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By hywel


This year my Fuchsias are slow again and even now at the beginning of August, some have not flowered yet.
They are producing buds slowly though, and I am looking forward to seeing them when they open.

I thought I’d show some photos of the ones that have flowered so far :)

One of the first to flower was this tiny one called Venus Victrix :-

It’s the first Fuchsia ever to produce white sepals, and that was in 1840 so it’s been around a long time.

Another old variety is Bland’s New Stripe.
It was grown in 1872.

Next one which flowered early is Purperklokje :-

The flowers are very small.
I bought it many years ago from a fuchsia nursery near here (which has closed down now) and the lady who owned it told me the name Purperklokje means ‘purple bell’ and the way to pronounce it is

A showy flower which appears early is Jose Tamerus :-

I bought it from a local Fuchsia nursery because the man who owned it was giving up selling Fuchsias and he was going to throw it away.
He ensured me the way to pronounce it is “Hosay” … “Jose (Hosay) Tamerus” ….
It was apparently bred in the Netherlands in 2002.

One of the parents of Jose Tamerus is Anabel but I don’t know if it’s the male or the female parent.
Here it is in the rain :-

Anabel is a creamy colour but gets quite a pink tint in the sun.

Maetsukyer is an unusual shape and always flowers early :-

Also of an unusual shape and flowering early, is
Walz Doedelzak :-

I show the same Fuchsias every year lol but the next one is new, and it’s called Olive Sukyer.
It’s another with rather small flowers, but they are very pretty :-

Here’s another new one for me this year …
It’s called Vincent Van Gough :-

And now some more that flowered early this year …

Dorothy Hanley :-

Micky Goult :-

Nancy Lou :-

Brookwood JoY :-

Hidcote Beauty :-

Blackie :-

Crosby Soroptimist :-

Valerie Bradley :-

Joy Patmore :-

Rose of Denmark :-

Checkerboard :-

Swingtime :-

Lena :-

Major Heaphy :-

Henkelly’s Chloris :-

I haven’t got a favourite Fuchsia, but I very much like the pale mauve ones …

Jadi Messingtetra :-

Lady in Grey :-

Lady Kathleen Spence :-

I had an idea ! I thought I’d tie some Fuchsias to a boring trellis …
I think they brighten it up :o)

Well that was a lot lol. I hope you enjoyed seeing them as much as I enjoy growing them.
I’ll have to put the later flowering ones in another blog sometime :)

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Super lot of fuchsias Hywel.

2 Aug, 2017


What wonderful fuchsias! I like the all, but my favourites have to be the ones with dark coloured 'underskirts' such as Blands New Stripe,
Dorothy Henley and of course, Blackie. As for getting excited about your Fuchsias. ..I don't blame you. Yours are gorgeous!

2 Aug, 2017


Who couldn't fail to get excited about Fuchsias? I love all yours, Hywel, &, as always, I've saved it in my favourites!

However do you mange to get such clear close ups? For as much as I try I can't reproduce anything like your close ups of Fuchsias! Must be the camera on my phone that's not good enough for such close up work!

2 Aug, 2017


Oh Hywel every time you show your Fuchsias I try to choose a favourite but it always changes quickly as I go down the list. How do you get Lena to grow upright? Mine are very lax always. These are Gorgeous! Its encouraging to hear yours are late. My Annabel isn't even showing buds yet! Alice H is always slow.
Some choices: Checkerboard, Maetsukyer, Vera Bradley, etc etc...

2 Aug, 2017


As always, love your fuchsia blogs, seeing all the different ones. Putting them on the trellis was a great idea and as you said, really brighton things. :-).

2 Aug, 2017


You must have the best collection of Fuchsia s Hywel a credit to you I never tire of looking at them they are all beauties how can you choose a favourite I love them all.

2 Aug, 2017


To see them all together in your garden must be quite a sight! I too love the mauve and pale pink ones best of all, Lady Kathleen Spence is very elegant!


2 Aug, 2017


Thanks for your comments about my plants :)

Sue Lena is trailing on the ground again. I held the branch up to take the photo. I was surprised it came out so well because I had to take it using one hand only.

Balcony I don't use a phone. I use a camera. It's a cheap camera but takes quite good photos. I also enhance them to make them clearer. I don't mind doing that because it's a garden website, not a photography competition, and I think the photos should be as clear as possible :)

2 Aug, 2017


Fabulous Fuchsias as always Hywel.

3 Aug, 2017


Thank you :)

3 Aug, 2017


I can't say which is my favourite they are all fantastic as usual.

3 Aug, 2017


I change my mind each time I see them but my favs are always the paler varieties with the mauve inset, so pleased you still have some slow to flower, I purchased a lot of new ones in the springtime and thought I was doing something wrong....

3 Aug, 2017


Hywel, they are just wonderful. My favourite......difficult......Blackie I think.

3 Aug, 2017


Thank you all for looking at my plants.

I haven't got a favourite Fuchsia. I gave up trying to determine what that was a long time ago lol

3 Aug, 2017


Well, I definitely have Fuchsia envy after seeing such lovely ones of yours Hywel. So pretty ... :o)

4 Aug, 2017


Thank you Shirley :)

4 Aug, 2017


Always interesting to look at your Fuchsias a lot of them you don’t see in general Brookwood Joy was hybridised by Bill Gilbert from Birmingham sadly no longer with us he was an extremely helpful if you needed any help with Fuchsias.
He crossed a lot of good cultivars and did extremely well showing plants at shows.

5 Aug, 2017


Wonderful Fuchsias Hywel . . . I don't know how you remember all their names! I do love the trellis, with pots hanging from it.

5 Aug, 2017


and why should you change?

lovely blog, you must have them very well labelled or can your remember them all? I cant chose a fav out of those either.

5 Aug, 2017


Thank you all :)

Peterathome that's interesting. I like finding our some background information about my plants :)

I know all their names Sheila and SBG lol I can remember them better than I remember the names of people :D
I do have them labelled though, because it identifies them when they are not in flower.

5 Aug, 2017


Always love seeing your Fuschia Hywel, you have such a great collection ?

6 Aug, 2017


Thank you Dawn :)

6 Aug, 2017


Put this in my favourites for future reference, the`re all wonderful Hywel and I love the idea of attaching them to the trellis.

7 Aug, 2017


Thank you :)

7 Aug, 2017


I love your fuchsias Hywel. Thank you for sharing them with us. Can't think how you managed to tie those pots onto the trellis, must have taken ages. A work of art! Did you know that some strange people absolutely hate fuchsias? I entered one for a show once & the judge didn't look at any of the exhibits, just passed them by & went on to the next class. I'm surprised that they were allowed to do that ( it wasn't a case of them being below par), they were OK plants.

8 Aug, 2017


They a re all very nice! Hard too choose a favorite!

9 Aug, 2017


Thank you both :)

I tied them on with wire

I know some people don't like Fuchsias. One local nursery has stopped selling them because they are 'out of fashion'
I'm surprised the judge ignored them. I didn't think they'd be allowed to do that.

9 Aug, 2017


They are stunning...and I love your blogs Hywel. Always think that they look like ballerinas.

Don't change your fuchsia blogs ! I have no idea what any of mine are called apart from the one you identified months ago :)

9 Aug, 2017


Lady in Grey is my favourite :)

9 Aug, 2017


Thanks :)
It's difficult to identify a fuchsia because there are so many similar ones.
Glad you like Lady in Grey :)

9 Aug, 2017


What a fantastic fuchsia display, I could not say which would be my favourite because each has a beauty all of its own, well done for growing such perfect plants, looking forward to seeing your next blog, with the late comers, going on my favourites...

9 Aug, 2017


Thanks ... I have no favs, I just like them all :)

9 Aug, 2017

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