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Late September Garden 2014


By hywel


The weather’s been so nice lately, I took a few photos from the garden to show you :o)

It’s very overgrown, but here are some views of the best bits :-

Through the archway …

You can see how it’s all gone wild, and everything needs cutting back and tidying.

Here’s Bella enjoying a September morning … :)

There are several climbers growing on the side of the Fuchsia house …

Lonicera :-

Crown Princess Margareta, and Mischief :-

Clematis ‘Venosa Violacea’ :-

This Clematis is there aswell, but can anyone identify it for me ? It could be Perle D’azure but I’m not sure …

More climbers in other places …

A little rambling rose called Francine Austin …
She is very thorny :(

Clematis texensis ‘Kaiu’ :-

Clematis chiisanensis, putting on a very poor show this year :( It only has about 5 flowers on the whole plant … :-

Blackberries growing on high ! :-

Some shrubs :o)

Hibiscus :-

Abelia :-

Cotoneaster cornubia :-

Cotoneaster horizontalis :-

Hypericum (flowers and berries) :-

And look how big it’s got this year ! :-

Here’s a bee on one of the flowers :-

Viburnum tinus ready to flower through the winter :-

Some herbaceous flowering plants :-

Lycestra … which Dawnsaunt sent me :o)

Phlox paniculata has flowered all summer long :-

Anemone japonica :-

Bee on Anemone japonica :-

Oregano :-

Prunella :-

Cyclamen hederifolium :-

A pretty little Chrysanthemum in a pot :o)

Campanula isophylla in a pot :-

My little oak tree in a pot, whose leaves are becoming rather tattered now :-

The weather is nice this autumn, so I hope everyone is able to make the most of it and enjoy your gardens … Here’s someone who’s already enjoying the autumn evenings …..

It’s nearly hibernating time ! :o)

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A lovely garden. Enjoy it before Autumn and dark nights set in. I feel that your cat has the right idea.

23 Sep, 2014


Oh thanks Hywel I always enjoy a look around your garden some very special plants there and all heathy looking and Bella look very comfy :)

23 Sep, 2014


Yes its been nice here as well Hywel, still sunny today but a big drop in temperature, some lovely climbers doing you proud and lots of flowers still going strong, plenty of berries for the birds, Bella is doing same as mine out in the sun during the day and comfy chair at night, lol....

23 Sep, 2014


I'm always amazed by your garden Hywel. So much colour and variety, love it. That Hibiscus of yours is breathtaking. So pleased the golden leycesteria is growing for you, they are so bright, aren't they. Thanks Hywel, enjoyed that.

23 Sep, 2014


You have so much colour in there Hywel... not overgrown at all!! Love the Golden Leycesteria, and the Vibernum is way ahead of mine, and your Abelia is lovely.Thank you for the 'walk'

23 Sep, 2014


Oh what a delight Hywel, you still have so much in flower and as Dawnsaunt says that Hibiscus is stunning.

23 Sep, 2014


Hywel it all looks very good, you still have so much going on - I need to ask, have you got yourself a new camera? or changed the settings, these pictures look very sharp and clear (please don't take that as an insult, I don't mean your other pictures are not - these somehow to me look miles better to me).
Loving R. Crown Princess Margareta - she's one on my list of possibles to grow up a new arch I've ordered for the front garden.
As usual Bella looks ever so chilled!

23 Sep, 2014


Wow such a lot of flowers still to be seen, not at all overgrown, love all your clematis, especially the yellow have packed so much in to your garden it is a delight Hywel....

23 Sep, 2014


I just gasped when I saw the blackberries - so luscious it was hard to accept they were only on the screen! My favourite today is the little white belled clematis, but its all gorgeous. You have a wonderful collection of plants there.

23 Sep, 2014


A sheltered garden makes all the difference, you can
see the benefit in the plants growing so happily.
Its so windy up here, years ago there was a windmill down the road.

24 Sep, 2014


very impressed of this very beautiful garden, everything is very interesting and useful , i love this Garden ,especially the last photo , :-)))

24 Sep, 2014


Lovely pictures of a gorgeous garden, everything looks so healthy !!!, I love that hibiscus and Bella of course :-).
I have a new helper in the garden a cat that moved in just over the road, thinks the newly cleared greenhouse shelf is the ideal sunbathing spot lol, cats certainly know how to relax :-)

24 Sep, 2014


Thank you all for your comments about my garden :o)

Scottish, Thanks for the compliment about my photos.
I always have to adjust them a bit, and maybe I did it better this time :)

24 Sep, 2014


It looks glorious, Hywel. I love Autumn, even though the garden gets a bit overgrown. Lots of your plants are still performing beautifully ?

24 Sep, 2014


A garden after my own heart Hywell; mine is full to the chocks, thats the way it should be...with, of course, some comfy chairs for cats and people; this is a time of year where you have to grab every bit of sun like golddust, but I would not mind spending time in yours! My two cats take over anyway. The range of plants are ravishing, it must smell gorgeous, specially when the sun brings out all the oils.

24 Sep, 2014


some moments in your garden look as if they have been deep in sepia light i love those days, your Blackberries look

24 Sep, 2014


I'm sorry, did you say 'overgrown'? not in my book it isn't, it all looks amazing. So much colour and structure. You seem to grow quite a lot in pots too, it must take you ages to water them all in the dry weather, Bella looks worn out :)

24 Sep, 2014


Beautiful pictures Hywel. Still so much colour there.

24 Sep, 2014


Thank you all :)

I do grow a lot in pots Waddy, and I water them in stages lol ...

24 Sep, 2014


You have a garden after my dreams, Hywel! I do what I can with my balcony but your garden is stunning!

I love the different Clematis you have, especially the smaller, bell flowered ones! I have one growing on my balcony as well. I grew it from seeds sent to me by a lady who used to go under the name of 'Sixpence'. On the allotment I grew others which have now grown high up into a Victoria Plum tree that must me 25-30ft high! It's called C. tangutica 'Radar Love' & it has lovely bright yellow bell shaped flowers. In fact it is flowering on my balcony right now.

24 Sep, 2014


It all looks so fresh for this time of year. How long do we still have to enjoy this years plants I wonder?

24 Sep, 2014


Your garden is fab Hywel, still so colourful and a joy to look at. Mine is looking a little drab now so it is time to do some digging out.

25 Sep, 2014


Hi Hywel...just dropped in for a look at GOY and took the tour of your those clematis!...and the roses...and the blackberries! We've had our first frost over here...thankfully it was later than it has been for the last two years (third week of Sept. instead of the first week)
Pretty hibiscus. I had to move mine (both of them) as they were really late starting this spring (it was very cold) and they just struggled where they were. Moved them closer to the house, hope that will help them do better. Hello sweet Bella! Meow! from Rufus.

25 Sep, 2014


Thanks for reading my garden blog, and all your comments :)

27 Sep, 2014


Wow Hywel, it sure is packed ! It all looks amazing ! have the view to enjoy as well !

28 Sep, 2014


Fantastic garden tour, your garden is so full,what with all the pots as well. Like the way the Cotoneaster is trained up the post & also love your Clematis, the White one especially. Thanks for sharing it all with us.

28 Sep, 2014


Thank you both for reading my blog :)

29 Sep, 2014


I will join this club of comments :-) as I also enjoyed looking at your photos. I think the blue clematis could be Elsa Spath. The Perle d'Azur has a yellow centre. Your cat is gorgeous too.

29 Sep, 2014


Thanks for your nice comment :)

29 Sep, 2014


Hi Hywel,
Long time no see.
Just a flying visit and wanted to see how your garden was doing, its beautiful, last time I was here you had made big changes taking plants out laying more stepping slabs etc, its grown into a beautiful area now and lovely seeing Bella all settled in with you,
Hope Beryl is well to xx

24 Oct, 2014


Hi Sandra :) Thanks for reading my blog. It's nice to hear from you. I've been wondering where you were. I hope everything is all right !

Beryl has vary bad arthritis these days, and now has a wheelchair to get about.
I hope your boys and Caspar are well, and Baz also

Take care xxx

25 Oct, 2014

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