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A mystery to solve!


Some of you may have read my blog on my trials and tribulations, but the good news of seeing the hedgehog.

We have been putting out food, hoping we are feeding the hedgehog and not a feral cat or fox. Droppings suggest it’s the hedgehog.
However, yesterday morning OH asked what I had done with the saucer we were feeding it on.
Now this is a heavy pottery, cheap and nasty saucer that had been used to stand small pots on.

We live in a rural area so the likelihood of random children wandering about in the middle of the night is nil, and who else would want to take a grubby saucer?

We have searched everywhere, under the steps, under the Yucca (very spiky) and round into the other bit of the garden. No saucer! So the mystery is – where did it go, what animal could carry it off and why?

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I guess the Fox, but as to why.....foxes are strange and do strange things sometimes!

16 Jul, 2018


My OH wonders if it is a flying saucer and has now returned to base! (I have to put up with this rubbish 24/7 ...)

16 Jul, 2018


oh Shirley! OH has the truth of it! lol...
Honeysuckle: Do you have any raccoons? It sounds very typical of their behaviour... They don't make saliva so they will take a saucer of food to water...could it be near the pond? Would a very thirsty hedgehog do that? It's so dry here that I've had to put out extra birdbaths.

16 Jul, 2018


lol Shirley you OH has a great sense of humour love it made me laugh so much.

A Squirrel is my guess as they ve taken things from my garden which I never though possible for a Squirrel

16 Jul, 2018


Now I am not being at all rude here, I am thinking purely of myself and my are sure you put the saucer out as usual????????

16 Jul, 2018


Years ago I read of something similar happening. After installing a night camera the culprit was discovered; a FOX!

Animals never cease to surprise me!

16 Jul, 2018


Lol Shirley!! I empathise. I have a similar type of rubbish here too!

16 Jul, 2018


Squirrel move quite heavy items around my garden usually Jamies toys

17 Jul, 2018


Thank you all for your suggestions. OH thinks fox too Karen and he's probably right. The first night, the bowl of water which was with it was half empty and it was too big a bowl full for the hedgehog to drink it all. OH said perhaps it blundered into it and spilt it and that was why. My OH also has some flippant ideas sometimes!

Love your OH's idea Shirley. I did have visions of 'something' playing frisbee with it!

Hi Lori, We don't have raccoons here thank goodness, one less thing to keep out. We keep putting out water for everything and the pigeons and smaller birds bathe in the decrepit pond - (still haven't heard from him).

3d. Did wonder about a squirrel as we have one odd one about here which plays mental games on the front grass. Dashing back and forth up poles, greengage tree, through the Clematis and under the Hebe - mad! But don't think they are nocturnal, and the food was there at midnight when I checked.

Now Sunnydais, this could be me all over, frightening the thinks I either have done automatically and forgotten - or vice-versa, but this time, yes it was definitely there!

I agree Eirlys, it's more likely to be the fox. Annoying that it's up this end near the house, hasn't paid any attention to the huge metal fox trap and it's poor dead chicken bait on the field. OH thinks it's walking down the drive from the road now! Too many boundaries to fox-proof completely. We were thinking of investing in some cameras some time ago - just to see what roamed about at night, so perhaps now is the time. But how annoyed will I be if I see it?

Interesting Bjs that they move the toys, have you seen them do it?

17 Jul, 2018


How strange. I hope you find the culprit and get your property back :)

18 Jul, 2018

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