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How crazy is this


Hi just wondered what the rest of you think of this. The other day the grass was cut and i always think that nothing sets the garden off more than a nice green, tidy, lawn. Well yesterday afternoon we had a really strong wind and that has blown loads of leaves off the trees. It is now raining and the garden looks like autumn. Well the point is i feel cheated, because i like the garden really tidy in the summer. I put up with it in the autumn and early winter because that is part of the seasons, until the real winter sets in and all is tidy again. It’s like someone came along and messed up my house after i tidied it lol. Regards Sue

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i know what you mean homely, with all the rain and heat we are getting over here i seem to have to cut the grass a couple of times a week just to keep the garden looking tidy. it always makes the garden look so much better when the grass is cut. i have several large trees behind the back garden wall which shed their leaves just as soon as the grass is done, swear they wait for me to finish before dropping lol

2 Jul, 2008


So glad i am not alone, my husband always says i shouldn't mind because it's nature and it looks nice and leaves are good for the garden. Sue

2 Jul, 2008


They certainly aren't good for the grass if you leave them - they make marks and the grass underneath dies off! I agree - I like the grass and edges looking good. My husband is in charge of the cutting (I do the edges) as we have rather a lot, and he leaves it until I have to nag....

2 Jul, 2008

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