bought himself a £25,000 shed to write in!
Hmmm well it’s a tad dearer than mine but I would like to bet that his won’t be as pretty as mine when I have finished decorating it!
If I can master the technology – I will post a photo of it when I get it finished.


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Wise choice. You are a lucky lady - I bought my own... Wishing you many happy hours in it.

14 Jul, 2017


When you do get to a 'certain age' presents just don't need to be the new clothes/perfumes/ knick-knacks type, you want something useful! And what could be more useful than a shed? They are Associations of 'Shedders' mostly men's clubs for promoting health and well-being for men, so why can't us women have one too? Men apparently need a refuge to indulge in all the bloke things that they want to do whether it's modelling, carpentry or just sitting reading in peace. Have a look at Men's sheds on Wikipedia or
Have fun with decorating and make sure it IS yours, not a handy dumping ground!

14 Jul, 2017


Having just had my dream She-shed put up, I can say that it is lovely to have your own space all to yourself. Best thing I ever did for myself! Can't wait to see what yours will look like.

14 Jul, 2017


I can't think of a better present than a shed lol I love being in mine when it rains and listen to it clattering on the roof :)

14 Jul, 2017


What a great present ! I love 'our' shed..we have a his and hers side,and woe betide if anything unrelated to gardening. strays into my half ! Lol..I might 'borrow ' a screwdriver etc,on occasion..but that's about it..perfect harmony,and a long bench made for sharing,which is an old wooden door surplus to requirements,and ideal..Enjoy it Hollyduff :o)

15 Jul, 2017


Hello all shed lovers - thank you for your lovely responses!

Thank you Steragram; I can't wait for it to come next Tuesday because I can't wait to start painting it!

What a great idea Honeysuckle; why don't you start a 'woman's shed club' (needs a much better name obviously) on here? I'll join as of next Tuesday. And yes, I am going to make sure it stays mine - I'm not sure hubby will want to be seen in it once it gets decorated - it is going to be very girly indeed!

Thank you Amsterdam; why don't you post a photo of yours here for everyone to see? I promise I won't copy; I have my design already decided!

That sounds great Hywel; I can't wait. It reminds me of when we owned a caravan and sitting in, all warm and cosy, listening to the sound of the rain hammering on the roof, was extremely therapeutic. Aside from decorating it in a style I love; one of the huge advantages is being able to do gardening stuff in it precisely because it is raining. I have been rained off a few times in the last few weeks and had to stop and this is how the shed became 'my' shed and not hubby's.

Thank you Bloomer for your good wishes. Your his n' hers shed sounds great. My shed is pretty small (6 x 4) therefore hubby is not going to be allowed so much as a toe in it! He has commandeered our study bedroom (for his music) and the garage is very much his domain too; so the dinky little shed will be mine and mine only.
I could have had a larger one and did consider this because we had the space for once but the shed I have chosen is just so cute that I afraid I went for looks instead of practicality!

Also if I chose a smaller one, it would allow me to have the surrounding area paved so I can have a patio area around my shed; for when the weather is nice and I want to sit outside it and do stuff.
I am slowly taking over the entire garden!

I like Amsterdam's idea of posting photos of our sheds - what do you think?

15 Jul, 2017


Hollyduff- please go to my pictures or refer to my 'new Summerhouse' blog dated 13 June.

15 Jul, 2017


I don't mind posting the outside but am not very proud of the clutter inside....but its all got to go somewhere and the garage is full of OH's, which is 100 times worse...

15 Jul, 2017


Hi Amsterdam

Wow I have just had a look at your She-Shed/Summerhouse - it is indeed posh and lovely to boot! I especially like the shape and your patio area surrounding it.

Of course I am now wondering if I did the right thing going for the small cute shed instead of the larger - much more room to actually relax in - summerhouse type....
Oh well, it's not all about size is it? I can just see men saying 'Oh well mine is bigger than that....'

Sorry to the male fraternity on here! I'm just having a little joke and could be being slightly rude....or not -
it depends entirely on your mind!

15 Jul, 2017


Hi Steragram

Well I would still like to see the outside; we will forgive you the clutter. We only moved into our new house 5 weeks ago and the inside of the house is no different really to the day we moved in! One large black hole after another!
But the garden and my painted furniture - and my shed being ordered! - are coming on a treat.

As one of our new neighbours said, when I pointed this out to her; 'well, you have all the dark winter nights to sort out the house and the weather is so nice that it's a shame to waste it'......

Talk about getting your priorities right! I spent an hour the other day, just looking for a decent pair of shoes to go out in.

15 Jul, 2017


Hollyduff,how lovely,I know how pleased you must be,I have just moved home also,and of being a certain age ,My husband brought me a shed for my early birthday present in September,I have never had a shed ,so I share your excitement.

15 Jul, 2017


Hello Callie1914

Thank you.

Have you decorated it? I had originally decided that, like Coco Channel; less is more and you know, keep it understated but then I decided - to hell with that - more is more! So I am going to paint it in a way that will make me smile every time I look at it....

15 Jul, 2017


I have a shed that I have painted a lovely colour of soft grey green. I keep all my gardening tools in it and it is MINE. My husband is not to touch anything in my shed. I have to say it is rather basic and I will not be taking any photos of it. I look forward to seeing your shed Hollyduff.....perhaps you will start a fashion for colourful sheds. I am a painter so I could be very creative about this.

15 Jul, 2017


Hollyduff- whatever you decide, remember it is YOURS!! I had to get used that that idea as being a wife and mum I always put others first. I have just sat in my summerhouse reading up on upcycling furniture which I love doing for friends and family. Make your shed, garden palace, or whatever you want to call it your own, I am still tinkering with bits and bobs and enjoy pottering in the garden and being able to enjoy the garden. Whatever the size of your shed - it's yours to do with what you want!

15 Jul, 2017


If you want to take a look at a blog and pics on page 23 of my blogs,Hollyduff..which was posted in July 2010,titled 'My second Home',feel free..ours is 8x6,but if yours is only for you,it will be ample..sounds a similar colour to Goy member Linda235's shed.:o) It is still the same colour now,and not much different inside really..same Security guard as well,so we must be paying him enough !! Lol

15 Jul, 2017


Hello Linda235

I like that - it is MINE! No mincing of words there! I like the sound of the soft grey green colour; I think you may be inspired to add some lovely designs once you see how pretty mine is going to be.

I've bought some items to compliment my shed (which I haven't even got yet!) this weekend.
I've bought a lovely flower covered bucket which is chiefly pink (which my husband has been warned not to go anywhere near with concrete!) and some welly boots for when the grass is wet; with pink trimmings....

Can't wait for Tuesday!

16 Jul, 2017


Hi Amsterdam

Don't worry - it's all MINE as Linda325 says! I did think about some false grass on the floor but then I thought 'Oh I won't want to pot anything if I have grass in it'; so that idea is shelved at the moment.

16 Jul, 2017


Hi Bloomer

I did indeed look at your Blog no.23 and I love the photos of your shed. And the tour around it of course.

What I particularly like is the fact that you have utilised items that have sentimental value to you, your husband and family. I love the fact that you are using the teasmade tray as your potting tray and the filing cabinet as a place to store bits and bobs.

I also think you might get your paintbrush out very soon! It's a lovely soft grey colour which is just begging to be decorated on the outside!

Watch this space!

16 Jul, 2017


Hollyduff my shed is very boring - just an ordinary brown 6x8.There will be room for me to stand in it when I have put the plastic cheapie garden chair away behind the wheelbarrow...
Never though of making it girlie - just not me I fear...

16 Jul, 2017


Hello Steragram

If you were to decorate your shed; it doesn't need to be girly. You could go for the beach hut look with lots of bonny seaside colours; Cuprinol, Homebase and Wilko have brought out loads of bonny colours for the wood in your garden.

Even if your shed is full of gardening stuff; it doesn't mean it should stay the usual varying shades of brown.....

Just a thought...

17 Jul, 2017


My shed is the same colour as Bloomer's. I love that colour. I think yours is a bit bigger than mine as l have trouble getting in Bloomer, next to the lawn mower. I was going to tidy it today but I cut the lawns instead.

17 Jul, 2017


Well mine is brown because I want it to be as inconspicuous as poss. - just to blend into the background.
Unfortunately OH bought a rather brighter shade than we intended but when it needs repainting and that orangey stuff is all gone it will revert to brown again. It isn't the sort of shed you sit and read in, its strictly for potting and storage. The seaside shed is a nice idea but it would look a bit odd in the corner where it is.

I will try to get around to taking a photo if we are agreed that a blog would be fun? Might even relent and admit to the inside - If I can get through the door...

17 Jul, 2017


that's lovely, I hope you enjoy. I would dearly love a greenhouse, but just no room and not so keen on the little plastic ones.

18 Jul, 2017


Hello All Shed owners!

Well my shed arrived today and I can't wait to start painting it but it needs to be preserved first. Apparently it has a very basic preservative on it but it's supposed to only be for protecting it for a few weeks; as they are stored outside.
The Wilco Garden Colour paint I am going to use for the background colour is water based; can anyone suggest a good preservative that doesn't have wax or oil in it?
And have you used it?

18 Jul, 2017


Hello Lisam

Thank you for your good wishes.

I too would love to have room for a greenhouse but no can do in our new garden. I have opted for one of the little plastic ones as I feel it would be better that nothing at all.

I'll have to wait and see....

18 Jul, 2017


Hi Hollyduff! I can't wait to see your shed photos! you can easily add them on to this blog ....or just do another one and call it 'shed progress' or something. We will find it. :)

20 Jul, 2017


Thank you Cottagekarer

I've asked that exact question on Steragram's blog with pictures of her shed on it. The site I used to post on listed the latest posts, so even if the thread was an 'old' one; you still knew if someone had posted something on it.

As you can see, I posted a question about a preservative for my shed but it has gone unnoticed; so perhaps I'll just start a new one. I cannot get creative until I protect the wood first which is frustrating because I want to get one with it!

24 Jul, 2017


You should Google water based wood or shed preservative for a trade name Hollyduff.

27 Jul, 2017


If you go to a large DIY chain or a builders merchants you should find a selection, in a range of colours. OH wasn't keen on Cuprinol re lasting - but our shed does get a lot of strong weather thrown at it. He has bought Homebase's own brand to try next time, but can't tell you how it stand up to wear yet. Several members here have painted theirs the light green you like but sorry i can't remember who they are...

All you have to do to see if you have received a comment is to look at the Your News section under Your Options. That will include all comments on your old blogs. It doesn't take long to check it every day (or every how often you look...)

27 Jul, 2017


My green grey is from Cuprinol 'Wild Thyme'. You are looking for an undercoat tho' before you put the colour on.

27 Jul, 2017


Go for it Holly, every girl needs 'She shed'.

27 Jul, 2017


Hello folks

Thank you for your advice - I am going to start a new thread and tell you about the ridiculous hassle I have had with said birthday shed....
which I still haven't got!

6 Aug, 2017


Linda,that is the same colour as have good taste my dear ! lol..and Holly..I don't know whether to await your new thread with trepidation,or anticipation !

6 Aug, 2017

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