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Work in progress on the front gardens


I am attaching some photo’s of the work in progress on the right front lawn (looking towards the house). This was all rank grass and the huge cracks in the ground, mentioned before, when we came, just the solitary lilac tree of unknown age and name.
With the ground being so uneven and heavy, mowing grass is a real chore and as I creep forever towards decreptitude, chores aren’t required.
Now I know gardens and shrubs still take time to look after, we have lots of examples of neglected shrubs and trees, but what could be nicer than pottering and trimming – rather than cutting endless grass.
So most of the grass on both sides will be gone eventually, as the backache stands up to it. It’s not just the removal of the grass and a quick dig over, the clay is compacted from years of ‘lawn’ and has to be dug in mini-slices to at least let some air in. It’s amazing how many worms still thrive in this concrete like ground!
I did manage to plant the little bit next to the pond, give it a go and if things aren’t happy there, they will get a new home.

First looking towards the road with the start of the circular lawn taking shape. Hubby wanted a plan, mine is in my head and I know what I am doing. The circular lawn is my concession to him liking order, I prefer flowing lines of irregular shape. As soon as he discovered I was actually marking out something he came and helped take off some of the grass topping!
The bent tree on the left is an unknown at the moment, could be a mimosa or similar. It was in the derelict greenhouse and had grown so tall it bent over at the top, got moved and actually survived but will be a tree of ‘interesting’ shape. The metal tripod was a charity shop find, not sure it was a garden item, but works well and is topped with a pound shop hanging basket to hide the binding (minus the chains). Originally planted with some Morning Glory black flowered plants, which immediately got wind blown, very sad looking, so now has the Ribes Speciosum from Wisley planted in the centre, hopefully the Morning Glories will recover too. Not sure if the metal would get really hot in the Summer and burn the plants, assuming we have heat of course. More on pound shop buys another day!

Part of the in progress circular lawn

The heap of discarded soil with the mini rockery, looking a bit sparse at the moment, but hopefully will fill up.

What passes for ‘fine tilth’ here on clay! We do have a huge compost heap in the process of being recreated, so it will have some sort of organic matter in and on it!

Cracks in the grass at least a hands depth, sometimes you could almost lose a spade in there!

The side small garden against the pond, again looking a bit sparse. Self seeded foxglove with the remains of the waterfall in the background. Not a sucess, filled with leaves, stunk to high heaven and the laurel sprouted between the layers! Another work in progress.
Wild Herb Robert left to ramble. A couple of plants to follow in close-up. Two Hostas which came as seedlings amongst some Lily of the Valley roots – love freebies!

The Primula Francesca bought from Wisley Gardens on our Wedding Anniv.

Plant of unknown make/name. Bought from the garden centre for the foliage colour, they thought it might be a Lobelia. Any offers anyone?

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All looking really good Honeysuckle, what a lovely space you have!

11 Jun, 2013


My goodness what a job you have but it looks as if you are making the most of what you have and I`m sure you are going to end up with a beautiful garden. I love the look of the pond.

11 Jun, 2013


You're doing well ... and I agree that tending some interesting shrubs etc beats cutting boring grass. I have no lawns at all and it's much nicer.

11 Jun, 2013


I'm not a fan of lawns and only have a small one for sitting out on. Your circular lawn is looking good and you'll have much more space for more interesting plants!:)

11 Jun, 2013


Thank you all for your comments, spurs me on to greater efforts! I agree with you Louisa and Hywel about the grass, we never sit on the lawn, so what's the point. Hubby thought some grass would look good, but he's not the one filling the holes!
It saddens me to see some front gardens, just the house plonked onto a mass of grass, like a dolls house on a carpet - where are the plants?

11 Jun, 2013

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