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By hywel


You can stick this weather :(
Everything frozen solid and probably lots of things dead.
You can say what you like but I prefer rain.

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I agree Hywel it's blowing a gale here and getting colder by the minute. I noticed that all my pansies etc have been well and truly flattened. Stay warm and cosy.
We have run out of bread so my husband has just put the bread maker on. It smells lovely !!

1 Mar, 2018


Oh I love home made bread. My mother used to make it. She used to send me to get the yeast in a little shop up the road lol

1 Mar, 2018


With any luck this week should be the end of the snow (PLEASE). It is so windy here now that the snow is drifting off the fields and into the gardens to add to stuff which has already fallen or is still coming down. Yesterdays snow seemed to consist of tiny snowballs of soft snow which rolled around. Last night I watched the wind swirling around the street light down the road. It was tossing the snow about like starlings dancing around before coming in to roost. It was magical. Stay safe everybody.

1 Mar, 2018


I agree Hywel, enough is enough! And Scotsgran I agree it's very pretty to watch from the warmth of the house, we have it blowing across the fields and swirling around. Of course if they hadn't ripped out all the hedges in the 1960's/70's there would be something to prevent the roads getting clogged, but they knew best!
Those that know (or not) say we are due rain again next week, so we will be back to the mud, providing it has thawed the ground if not it will be murderous.

1 Mar, 2018


I'm sorry it's so bad with you Scotsgran. I wouldn't call it magical. The sight of snow swirling around sounds horrendous to me. We still haven't had any here. I wish it would get warmer (or even less cold would do)

1 Mar, 2018


Thanks Honeysuckle. I don't think it's pretty. I hope we do get rain next week. I can cope with mud better than with the ground frozen solid.

1 Mar, 2018


I was looking out from a nice warm room Hywel so I felt I could afford the luxury of enjoying the patterns of snow in the wind. We have not had snow like this for years. Bad as this is the last bad winter we had was back in 1962/63. My OH and I had bought a cottage in South Queensferry and were doing it up as our family home for when we married in March 1963. On several occasions we had to wait till the snow blower/snow plough cleared a road down from Kirkliston. I do not think I have seen enough snow to justify using a snow blower since then.

1 Mar, 2018


We are just getting the first of the snow, the ground has been frozen solid for a week now, so I agree with you Hywel, you can certainly stick it!!

1 Mar, 2018


I'm glad you were in a warm room Scotsgran. I remember 1963. We were skating on the canal. It's the only time I remember it frozen like that.

Thank you Dottydaisy :) I hope you don't get too much snow.

I think the 'pretty' weather will kill lots of things off. My Fuchsias are all frozen solid and probably dead.

1 Mar, 2018


This is the first 'real' snow we have had and it definitely is arriving with a vengeance.
A week ago I had lots of pretty pots sunbathing in the garden, many are now in the dining room on trays looking very sorry for themselves.
Gosh, it's cold! :-(

1 Mar, 2018


Oh dear Hywel, I do know what you mean but I'm praying it doesn't rain, its snowing still where I am and the wind is causing it to drift, that of course makes it even worse, more snow predicted for tomorrow for us, sun is supposed to shine next Sunday,( sigh ) as said its only magical if tucked up inside with everybody home and safe, or even better on a picture postcard, I'm getting old Hywel, don't bounce like I used to, we've been spoilt in recent years so this is a shock to ones system..

1 Mar, 2018


I agree Hywel. Some areas should see it turning to rain by Sunday but then that will probably mean floods ?

1 Mar, 2018


I'm sorry for your plants Wildrose. I hope they haven't been damaged too much.

No Sue, it is never magical and never pretty. It's cold dangerous and depressing. You've had a lot already. I hope you don't get much more.

Proper rain doesn't cause floods Julia. Storms and melting snow cause floods. Frozen ground causes icy patches but ordinary is all right.

1 Mar, 2018


I agree to Hywel its killed my most expensive plant I bought last year no doubt when I get out there and look better I will have more dead plants. Happy St Davids day Hywel x

1 Mar, 2018


I have never liked being out in the snow, ice & cold either. But this week we have had it all! Therefore I've hardly put a foot outside the door since Wednesday! I tried my hardest to give some of my more delicate plants on the balcony some extra protection but I feel it has been to no avail as the temps have fallen to several degrees below freezing the last few days. ?

On Wednesday evening the temps were -6C during the evening from about 8pm to 11pm. Even during the rest of the night they didn't rise above -4C!

All day today we have had only -3C as max! We were forecast snow for 4 hours this evening but they haven't materialized! PHEW!!!

Keep warm everyone! Let us know how you fare, Hywel, when storm Emma has passed. I think you may experience significant amounts of snow/freezing rain & gale force winds! Please look after yourself & Beryl.

1 Mar, 2018


We had to go out this afternoon and it took several hours for me to warm up again. Like you Hywel I'm worried about my fuchsias. I hope you continue to get away without any snow.

1 Mar, 2018


Snow here now and neighbours and i are marooned. Husband is in hospital and has been for a week so the greenhouse gas heaters will run out soon. Offsprings can't get to me with new supply. SIL's car has been abandoned a nd daughter had to rescue him.Ours is a Spring garden and Ireckon will be a very subdued one this year, if any survive. Magnolia tree was gleaming white last week. Guess the flowers have had it there.
-6 last night and -3 this afternoon.

Have discussed possibility of knocking down greenhouses and either deciding on one with easier heating facilities, or doing without, and spending gas money on garden centre plants.

This weather has a lot to answer for.

My sympathies, Hywel.

Dydd gwyl Dewi Sant hapus!

1 Mar, 2018


There's a giant winter storm moving in on me now as I type this. It's typical, we get a taste of Spring, then boom, the biggest winter storm of the season.

2 Mar, 2018


Thanks for your comments. I'm sorry to hear of all your troubles. I hope spring is not far away.

Thanks 3d, that's the worst St David's day I remember lol :)
I hope you can save some of your plants.

Balcony we didn't get much snow, as I thought.
See new blog :)

Keep warm Sue. I hope your fuchsias will have survived.

Sorry to hear about your husband Eirlys. I hope he'll be well enough to come home soon.
Big decisions you have about the greenhouses.
That's the worst Dydd Gwyl Dewi I remember lol :)

Take care Bathgate. I hope the storm passes without doing any harm

2 Mar, 2018


I can't get into my unheated greenhouse to check on the plants, the bolt is frozen solid. I know my nectarine was flowering in there last Monday. Goodness knows how it's coping now after these - 6c to -2c temperatures we've had all week.
Our coop had run out of milk and bread yesterday and lots of the shelves were almost empty.
It's not looking pretty now, there's a lot of frozen brown mush about. More snow forcast for us tonight. I thought you had it there in Wales Hywel. I was surprised to hear you hadn't. Sooner it goes the better.

2 Mar, 2018


Wales is bigger than you think Sheila. It doesn't all get the same weather. The east has had snow but not the west.

I hope you will be able to get into your greenhouse soon, and find that the plants are all right after all.

2 Mar, 2018


The West is getting t now Hywel. I tried to clear a path for the postman to get to us safely but instead I fell and hurt my wrist...Snowing hard again now.

2 Mar, 2018


I agree too Hywel ! We lost the heating for a day ! It was great at first just sitting in the warm cosy room watching tv, but I am getting bored now and want to be back in my garden !

2 Mar, 2018


No snow for us today but its packed solid and no signs of a thaw at all, the sky is threatening to dump more on us, I haven't dared open the g'houses at all, just hoping, that's all we can do isn't it..
The birds are all getting a drink from the fishpond, that's a relief, saved me a job as I was having to keep going out to thaw out the baths for them.
Eirlys I'm sorry to hear your husband is in hospital and hope your family can get to you soon...
Rose when its cold I like to be indoors but when I'm forced to for any reason I go stir-crazy so I too am getting a tad fedup....

2 Mar, 2018


I hope the worst of storm Emma passed you by, Hywel. I'll have a look at your blog in a moment.

I hope you haven't done any more than hurt your wrist, Stera. It would be awful if you'd sprained it or, worse still, broken it! Look after yourself & let "lying snow lie"!

Snowing here since about 3pm & forecast to continue until 1am. Temps around -1C to -3C all day.

2 Mar, 2018


Yes unusual weather Hywel for St David's day. I shall find out when I venture out if it rain as it says tomorrow. I am glad I got some photos prior to this horrid weather.

2 Mar, 2018


Sorry Stera , just reading through again and see you've had a tumble, hope your wrist is okay and everything else, sometimes things don't show up straight away do they..

3 Mar, 2018


Has your wrist got any better, Sue? I hope a couple of days of rest have done it some good!

The snow has vanished during the day here & I hope we don't see any more for another good, long while!

4 Mar, 2018


Hope your wrist isn't too bad and feeling better Steragram. It's the relentless & merciless wind that gets me. Seeing trees fall over & bending. The continuous howling can make anyone loony. My poor house! One storm goes out as another comes in. I had a hornet's nest in my red maple. It's gone without a trace, lol.

4 Mar, 2018


Thanks for your comments. I'm glad the cold weather has gone now. I hope your gardens will show signs of spring soon.

Sorry to hear that Bathgate. I hope it improves soon for you.

5 Mar, 2018


Thank you for your good wishes re my wrist. I have a large blue bruise which goes with my sweater very well but its not as painful as it was and I can almost pick up the teapot now, lol.

5 Mar, 2018


Take care :)

6 Mar, 2018


It's good to hear you didn't break it at least, Sue! Don't try to do too much with that hand for a few more days, give it time to finish healing or you might find it takes much longer.

7 Mar, 2018

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