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Pond heading in the right direction


We decided that the trees at the back of the pond needed to come down before we spent money on re-doing the pond. Tall Poplars which wave madly in the wind that cuts across the Fens. The remains of the Leylandii we can’t do much about as they are needed as a wind break, shame they weren’t looked after before they grew into trees!
I was going to show you a ‘before’ photo, but don’t seem to have one which includes the two huge Poplars.

So the tree-men came yesterday and took down the two Poplars, one huge Leylandii tree and cut off all the dead stems in the hedge so it looks a bit tidier.
A proper expert knowing what he’s doing, rather than the fly-boys we had before to top out the Leylandii – not a good memory!

Few casualties in the flower beds, but that was expected and I suppose there will be more when they strip the pond. The dead bits gone it looks better, sparse, but better and I will either plant something to grow in it or something to climb over it.

It was really a blessing that they have been cut down now as one was completely rotten through the middle and the other on the way!

Soft, gooey sap in the middle, so it was only the outer shell which was holding that one upright. And when you think how tall they were (see the picture with the tree-man for comparison) it’s a wonder that it hadn’t come down before.
Looks better now, dead bits gone, the trunks of the Poplars given some killing stuff to stop them regrowing and if you can blot out the front netted pond – it almost looks like a hedge!
Plenty of huge heaps of firewood for the wood-burner when it has seasoned, or I might have some wood heaps about for the wildlife.

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You did have that one down just in time I have a few that need attention but the cost puts me off

11 Oct, 2018


That's fortuitous, with winter on the way that could so easily have come down.

Have you thought of lifting any precious plants to save them from the feet of the heavy footed workmen.

11 Oct, 2018


Well at least you feel justified in having them seen to. We have a beech that will need chopping down one day but is OK at the moment! The cost £649 (!) certainly put me off as it isn't that big a tree.

Our ancient oak has been shedding 12 inch length twigs rather than individual leaves so far and there are far fewer acorns on the ground.

11 Oct, 2018


What a mercy you did it before the gales (what gales - oh there will always be gales...)Not easy to pluck up the courage to do such radical jobs but it will be fantastic when its all done!

11 Oct, 2018


It's amazing isn't it Bjs? To think that the tree stood for all that time, with new growth at the top and without any inkling of damage. Mind you we did have a woodpecker nest in it a few years back, so that might have given a clue that there was some rotten wood somewhere!
As for the cost, we have an understanding (the tree-man and I), not that sort for those with a mucky mind, but he dumps his wood-chip which he would otherwise have to pay to dump, and it keeps my weeds down on the field. But I am expecting to have to pay him something, when he tells me how much.

11 Oct, 2018


You're right of course Seaburn, why would I think that a workman would daintily mince amongst my plants? I must get the rest up that might be in the way. With OH doing his best to de-nude the garden, I must save some things.
Bulbs in the back of the pond and some lily-of-the-valley if the Yew tree hadn't killed them all off by shading them out. OH pulled up everything above ground at the back the other day, dead stalks on Crocosmia, so must dig them up and a variegated grass which was planted there as it runs a lot and it was under control there. Must see if there are any roots left of that as it's a sentimental thing - my Mother always grew it for bunches of flowers! Ho-hum! Mustn't complain to him.

11 Oct, 2018


It's an expensive hobby cutting back trees I know Eirlys. We had a row of four huge Beech trees topped out a few years back which cost about £250, so yours sounds really expensive, I would shop around. Just make sure it's someone who has all the right credentials and insurances, but £649 sounds way too much.
The Oak will probably recover, perhaps it's just disposing of unnecessary bits to counteract the awful dry weather we have had. One of the Nurserymen told me that at temperatures above 21 degrees many plants don't grow or flower, just try to conserve any water and nutrients just to stay alive - sounds plausible.

11 Oct, 2018


You, of course, are right Stera, it takes a big decision to bite the bullet and go for radical works. But just cutting back the trees would mean in another few years they would be back to their full height again, me 10 years older and more decrepit and having to find someone to do it for me. I'm growing trees up on the field where they can do no harm, so don't feel too bad about it. Apparently Poplars are a bit prone to rot inside without any outward signs, so if we spend a fortune on the pond, we don't want the trees to come down on it!
As you say there will always be gales at some stage, so trying to spy out any potential hazards so I can have a moderately peaceful old age seems like a plan.

11 Oct, 2018


Gosh ! Those trees must have been dangerous :O It's a good job they've gone.

12 Oct, 2018


A very windy day today HoneySG...I bet you're so relieved you had those trees felled before the wind did it for you...
We had such a wet spring then the heat in the summer, my trees have grown away, 2 birches especially.. One a basic silver birch of sentimental value was halved last autumn.. It has grown so much this year, the bowl becoming a nesting place for a wood pigeon and her two babies, this September. They have just fledged and she has been feeding them on top of the trellis down the garden, much to my Tom cats pleasure, mouth juddering, eyes like two exorcet missiles.. Well at least they've kept him awake and entertained these last couple of weeks.. My Golden Birch has doubled in height and now needs lopping next month...
That's gardens isn't it, always growing, always changing, always interesting...

12 Oct, 2018


I know Hywel, I think we didn't as high winds as some parts of the country, but they were still strong enough. Could have been any minute that they came down!

13 Oct, 2018


We had some very gusty winds yesterday Janey, too blowy to clear up the leaves and twigs left behind from the felling, they just blew everywhere!
We had one disgruntled looking pigeon roosting on some low branches in the hedge, probably wondering where the high trees had gone, but there are hundreds of pigeons about here, so if a few fly off to find a new home - that's fine.
Lots more things to trim back, but they are in within my reach on a ladder. The crab-apple has grown up again and flirty with the wires to the house, so will have to be cut back again. Also the Judas tree (Cercis) which it really seems a shame to cut back, but may need it soon.
Your cat was obviously fascinated, but probably wouldn't know what to do with it if he caught it, other than presenting it to you of course.

13 Oct, 2018


Your timing was perfect regarding the removal of the trees as very strong winds have continued for 48 hours.
Some jobs in the garden are more major than others!

13 Oct, 2018


It was perfect wasn't it Wildrose? I just asked him if he could come before the end of the month and luckily he picked that day! He was a bit cautious when he found it it was mostly rotten, but he managed to get it down without any problem, I don't want him endangering himself on a rotten tree, better to fell it whole into next doors farmers field (empty at present) rather than risk himself.
As you say, some things can be left for a while, rain today (Sunday) so the ironing will get done!

14 Oct, 2018

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