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How stupid can you get


My husband said to me this morning that the name tag was still on the shrub, didn’t even think of that, went to have a look and it wasn’t. Cannot even remember taking it off. Determined to find out even if i go back to garden centre lol.

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I get trouble with name tags - I take them off and keep them safe but then I can't remember which plant they relate to. You'd think I'd be able to tell from the description on the tag but they're not always very accurate. Sometimes the wrong tag is on the plant anyway.

26 Jun, 2008


Don't know about name tags, i'm terrible at remembering the latin names for plants, there again i can't even say the names.

26 Jun, 2008


I think we are all a bit like that , and yet there is an elderly gentleman we know, who can hardly remember what day it is but he knows all the latin names , nothing to do with the work he did because he was a builder .

26 Jun, 2008


I can remember the botanical names better than the common names. But then I'm weird. ;-) Re tags, I tend to semi-bury tags near the base of the plant.

26 Jun, 2008


My 5-year Gardeners' Log is VERY useful for remembering what plants are and where and when they were planted. I am into the second year of it now, and I'd never have remembered all the plants' names without it...

26 Jun, 2008


Sometimes I'm too organised for my own good.
I have a database on the PC which should contain every plant in the garden, when and where it was planted and where it came from. Except occasionally I find something growing that is not on the database. The down side is you finally have a lot of entries for stuff that has died :-(

26 Jun, 2008

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