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FUNNY WEATHER...........


Today we have had nearly every different sort of weather there is… i walked down to mums……….it poured with rain………… saw a lovely rainbow but did not have my camera with me.
Managed to just get home in time, when the skies turned black and down it came again……….this then turned into hailstones…….then into a snow shower, before turning back to rain. Then it all went and the sun tried to come out…….and the sky turned blue……….very cold winds as well………..what next i wonder…………



Grey sky

THen the sun started to come out………

Then the sky turned blue… and has stayed that way as the sun goes down……not much of a sunset tonight……….

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One thing is for certain... whatever the weatherman or weatherlady predicted.... they were right :o)

29 Jan, 2010


Mixture here today as well Holly, now we have a clear sky with a beautiful moon, I`ve walked down from Dad`s ,only takes 5mins and oh boy it`s bitterly cold with the odd snowflake......Hubby wants to go fishing in the morning, personally I think he`s mad.........

29 Jan, 2010


Its been freezing cold here to day, but dry, earlier I noticed a cloud formation, which I seen just 4 days before it snowed at the beginning last time, and said I seen snow clouds, so I shall expect it to snow again, now seeing these. The weather tonight said icy roads warning. Like the picture it looks like little fountains on you grass : O )

29 Jan, 2010


you are really having a cold snap in the north just hope you dont send it down here to the southern hemisphere.

29 Jan, 2010


I just missed our local forecast - I'll have to watch it later. Don't like the sound of another cold period, though!

It was cloudy/sunny here today, but a very chilly wind!

29 Jan, 2010


All that in one day ! We've had sun.

29 Jan, 2010


our day has been like this too. It was a 'good' blizzard at lnch time and then blue sky half an our later. all the snow gone now.

29 Jan, 2010


Same here...snow,hail,icy winds and a fleeting glimpse of sun..more of the same tomorrow they say ! Well...definitely not boring ! Lol

29 Jan, 2010


We had the same it was snowing one minet and the sun out the next We have a good covering of snow yet again and more to come tomorrow

29 Jan, 2010


Your blog mirrored exactly what happened here, Holly. When I walked back from bowls last night about 10pm it was already icy but lovely moonlight. Today a sprinkling of snow and so, so cold.

30 Jan, 2010


We had some snow in the night but it's clearing now

30 Jan, 2010


yes they were right TT.... Lincslass...... oh my god how could anyone think about fishing in this weather...
weve got sun and blue sky today hywel.......
Thanks sixpence.....
Will try not to piersdad.........
spritz... i think id rather have it cold and dry, than the rain... hasnt the wind been cold.....
Seaburngirl, BB........ no the weathers not boring at the moment is it...
Donnah gee19......... lets hope we dont get any more snow.....

30 Jan, 2010


Well you would'nt say the weather man got it all wrong, today we have had lovely sunshine..

30 Jan, 2010


It was lovely and sunny but cold here to yesterday....

31 Jan, 2010


We have had some strange weather as well. On Friday we had sun & dark clouds & a few, brief snow flurries. Then a hard frost over night.

Saturday was sunny & cloudy at times with some moments of blue skies but with a cold north-westerly wind. Frost again

Sunday has been quite cold with more clouds than sun & the frost took a very long time to clear away. Frost again tonight.

31 Jan, 2010


we have certainly had a mixture lately , havnt we.....

1 Feb, 2010


We certainly have been having a strange winter! It looks as though we aren't "out of the woods" yet either as it seems more cold weather is forecast for next week! Did you see NY on the news today on TV? They have had 2 & 1/2 ft of snow in just one day! I hope we don't get any more snow here!!!!

6 Feb, 2010


No i didnt see the news or weather yesterday.... wow they sure had a lot of snow... i think we are going to get frosts this week down here.... hope no one gets any snow.....

7 Feb, 2010


There were snow showers here all day yesterday! Fortunately none of it settled on the ground or on anything else. *phew!* Today there was a very, very brief shower of tiny little,hard balls on snow. It only lasted a couple of minutes but it started to cover the ground. I was out in it otherwise I wouldn't have seen it. The rest of the day was quite nice - from within the house! We had a very cold NE wind all day. But in the afternoon some lovely sunshine that was warm through the windows & just made me itch to go out onto the balcony & do something with my plants! Shame the wind was so cold! :-(

9 Feb, 2010


Same here Balcony.... sleety snow showers and a very cold wind... i cant wait to get outside either... but a walk in the garden to feed the birds every morning is enough 4 me in this was sunny here this morning but keeps clouding over..... roll on better weather.....

10 Feb, 2010

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