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Raining! and Boris (the gander) not well


Having said that Boris was keeping well on my last blog, he is now unwell. I know that some of you are interested in Boris and his girls’ antics.
Yesterday he got himself beak first between the chicken hut and the fence and I had to pick him up as he didn’t seem able to back himself out. Lots of hissing, but no biting.
I turned him round and put him down and he staggered a couple of steps and flopped sideways. I rather hoped that this was because he had been sitting cramped too long (know that feeling) but he is definitely not good on his legs.
Today he is sitting in his shed and not looking good at all, so he is off to the vet this evening.
Whether he has bad arthritis in his legs or it’s something else we hope to find out.
Goodness knows how old he is! He was an old Goose when I got him and we have had him probably ten years, just need to know that he is not in any pain and hopefully he will be able to stagger on for a bit longer, but not if he can’t get about.
On a brighter note, today it’s raining. Now this might not be exciting to those of you further North who have had quite a lot of rain recently, but here in the East it’s months since we had a decent rain.
Nice rain too, steady and not too heavy so that it washes everything away in one burst.
We had sharp showers on Saturday including hail, but not enough to do any good.
We have had enough now to involve the laying out of hoses to drain the full water butts into the pond – so it must have soaked into the ground, mustn’t it?
And the rain brightens up the new colours of the garden too. Ignore the bald patch near the pond which used to be lawn before the pond was re-done.

Perhaps today is a good day to don waterproofs and scatter some grass seed.

Update on Boris who sadly could not be helped by the vet. She said it was neurological and as he had deteriorated so quickly and could not stand or hold his head up, we had to say goodbye to him. A very, very sad day indeed.

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Oh dear - I should never have said it was good to see Boris well again... Let us know what the vet has to say. It doesn't sound good does it?

On a more positive note the garden is looking very nice. If you need rain you are welcome to some of ours...

8 May, 2019


I do hope the vet can help as he could be good for a few years yet, good luck xx

8 May, 2019


Hope Boris will be OK. Yes, lovely long spell of rain here too (north Herts) - good timing for planting out masses of annuals this weekend :)

8 May, 2019


Oh poor Boris, I hope he will alright Honey and the vet can offer something to help the poor boy, as you say not if he cannot get about though, I will keep everything xx for him..
Its been raining here since yesterday afternoon, luckily we did get the lawns cut first, the garden is looking very refreshed, we definitely needed it, like yours our waterbutts are filling up nicely, I too have a bald patch at the back of bottom g'house, ours was caused by the huge conifer that we removed a few weeks back, I have thrown old compost over it but not got around to seeding yet, cannot be seen from the house so not worrying about it, it would be different if like yours it was in plain view, never did seed the area on the opposite side that was caused by our willow tree, just let it do its own thing, all filled out nicely now Honey, one of the reasons I didn't was because we have our two dogs and keeping them away is darn near impossible, lovely photo's Honey …

8 May, 2019


Sorry to hear about Boris I hope he picks up soon.
Your garden is lovely.

8 May, 2019


You answered my question! Same here..we really needed this rain. Poor Boris...he has had a good ten years with you, bless him. Your pond is gorgeous! Lets hope we have a better week next week with the rain producing lots of new growth!

8 May, 2019


Thank you all for hoping for the best for Boris, but it sadly didn't happen. We had him for about ten years and though a Goose, was such a character he was as much a pet as any cat or dog. So we are both quite distraught at present.

8 May, 2019


Really sorry about your sad sad news . . . I can only send sympathy and a virtual hug :(

8 May, 2019


My condolences to you both of you so sorry to hear about Boris.

8 May, 2019


Sorry to hear about Boris.
I am putting down grass seed tomorrow. The rain has helped to reguvenate my lawn after scarifying.

8 May, 2019


Sorry to hear about Boris.

I love rain but we haven't had much here recently, until yesterday - it poured down. I agree about the colours, everything looks fresher after rain :)

9 May, 2019


will miss your stories of Boris in your blogs, Honeysucklegold. such a character... loved his aged fiestiness. You gave him a home in his old age and he thrived for such a long time... bless him. 😢😢

9 May, 2019


Thank you all for your kind condolences. I know so many of you have had much more devastating news on the family front than the loss of a pet, but I appreciate it.
At least he had ten years of peaceful retirement from when I purchased him from the poultry market, dread to think what his future might (or might not) have been.

9 May, 2019


Thats sad to hear but you gave him an extra 10 years of life of a quality worth living. Its hard when we lose our much loved pets.

9 May, 2019


Oh dear he'll be missed so much - not only by you but by his little harem too. But he's had a lovely life.

9 May, 2019


We just have to think about how much fun we had with him for those ten years Drc. Fun seems a strange word to apply to a Goose, but his antics (and greed) were always amusing, until he would sneak up on me and give me a nasty nip!

The girls seem to have settled again now Stera, but OH had to come in one day when he went down to pull nettles (only job he's allowed to do really in the garden) and the girls were wandering about honking, so OH got upset and came in - well that was his excuse for not pulling the nettles!
Lily and Gracie both seem to have become a bit more tame since Boris has gone, perhaps it's a bit like being widowed, you have to fend for yourself more and not have a man to rely on.

21 May, 2019

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