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I have asked this as a question but I don’t know if everyone reads those so I’ve put it in a blog as well …

What can be used instead of slug pellets ?

I had a lovely row of carrots, two nice rows of Radishes, and a row of parsnips all coming up in a plot at the bottom of my garden.
Then we get one rainy day and there’s nothing left, except for about 4 radishes … all eaten away by
slugs :(

I did have some beetroots and sprouts but I don’t know if those have gone too. I didn’t look.

I don’t like using slug pellets but don’t know what else to use.

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You can get ferrous phosphate ones (as opposed to the nasty metaldehyde type) that are pet & wildlife safe. ASDA Organic Slug pellets are about £2.50, the details are on their website

30 May, 2019


That is good to know, Darren. I have the same problem, Hywel. Barbara and I have been using slug pellets for our runner beans. The veg in the raised beds where we have the carrots, beetroot and lettuce don't seem to be effected the same, so we don't use any thing there. I would much rather use something other than slug pellets.

30 May, 2019


there is the Sluggo pellets that make the slugs/snails stop feeding and burrow into the soil to die. away from predatory eyes, so the rot in the soil.

30 May, 2019


Once it's warmer nematodes may help. I'm still on pellets so not setting a good example

30 May, 2019


I don't know if you can get this in the UK, but I hope you can because it works, I used on my hosta garden - not a nibble. It's got a 5 star rating from Walmart if that means anything, lol. Not pellets but granules.

Ortho Bug-Geta Snail & Slug Killer.

30 May, 2019


diatomaceous earth. DE. Not hard to find and not toxic.

30 May, 2019


Soul destroying aren't they, I made some garlic spray for the hostas but I don't think it worked against big snails. Some people go out at night with the torch and pick them off, don't they but I think life's too short for that when you're ready for bed.

30 May, 2019


Hywel, the latest copy of the RHS magazine, 'The Garden' has a feature on Hostas and ways to deter slugs and snails. If your vegetable area is a small one perhaps the following info. may be of some use:

They suggest copper strips, wood ash, crushed eggshells, coffee grounds and sharp grit.

Garlic products such as garlic granules that act as a barrier, and home-made material (boiled garlic in water).

Slug pellets containing metaldehyde are being withdrawn and are best avoided. Pellets based on ferric phosphate are effective and remain approved including for organic use.

30 May, 2019


Thank you everyone, your suggestions and information are very helpful.

30 May, 2019


Hywel I've just bought Vitax Slug Gone Natural Wool Barrier Pellets, works a treat unless you have a dog, luckily you don't, it's keeping the slugs and snails away from my hosta's and petunia's, however Brynner and Harriet are attracted to it as it smells of sheep at first, the tubs and troughs have been replanted twice and now moved to the front...I won't be using it in the back garden, unless of course I do away with my furry friends. YES !!! I did threaten them, breaks down naturally into the soil, eco friendly and all that..
3.5L bag was £7.48 from Amazon not sure of the cost elsewhere but I thought that was quite reasonable...

31 May, 2019


Trying wool pellets at the moment on the Dahlia's, one night and they had been eaten to bits!!
Dawn we have been going out at night with a torch, amazing how many slugs we caught!!! alright if you're garden is small like ours!!!(✷‿✷) no good for you though.....
Raised beds would suit you Hywel, they seem to do the trick, and look attractive too.....let us know what you decide......

7 Jun, 2019

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