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End of October ...


By hywel


It was a bit frosty this morning here and my roses looked crystalized :(

A cold frosty view :(

My hardy Fuchsias down the back have turned brown, but the front garden is more sheltered, and although the cars had frost on their roofs, my plants were not affected.

Here’s my beautiful Jasminum nudiflorum on the front wall. It always flowers from October until January.

I have a Hypericum which is full of berries. They start off yellow and then turn black.

My tender Fuchsias are in some cold frames at the moment but I will soon be putting them into a frost free shed (old outside toilet) until the spring.
For tonight I have covered them over for a bit of extra protection.

I have two Brazilian forest cacti …
One of them is flowering and the other flowered earlier in the year and now has lots of shiny white berries :)
They are in a Perspex shelter but I’ll have to bring them indoors soon.

Rhipsalis pilocarpa :-

Rhipsalis baccifera :-

Keep warm ! :)

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The second Rhipsalis is amazing - is it used in winemaking? I've never seen the word baccifera before and wondered if it comes from Bacchus the god of wine? Did your roses survive when the frost melted? I brought a spray indoors when the cold was forecast but they are looking very tired already. We've only had one light frost here so the fuchsias are still OK, but its only a matter of time! Your Jasmine is the best I've ever seen. Do you think one would grow in a tub?
My wallhouse has died - a replacement is coming this week I hope so I can move the plants off the conservatory floor!

29 Oct, 2018


Thank you Sue …
baccifera means bearing berries.
I don't know about the roses. I didn't go back outside to look at them. it's been too cold.
My Fuchsias out the front are ok. It's the ones in the back that have gone brown.
However the 8 ft high Margaret with stems towering up into the air is strangely still colourful.
I suppose a Jasmine would grow in a tub if that was big enough, but maybe it wouldn't get so tall.

29 Oct, 2018


Your roses and Jasmine are beauties Hywel great view and deep blue sky even though its Frosty. I hope your Fuchsias are OK in the back and that Rhipsalis pilocarpa is gorgeous.

I have my Jasmine in a pot on my patio.

29 Oct, 2018


Thank you Thrupenybit, I have a cutting of Jasmine I may try growing it in a pot next year too :) x

30 Oct, 2018


Gorgeous winter Jasmine Hywel. I always forget mine, and then one by one, those little yellow stars open their a ray of Magellica fuchsia you sent me Hywel, is still busy flowering's such a lovely one.. If I had a hedge, I'd have a Magellica one..

30 Oct, 2018


The frosted roses are such a picture and your winter jasmine is looking wonderful.
A very heavy frost here too this morning!

30 Oct, 2018


Thanks for all your comments :)

I'm glad the Fuchsia is still flowering Janey. It makes very elegant bush.

I hope your frosts didn't do too much damage Wildrose.

31 Oct, 2018


Your frosted roses look as if they had been covered in icing sugar, Hywel! What lovely pictures they make!

We had our first frost of the autumn also last night. It seems to have only been a light one as it hasn't been able to kill off my Petunias on the balcony railings yet! They look very sorrowful at present & I must remove them shortly & put some Pansies or Violas in their place.

31 Oct, 2018


Roses look so wonderful when frosted, but not afterwards!I do like the forest cacti most unusual, I have two cacti which have never flowered just grow larger and larger!

1 Nov, 2018


Thank you all …

Balcony I'm sure some Violas will brighten up your balcony for the winter.

Dottydaisy many cacti don't flower until they are quite big. It depends on the species :) Do you know the names ?

1 Nov, 2018


Thanks Hywel, I have now bought & planted up some Pansies on the balcony - at long last!

8 Nov, 2018


That's good :)

9 Nov, 2018


Lovely Hywel, let's hope we get a mild spell now. My Fuschia look sad and brown now but need to resist cutting them down until spring.
Hywel, can I ask how you prune your winter jasmine please, I'm trying to get height on mine but it's a bit whippy, I want dense compact flowering effect like yours. Thanks

13 Nov, 2018


Hi Dawn, I just go over my Jasmine with a shears when the branches become too long. It's growing on a trellis up a wall and I chop it back to the trellis.
My Fuchsias are all brown and mushy now too. That one frosty night finished them off :( I'll be cutting them back in the spring.

13 Nov, 2018


Thanks Hywel, hmmm I think mine needs a trellis then, using wire at the minute, great advice, thank you.
One bad frost does so much damage, sadly.

13 Nov, 2018


I don't know if a trellis would make any difference Dawn. Mine took a few years to get like it is now so maybe yours just needs a bit more time.

13 Nov, 2018


Thanks Hywel, mine some shape, I will look at it tomorrow

13 Nov, 2018


Good luck :)

13 Nov, 2018

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