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You CAN have a veg plot even with just a tiny portion of your garden...


Even though my garden is fairly big it is situated on the side of a hill and over limestone rock. The only piece we have managed to build up to a decent depth of soil to enable us to grow veg is a raised area approximately 12ft long by 7ft wide.
We have gradually bulked the soil up each year by adding the composted garden greens etc., grow more or pelleted chicken manure and adding farmyard manure last year.
If the soil is well nourished and kept well watered it’s possible to grow crops very close together, and that’s what we have done.
This year we have shoehorned in Runner Beans, Peas, Beetroot, Carrots, Broad Beans, Spring Onions, Cabbage and Red Lettuce. By growing them close together we can use the small beetroot and carrots we thinned out as soon as they are becomming congested.

This is what they look like today…..

…..and this is how well they look close up……

Runner beans growing up the trellis bordering the veg plot……..

Peas and beetroot…….


Broad beans…….


We enjoyed the first harvest last Sunday and have had 3 lots of peas, beans, carrots and cabbage during the week.
I am growing Broccoli in a 4′×4′ bed behind the greenhouse too.

So you can see, you don’t need a big garden to grow a taste of fresh vegetables. Just a small area can give you a lot of satisfaction and produce quite a lot for the dinner table…..
Happy gardening everyone……… :o)))

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I agree HB, I have a plot only a third of the size of yours and I manage to get runner beans, broad beans, carrots and beetroot, plus spring onions and lettuce. I dont need to grow that many plants being on my own, so its enough for me. Well done your veggies are looking really good.

15 Jul, 2011


I am glad you grow enough for yourself Cinders it's so nice to taste them fresh from the garden isn't it. I give some of the cabbage, broad beans, runner beans and beetroot to family as they are prolific. Thank you...:o)

15 Jul, 2011


You have got some wonderful cabbage there

15 Jul, 2011


I am afraid the slugs think so too Cinders. I have picked so many up this week. At least the centres are sound. :o)

16 Jul, 2011


We have a small garden and grow good things - we use pots - going to build a little plot for next year :) Your veg is looking very good - happy growing :))))))))

16 Jul, 2011


Thanks Paul. I had tried to grow veg in pots but only had any real result from herbs and potatoes in an old dustbin. Happy gardening to you too, we do love our gardens don't we Paul. :o))

16 Jul, 2011


Healthy looking vegetables. It is nice to see some veg pictures. After all gardening is not all about flowers. I wish I had the space to grow more veg. A huge leylandii tree planted by my neighbour attached to the fence has ruined a quarter of my garden.

16 Jul, 2011


Yes all the joy it gives us :)))))))))

16 Jul, 2011


Everything is looking so healthy .. could you name the Runner Bean variety for me please Hb? : o )

16 Jul, 2011


my husband uses what should be a flower border in the garden, like you H/B he grows so much veg, just can't beat it,

16 Jul, 2011


Sorry to hear that Coshad, leylandii can be a real nuisance in the wrong place or not kept controlled. I gained 6ft of border when our neibour cut down his leylandii hedge and it was over 15ft high too.

:o) Paul.

They are St. George runner beens Shirley. Apparently they are an RHS AGM winner, producing the heaviest yeald of quality pods at the most recent Wisley Runner Bean trial. Lovely red and white flowers are a bonus.

Good for him Yorkshire. I did think of mixing veg in with the flowers but I never tried it, apart from a few raddish. It would be just my luck to pull half the flowers up with the veg or step on the flowers trying to pick them. Lol.

16 Jul, 2011


Thanks for the info. Hb ... it was the flower colour that prompted me to ask. Mum is growing Beetroot in amongst her flowers ... her favourite salad ingredient ... lol!

16 Jul, 2011


Oh! I do love beetroot and my mum makes beetroot chutney for's delicious......I notice that the prepared bags of salad have beetroot leaves in them.

16 Jul, 2011


Beetroot has about as much appeal to me as Marmite ... Noooo thanks ... lol! : o ))

16 Jul, 2011



16 Jul, 2011


Beetroot and carrots were grown in public park flower beds as borders during wartime shortages. They do make good neat foliage plants, but of course they leave gaps when you eat them...

17 Jul, 2011


That's interesting Steragram, I didn't know that. I had thought of growing red cabbage in the flower border but the pigeons like them too

18 Jul, 2011


Interesting Blog...Homebird...we reinstated ours this year using the old Chook Yard, and so far we're doing ok...hope to grow lots more next year...We have Savoy..Cauli..Spring and main crop Onions...Autumn Carrots are showing...Aubergines...Cherry and normal Toms...Cucumbers:Lemon Cues on a vine, plus Melons...and Sweet peppers in a large Planter...Lovely to be able to grow your own, much more tasty...

12 Aug, 2011


Yes, Homebird - borders would lose a certain something if here and there was a cabbage covered with netting. Try those little carrots with spherical roots in a flower border - small enough to pull without disturbing anything else and they will grow even in stony clay!

12 Aug, 2011


lol @ 'marmite" Shirley....must admit I do like Beetroot, and Beet chutney, mmm....
Had a look for some info on Beet foliage....

beet greens are eatable and very nutritious.There are traces of oxalic acid in beet greens (spinach and swiss chard also)that interfere with calcium when eaten raw. Oxalic acid in large amounts is toxic but beet greens only contain a small amount....

so we're safe :o)))

13 Aug, 2011

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