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By hywel


I’ve seen some people mention that they would like to grow fuchsias, so here are a few nice ones from my collection, to inspire you :o)

I appologise that they are old photos. The fuchsias have been hopeless this year, and some have not flowered at all. So I’ve used mostly last year’s photos.

The same they would have looked anyway :o)

So I hope these photos will give an idea of some varieties that are available

The name of each one is on top of the photo

Dollar Princess (hardy)


Delta’s Parade

Delta’s Sprinkler

Delta’s Sarah (hardy)

Delta’s Song



Cotton Candy

General Monk (hardy)

Crosby Soroptimist

Rena Felix

Spion Kopp

Celia Smedley (hardy in a sheltered spot)

Spion Kopp and Celia Smedley


Margaret Pilkington


Bland’s New Stripe


Miss California

Brookwood Joy

Maik Louijten

Blue Mirage

Other Fellow

Arend Moerman

Big Slim

Orange Crush

Joy Patmore


Lady Kathleen Spence

Jane Humber


Jack Shahan

Carmel Blue

Falling Stars

Carla Johnston

Welsh Dragon


Walz Doedelzak

Aunty Jinks

There are so many more ……..
I’ll put them in another blog

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I tell you what Hywel, if you didnt want to grow fuchsias they will after seeing yours. truely gorgeous plants. I only grow a few as you know. Some lovely ones here. thanks for sharing.

they are a lovely group of plants arent they?

1 Nov, 2011


Wow Hywel, what a fantastic collection of fuchsias.

1 Nov, 2011


HOW MANY! Wow! I am totally impressed and I have to admit I have never been a fuschia fan, but you've changed my mind.Next year I will have to start buying them.I hope they don't need alot of sunshine as my garden is partially shaded in some places by trees.

1 Nov, 2011


Everyone are so lovely, my fuchsias did'nt do very good this year either.

1 Nov, 2011


You have loads Hywel, all beautiful. Do you have to protect them all through the Winter.

1 Nov, 2011


Oh my goodness.. what a beautiful, beautiful collection....I love fuchsias and didn't know how many different ones there were until I joined this site! Must try and source 'Welsh Dragon' with me being Cardiff born!...:)

1 Nov, 2011


Rosie you'll be pleased to know they do like some shade, especially the hardy ones you pop in the ground. :o)

1 Nov, 2011


Thats gone straight into my favourites Hywel, I am useless as regards their names so I`ll be able to check on your blog. They are all lovely, thankyou....

1 Nov, 2011


They are all lovely Hywel,i dont think i could chose a fave,you have soo many..:o)

1 Nov, 2011



1 Nov, 2011


Everyone seems impressed lol :D Thank you all....
I'll put some more in another blog tomorrow.

Yes Rosie they do like a bit of shade. They always seem to do better with me in the autumn.

Dawn yes I put them in the old outside loo lol, and cover them with fleece and newspaper.
The hardy ones are protected because I plant them deeply, and cover them with an old pot aswell.

Costas if I ever breed one I'll call it Hywel lol

1 Nov, 2011


You have a fantastic collection! They are all so lovely, but if I had to choose a favourite, I would say Brookwood Joy. Lots of others I really love too. Funnily enough, I just popped two into the garden yesterday, & have a third to pop in somewhere. Here in NZ they do better in semi-shade, with protection from hot afternoon sun. The one I haven't planted in yet, was chosen by my OH as one very similar to an old variety fuchsia we had in our previous home. It grows to 2 or more metres high & the flower is smaller than the usual more showy one, & just a plain red, but the foliage is beautiful ... variegated with a lovely pink around the edges of the leaves. Looking forward to seeing your blog tomorrow, with more pics.

1 Nov, 2011


Thanks Hywel, your winter protection methods certainly work, thank you, I'll try your advice.

1 Nov, 2011


Hewel, Wasn't it lucky that your collecting bug was for plants ? Something you can store inside and outside.

1 Nov, 2011


stunning hywel, i had forgotten how many different ones you had, love them all, but your right not a good year this year, better luck next year i hope, love delta sara and love voodoo to, infact i just love all fuschias haha

1 Nov, 2011


Inspiring they are indeed.
Lovely set of photos Hywel :o)))

1 Nov, 2011


Crikey had to keep looking at them all again and again so many beautiful different ones I thought I had a favourite but then the next one was as nice.. definitely adding to my favourite too:) Thanks for showing them and I look forward to seeing the rest of your collection:)

1 Nov, 2011


So many beauties, Hywel - like Nana I kept thinking 'I like this one best' and then there was another one and I thought the same! I finally decided Southgate was my favourite 'favourite', lovely gentle colour

1 Nov, 2011


An amazing colln. Hywel, its difficult to have a favourite but think mine is Swingtime!

1 Nov, 2011


All gorgeous!

1 Nov, 2011


I have been looking at your fuschias and longing to have some in the garden but I have never managed to save these half hardy varieties for more than a couple of years. I was in a shop the other day and they were selling hardy fuschias so I bought three. I looked them up on the internet and I think their labels must have got muddled up at some point. I'll put them in my photos and maybe you would be kind enough to say if any of them are named correctly. I love the way that you manage to display all these different varieties without making your garden seem like a one plant zone. I love Southgate. I'm looking forward to tomorrows blog.

1 Nov, 2011


Great blog Hywel, I was glad to see you say 'The fuchsias have been hopeless this year' I certainly found that to, my Dollar princess died over last winter in the green house and my Tom West also almost didnt make it and took till September to recover and flower. I planted it in the ground this summer as the roots might just be more protected?

1 Nov, 2011


Thank you for all these comments.

Scotsgran. I've looked at your photos now - you've probably seen the comments.
I always plant fuchias very deeply, so that the stems are protected under the soil, and I put an up-turned pot over them in the winter, and a mound of mulch aswell. This might protect them, but many are only hardy in less cold areas.

Drc I think the roots will be more protected in the ground. Once they get frozen the plant will die. Try to plant them deeply for more protection, and give another layer of mulch in the winter, And I also cover mine with an up-turned pot after they die down. Good luck. I hope you can save it this year

2 Nov, 2011


Fantastic, Hywel! Can't begin to say which I like best as they're all marvellous and look so healthy with your TLC. I still prefer the Spanish name though - "Pendientes de la Reina" (Earrings of the Queen). :o)

2 Nov, 2011


Thank you. I preffer the small single flowers best, and the pale mauvey/blue colours, but there isn't any particular one I can choose as a favourite.
I like that name. It seems to suit them.

2 Nov, 2011


Beautiful collection and beautiful pictures.

2 Nov, 2011


I will try the upturned pot and mulch treatment and hope they survive. I thought they would look lovely in the new island bed planting along with lots of HP.

2 Nov, 2011


I wonder if an island bed would be a bit too exposed. They might do better in shelter. .... Or if you've got shrubs in the island bed, you could plant them under/near those.
I don't know though. Maybe an up-turned pot would be sufficient. Some are hardier than others.
I think the secret is to ensure the soil doesn't get too soggy. If it's a bit on the 'less wet' side it wouldn't freeze so hard, and that might be enough to ensure their survival.
Oh sorry if this sounds complicated lol

Thanks for your comment aswell Angie :o)

2 Nov, 2011


Thanks Hywel

2 Nov, 2011


I love fuschias, and I took cuttings of soem I had this year, but there was a huge accident in the greenhouse, and when I found the devastation, nothing could be saved, so sadly I lost them.

Hopefully I will find some nice ones in the Spring at B&Q to replace them.

2 Nov, 2011


We knocked a church down and kept the outline as a path. I planted a shrubbery all around the outside west and north. I then filled in the area inside for two thirds of its length and we made a sunken garden in the last third. The 2/3rds was planted with grass but the expanse of grass was too big so we made a semicircular summer flowering rockery inside on the south side and a matching but winter flowering one outside along the southern edge. The island bed was added in the north west corner to further break up the bare green. It is quite sheltered. I'll post a photo if I can find one. A friend of myOH took great delight in taking aerial photos of our progress andso we got five lovely photos taken over a number of years.

2 Nov, 2011


What a fabulous collection so many beautiful ones it would be difficult to choose a favourite, love them all;0)

2 Nov, 2011



2 Nov, 2011


hywel do you have the climeing one !!i got it this year , its growing really well and can reach 40 ft lol .............

2 Nov, 2011


Thank you all for your comments about my fuchsias

Alex that was a blow to you. I hope you can get some more next year

Scotsgran that's interesting to hear. All I can say is try them and see how they go. You might be surprised at how many survive.

Cristina I have got the climbing Lady Boothby, but no photos of it. It usually gets to about 6 feet but not this year ...

3 Nov, 2011


I have successfully posted before and after photos of the front garden. The island bed is 2m at the west end and 7m long tapering off to a point at the east end of it. I have now planted the 2 upright fuchsias here and hope they will be ok.

3 Nov, 2011


i have one that grow 40 ft ............ i have some cuttings , if they take i can send you one !! i will take a pic and post ................................

3 Nov, 2011


Thanks Chris :o)

Scotsgran I'll have a look .....

4 Nov, 2011


Fantastic collection of Fuchsias, Hywel! Added it to my Favourites!

4 Nov, 2011


Lovely Hywel - I wish you had put which ones are hardy - lots of them I was seeing for the first time. I was thrilled with Annabel, as I was given half a dozen small cuttings which have all rooted, and she looks even more beautiful than I thought. Roll on next summer!

5 Nov, 2011


The following are hardy - Dollar Princess, Delta's Sararh, General Monk. Also Celia Smedley is said to be hardy in a sheltered spot.

In the other blog, these are hardy - Foxgrove wood, Mrs Popple, Border Queen, Phyllis, Peter Pan, Alice Hoffman, Dorothy Hanley, Beacon, Magellanica Riccartonii

Thanks for all your comments everyone

5 Nov, 2011


Thank you Hywel I have put this blog in favourites. Good question Steragram.

5 Nov, 2011


I have noted them in the blogs now.

5 Nov, 2011


Well done Hywel. Good communication strategy at work amongst GOY members.

5 Nov, 2011


Of all the Fuchsias I had last year & the year before only Sarah's Delta (2 plants out of 5) & Snowcap (1 out of 5) survived last winter.

My three Beacon 1m high standards died - two of them had withstood 6 or 7 winters in exactly the same place as they were in last year & with even more protection because, for the first time ever, I wrapped several sheets of newspaper around the tall stems. Beacon is supposed to be hardy & it had been for many years but last winter put paid to them! ;-((

All the rest spent the winter in the GH on the allotment, including the three mentioned above, but they were the only survivors.

I had 5 plants of Dollar Princess but none of them came through the winter either. It is a very similar colour to Beacon only the flowers are double whereas Beacon has single flowers.

5 Nov, 2011


What a shame, Balcony - so disappointing, but at least you have some left to take cuttings fro. I am surprised that you got a standard through any winter. I have a spare rooted cutting of Beacon you can have if you PM me.

Thank you Hywel, very useful. I quite fancy Celia Smedley, but don't think I've got a suitable position for her. Are your bushes still flowering? My Lena is getting a bit tired but the others are still going full pelt!

5 Nov, 2011


That's was disappointing Balcony. They usually survive better in the ground

Steragram they are finishing now.

6 Nov, 2011


Thank you, Steragram! PM on its way!

If you are interested here is a link to a page where you can see ALL the photos I've uploaded of the Fuchsias I've grown on my balcony.

There are around 50 photos!

I must agree with you, Hywel! Even though many of my Fuchsias are classified as hardy I think that can only be for those planted in the soil. As mine were in thin walled plastic pots I imagine their roots must have frozen which killed them off. ;-((

6 Nov, 2011


Straight onto my favourites, Hywel ... I never realised quite how many different forms and colours Fuchsias came in! ... Not a hope of choosing a favourite one though ... many thanks for taking the time with this blog ... :o)))

7 Nov, 2011


Thank you Balcony. You have grown lots of nice Fuchsias

Thank you Shirley....There are hundreds of varieties

8 Nov, 2011


I want them all! NOW! Incredible flowers and amazing photographs, but almost more, I just love the names..........

8 Nov, 2011


Thank you Gattina. I am also fascinated by the names. Sometimes I buy one just because I like the name lol

9 Nov, 2011


And there was I thinking you were just Welsh Cactus man.

9 Nov, 2011


I like being called that lol :D

11 Nov, 2011


hello Hywel :o) gorgeous fushcia pictures, i love them they were a disappointment this year although i have one still in flower on the gravel garden (racks brain for name unsuccesfully!!!)

12 Nov, 2011


Thank you :o)

14 Nov, 2011

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