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What a beautiful day we have had, hope yours is the same. The garden is just lovely because everything is so green and all the flowers are starting to come out. However i need some help, if anyone can suggest anything. I have a bed just under my bathroom window that is empty. I can only plant something that will grow to about 2ft in height at the most but the width is approx. 4ft. It is a shady area but i desperately need something that is really colourful in the summer and would look nice in the winter as well. Any suggestions please. Regards Sue

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I'm thinking maybe some kind of low growing bush like a Holly. Maybe variegated. It would still have it's leaves in the winter along with some berries ? Maybe someone in the UK can suggest something that would be perfect as I'm not familiar with a lot of the plants that you have there. Best of luck with this project :)

30 Jun, 2008


How about Heucheras and Saxifraga Urbium? I have these in a shady area and they are evergreen and flower in the summer. Heucheras come in various foliage colours.

30 Jun, 2008


Thanks to all who answered. What i would really like is something with really colourful flowers, as i have quite a lot with variegated leaves but the garden is lacking in bright colours.

30 Jun, 2008


Although they are not two feet tall, busy lizzies will give you all the colour you want right up until the frosts finish them.

30 Jun, 2008


Oh that sounds like a great idea. What happens in the winter, do they grow again next year?, or would i have to plant some more, next summer. I don't need anything two feet, i didn't explain myself very well. I meant that was the tallest i could go up to because of the window. Thank you.

1 Jul, 2008


No, Impatiens - Busy Lizzies - are annuals so you'd have to plant more next summer.

1 Jul, 2008

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