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More Rain, but warmth promised!


Today is yet another day that it’s pouring with rain. The water butts around the house got emptied into the pond yesterday ready for the deluge and the huge tank 6 ft x 4ft x 4ft down near the chickens, which fills from the mobile home, got half emptied and is heading to being full again. This morning I am again putting hose pipes to the ones near the house as they are overflowing and the 5ft x 4ft x 4ft tank near the barn also has a pump going in it!
But… the weathermen tells us it’s going to be dry for the weekend and it will warm up. They did say up to 15 deg. but this has now been downgraded to 8 deg. Just have to wait and see.
Is there anyone on here that lives in an area that had to contend with floods of last year? If so how did they manage the damage to property and garden? I can’t imagine the heartache that comes with watching your possessions and loved garden disappear under water. Then there’s the aftermath of insurance payments hitting the roof and your property being harder to sell in a ‘flood area’.
We have huge puddles of water lying everywhere and the grass and meadow are a quagmire, but no danger of flooding – we hope!
The farmer’s field next door has a huge lake of water lying on his crop, but that’s what you get for ploughing in the ditches, the old farmer’s knew they needed them.
So today is a sit indoors day and wait for it to dry out.

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We've got the same weather today and the same predicted weather for the weekend :) got a few plants to get planted but it's so so soggy out there, but the ponds had a great top up :) Atleast everything is getting a good watering :)

9 Mar, 2016


Its rained that much I now have extra ponds in the garden all natures donation, no signs of it stopping yet, I act as an escort on a school run for a local taxi run and boy we needed a boat in some places this morning, very dicey in some places, I too was thinking about the families and businesses affected, its heartbreaking isn't it ....

9 Mar, 2016


The incessant rain has eased off here and the ground is slowly getting a bit less soggy - won't say drying...
Today has been fine but with a fairly strong North wind, so not nice to be outside. The plants that were over confident that spring was here are looking pretty sorry they made the wrong decision.

9 Mar, 2016


Yes, I noticed, early last week, the forecasters were predicting very mild temperatures , but then changed their minds later in the week. We havent had a lot of rain here for 5 days and its been lovely and bright but the wind is still so betterly cold.
Still, the garden is drying out a bit so i've started doing a bit.

14 Mar, 2016


I hope it has dried out for you now. We've had several dry days here, and it feels rather warm in the sunshine :)

14 Mar, 2016

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