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Too much!


Everybody who kindly reads my blogs will know that my garden is on the wild side and I try to keep it tidy, but leaning towards a wildlife haven.
The hedgehog is still about and comes to feed every night, but I still haven’t fitted up the camera to take photo’s at night. So a couple of nights ago I spread some flour around the dish to see if it was only him who ate the food or whether the Voles also participated – or even the odd cat!
OH said the food was still there in the morning so the hedgehog either had a night off or he didn’t like the look of the white flour surround to the bowl. By the time I emerged later the food was gone, but the peacock boys probably ate it, being partial to cat food!
Anything that arrives indoors will be carefully caught and placed outside again. This includes spiders, beetles, butterflies and moths and the odd bird that comes in.

However – sitting up in bed drinking my morning cup of tea and reading a book, across the bedroom floor darted a mouse or vole! Now I think that is just too much, outside fine, I will put up with holes in the lawns and seeing them in the flower beds, but indoors – NO!
We do get mice in the attic space and unfortunately this involves either traps or poison, otherwise they would get out of control, but in the house itself they are not welcome.
After dashing out of bed crawling about on the floor, peering about with the torch behind the massive run of wardrobes that take up one wall, nothing could be found (apart from cobwebs) so where it went, or where it came from, who knows?
Now of course every slight whisper of sound or rustle creates a nervous response. Has it found it’s way out again and if so where? Is there an entry point that I don’t know about? Will I find it dead somewhere or worse still find more?
I did tell OH to keep the back door shut as I had seen a mouse or vole heading towards the back door and under the storage box that stands there – but old habits die hard and it’s easy to just pop out and leave the door ajar, I’ve done it too. Whether it came in that way, I don’t know, I would prefer that rather than any other entry point, but now I would just like it gone!

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I often get a mouse or two at this time of year, it's amazing how small a gap they can get through! I'm pretty sure mine squeeze in through the air brick slats so of course I can't block them out that way. Absolutely with you on not tolerating them indoors though, I made that mistake in a previous property thinking I didn't mind if they didn't smell & just ate crumbs from the floor but, of course, if they're not being threatened they're soon bold enough to get into the food cupboards, yuk...
I generally use old fashioned snap traps with peanuts on as poisons have been ineffective. A couple of scoops of used cat litter can help. A teaspoon full in a plastic bag near where you think they're getting in can put them off, they've got an amazing sense of smell!

20 Sep, 2019


I agree Darren you only have to give them an inch of freedom and they abuse it. I know that most of interior door have a slight gap underneath, enough to let a small mouse through anyway, so though I leapt out and shut and block under the door I think it had already scarpered. Later this morning I opened the back door to find a squirrel near it, now that's something I don't want in the loft! Good idea about the cat litter, might have to 'borrow' some from someone.

20 Sep, 2019


We have regularly been feeding a very friendly robin just outside our kitchen door. However, it turns out that we have also been feeding a little mouse as well! It hides away and then when it thinks the coast is clear, out it pops from its tiny den!!
If it gets into the house, I shall have to move out!!!
I so enjoyed reading your blog - you describe it all so very well.

20 Sep, 2019


Thanks Wildrose, my OH pops out the back with cake for the Peacocks and throws a small handful amongst the flowerpots for the Robin who is always about. Of course these don't all get eaten so I am sure we have Field Mice/House Mice as well as the Voles close to the back door. So what's more natural than for them to pop in and help themselves? After all when the door is left open Peter, the oldest Peacock will come in looking for food!

20 Sep, 2019


We have put a fine steel mesh over the outside of the air a treat at keeping them out. That's definitely where most of ours got in. However, they still appear occasionally in the loft space. I think they just crawl under the roof tiles. Haven't had one in the house...yet. :)

21 Sep, 2019


Fortunately we don’t get any mice in the house, just scooting around the garden, rockery and sat on the steps waiting for it to rain seed from the feeder. Lots of seed dropped by the finches. We have had the odd horrible rat which we get rid of eventually. Field mice do look quite cute.

21 Sep, 2019


I hope you don't have any more rodents in the house. It must be a worry for you.
When Bella brings one in I leave the door open and it eventually goes out.
I have tried placing traps to catch them alive so that I can take them back to the field, but they won't go into it !

Haven't seen a hedgehog for ages :( There used to bee lots of them around.

21 Sep, 2019


We have the very fine mesh over most of the airbricks, it only takes a minute space for the little beggars to get in Karen. I have seen mice climb the bricks, straight up, without worrying about using the climbers, so it's no point cutting them down to stop them!

22 Sep, 2019


I agree Kate that the field mice are really cute and the Voles too, more Wind in the Willows cute like 'Ratty' from the book. True rats get short shrift I am afraid, don't need them in the sheds or the garden at all.

22 Sep, 2019


I hope I don't get any more Hywel, still wondering where that one went, definitely not into the trap I set! The people who lived here before had cats and a cat-flap, and did have a hedgehog indoors, came in looking for the cat food presumably, so you could get a rat through one too I suspect. The hedgehog here was out again last night. I forgot to put his food out until after dark so went out to do that. There he was on the path! He dashed into the Yucca undergrowth and came out again after I had put the food down and stood watching in the doorway. Trying to fatten him up for the winter, though he looks huge now! Amazing how much they eat, he just sat and scoffed the lot.

22 Sep, 2019

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