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Spring has sprung in the garden at last…


Sorry it’s been so long since I participated, but I have been trying to keep up with everyone’s blogs and posts.
Now that T is getting back to his old self we have been trying to get the garden looking a bit more like we own it. So many leaves to rake up and bag, it felt at times that we would never manage to clear them all. Thankfully T can drive again so he took loads to the recycling centre. Anyway we have managed it and I have been able to apply the bagged manure to the borders. I had it delivered last Autumn but didn’t have the time for one reason or another, to use it until now. No wonder it makes the plants shoot up….I swear my neck is at least 3 inches longer trying to get my nose as far as possible from the smell…
As I worked around the borders I took a few photos as a record of the plants up and flowering this March..
These Hyacinth seem to double up each year and they have a lovely scent. (they don’t have to compete with the smell of the manure here in the edge of the rockery)lol

The cyclamen originally as a gift of seeds from Brian, are spreading brilliantly through the rockery too..

The Ribes are always a welcome sight in full flower this month, as are the various primula and blue Hyacinth dotted around..

The Helebore have outdone themselves this year. I cut off all their old leaves when I was clearing the other leaves and it’s great to see the flowers at last.

The cheanomelies to the right of the pergola looks beautiful and such an eye catching scarlet.

..and the peony from Brian is showing real promise for lots more flowers this spring.

The Magnolia in the front garden is bursting with flowers again this spring. Fingers crossed we don’t get the awful severe frost we got last year which totally ruined the flowers. It left it looking like brown paper bags hanging from the branches!!

Same goes for my February/March blossoming Greengage.

A whole year since I sowed my Broccoli, we picked and cooked the first purple florets yesterday. I reckon they were seeds meant for the farmers fields, they grew so tall and bushy. I won’t be bothering with this sort again!!

I don’t know if you noticed T had put in new steps up to the top garden. He completed them just before he became ill. It’s made it so much easier for me to move stuff up and down. The following is a blog I started back then….I was finding it increasingly difficult carrying things up and down the garden so I bought a step climber to carry heavy sacks etc but found it awkward to navigate the old steps up and down from the top lawn. T and I put our heads together and decided to alter the access and put steps more or less straight down between two apple trees using most of the original slabs, bricks and stone.
By moving the steps I have gained a good area beside the greenhouse where I will be able to stand a cold frame once T has built me one!! T is about to level and re pave that area today.
This is where the old steps were. T has put breeze blocks there temporarily, they will hold back the soil we have dug out from the new steps area and thrown into the area where the old steps were. T found a bucket full of Daffodil bulbs 2 foot down in the soil that he dug out for the new steps.! No wonder they never flowered there!!!

The new steps are much easier to walk up and down.

I love it now and T has built me a cold frame that sits in the space left by removing the old steps…

Thanks for looking around my garden. I am off to sow a few more seeds in the toastie warm greenhouse now…xxx
I love this time of year, full of promise and hope..

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Its so good to see you and hear all your news H'bird, I didn't know T had been unwell, pleased to hear he's back to his old self..
It looks really good but anything he does is always well thought out and good, as you say those steps will be easier when you need to move stuff up and down, the coldframe fits perfectly....
Its a lovely time of the year, everything is waking up, and the weather is lovely at the moment, busy sowing time for us, your garden always looks so neat and tidy...
Lovely blog and photo's H'bird, thanks for sharing with us......Take care and enjoy your gardening....

22 Mar, 2022


Lovely to see your spring garden Sheila, and the results of your clever OH’s work So good that he’s able to help you again 🙂. Hope your pics stay around longer than mine did!

22 Mar, 2022


What a wonderful blog, Sheila!! Loved reading how busy you have both been - extremely busy!!! You’ve such a glorious mix of spring colour throughout. Your pics are fab - love the new steps and surrounding area. Hopefully this will make manoeuvring around and getting and and down easier. Looks like you’ve had a similar experience to what we had last weekend with digging down and finding ‘lost’ bulbs and rubble multiplying for no reason!
The new cold frame looks well positioned and you’ll be excited to start making use of it too.
The ribes look so pretty - my OH’s brother has a smashing big one and I would love to have one too - no space unfortunately. Agree with Julia - your chaenomiles looks a beautiful intense colour! Another to covet!!!!
Good to see you back. 😊

22 Mar, 2022


Lovely to see just how much progress you and T have made,since we last heard from you,Sheila, and so glad he has made such a good recovery.:o) Your garden is just beautiful,and those steps are brilliant, which has made it much easier for you both.
We are all enjoying the spring season,and the bonus of good sunny weather this week.It really is lovely to have you back,and fingers crossed,your photo's don't disappear ,like lots of others have done lately ! I keep checking to see if the photo of my Amaryllis is still far so good !!!
Take care,and Happy Gardening. x

22 Mar, 2022


Good to see you back again! My you have both been working or socks off! What a difference those steps make - brilliant! Sorry you are disappointed broccoli - I think the purple sprouting one always grows as big as that. I reckon its a great contribution to our spring greens but haven't grown it for years.
You have some lovely Spring flowers and its looking good, but not least I love the pic of the bare tree. I seem to spend quite a lot of time staring at bare trees against a blue sky!

22 Mar, 2022


Wondered where you were. Great to see you back. Your garden is looking great and so advanced, must be all that manure and care and attention.

23 Mar, 2022


All looking beautiful :-))

23 Mar, 2022


Your garden looks truly amazing and you have so many beautiful plants.
I love your new steps and your gorgeous trees.
Lovely that you are back on here.

23 Mar, 2022


Thank you all so much for a truly warm welcome back. It’s taking me ages to catch up with everyone’s blogs and photos but I shall get there eventually. 😊

25 Mar, 2022


Just found this Homebird as I was off here for a while due to illness.
Its good to see you back on here and enjoyed reading your blog, but unfortunately the only pictures on now were of the steps and the others had gone. Such a shame!

5 Apr, 2022


Hi Rose, thank you but sorry to hear you have been unwell. I do hope you are well now.
It’s disappointing that there’s an ongoing problem with disappearing photos. Hopefully it will get sorted soon.

10 Apr, 2022


I hope so too Homebird! Thank you, I am much better now!

10 Apr, 2022

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