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Flooded Garden


By hywel


This may be of interest to people using this site, because they are gardeners :-

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(I hope I’ve said that right !)

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Oh Hywel, that's dreadful to watch. I really feel sorry for the chap, after 20 years of hard graft to see it devastated with the water from the flooded river. Good on him for not giving up.

28 Dec, 2015


How terrible to see all your hard work, investment and special plants etc just washed away like that.
Makes one realise how lucky we are to live in an area where so little extreme weather ever happens!

28 Dec, 2015


this is so sad. I dread to think what is happening to the gardens in York etc.
Several of our members were severely affected by the floods in Somerset too. And people still say global warming isn't happening!

28 Dec, 2015


Such a dreadful shame, after all his years of dedication to the garden, his resolve to carry on is understandable, thank you for the link I hadn't seen anything about it on TV despite living in N. Wales. The river Dee in Llangollen is really high and there are flood warnings too.

28 Dec, 2015


Thank you all for looking at this link.

I hardly ever watch the news Neena - it seems to concentrate on politics and the health service - very boring :(
I found this on the internet.

28 Dec, 2015


Last night I witnessed a horrific building fire in Williamsburg, Brooklyn which took the lives of two people as they slept. Others barely escaped with the clothes on their backs and helplessly looked on as the flames consumed their homes with everything they own.

Seeing your life's work washed away in a flood must be devastating but at least this man will sleep in a nice warm bed tonight. His flowers died but he'll start again.

29 Dec, 2015


How dreadful Bathgate :o( It must have been very frightening ...

Fire and floods are awful. There have been floods in many parts of Wales England and Scotland recently. People have had to evacuate their homes and some in ground floor flats have lost everything. Some have even lost their lives in the water.
Many houses will not be habitable again for many months, and many people have lost their
livelyhoods :o(

29 Dec, 2015


Wow, that's terrible to hear. I hope you and your family are safe.

29 Dec, 2015


Thank you.
We're having extreme weather conditions here this winter. The northern regions of England and Wales are having the brunt of it at the moment, with devastating floods - rivers bursting their banks and bridges and roads being washed away. Thousands of people having to evacuate their homes.

The garden in the link is in North Wales. We live in the south and it's not so bad here. They're forecasting it for us tomorrow ...

29 Dec, 2015

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