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This spring.


By hywel


The best thing about this spring has been the weather, which has enabled me to do some much needed tidying in my garden – it had become a bit overgrown and neglected these past few years.
Now however, I have plenty of time, and it will probably get more TLC than it can cope with :)

I have been able to move some things that were in the wrong places, and I have been able to cut some overgrown shrubs right back (even getting rid of one or two that were too big and in the way)
and my Diarama which I moved and thought it would sulk for a few years has started flowering already :)

One good job I did yesterday was to rearrange some shelves – I had some plastick ones in a perspex shelter, and some metal Wilko ones outside, which were becoming rusty,
so I swapped them around, so that the metal ones would be inside and therefore sheltered from the rain.
I have cuttings etc on the plastic ones now outside, and my propergators on the metal ones now inside the shelter.

I’ve moved two cold frames from the patio to the bottom of the garden by the old ‘garage’ wall. They were on the patio and looked ugly, and since my knees are a bit unsteady these days I was afraid of falling on top of them.
I put them on some bricks to save bending too low :D

A look inside the cold frames …

I’m in the middle of putting some slabs on a little path that goes next to my trellises, they have been waiting to go down for a few years but circumstances were such that I could never get around to doing it.

It looks a mess at the moment and the slabs that were already down need cleaning, but it’s work in progress ! :)
I can show it to you again after I’ve finished it (whenever that will be lol)

I hope everyone is enjoying the warm sunny weather and I want it to last a bit longer :)

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You'll be fit as a flea after all that exercise! Isn't it satisfying to get 'stuff' sorted and looking under control. I'm impressed. I could do with some help to sort out my garage... I'd love to know where everything is!
Plenty of lovely cuttings there, too,Hywel. I'm taking slips from bits too, but don't have an idea where I'll put them. Still, it's a very satisfying occupation, isn't it?
Your garden will be more lovely still by the time this heatwave has ended.

1 Jun, 2020


It's amazing what we are all getting done, things that have been 'pending' for years! You have certainly made a huge difference and the cold frames look amazing. Glad you are enjoying the weather, it's miles too hot for me! But I think that your part of the country has had regular showers at least - we had 4 mm in the last month.

1 Jun, 2020


Well done Hywel on moving your shelving around ... and congratulations on all the propagating you have done ... plants all looking so healthy.

Yesterday I gathered up all my plastic flower pots, large down to tiny, and am keeping half for myself and taking the other half to a garden centre where they happily accept them. That's another job done!

1 Jun, 2020


Thank you all …

Anget yes I have had some exercise but it took three days to move the cold frames … one brick, rest, another brick, sit down, another brick, have a cup of tea lol , I am not 20 any more :D

Honeysuckle I have loads of time now Beryl isn't here needing my attention.
We haven't had rain for many weeks, not even a shower, although there was a thunder storm one night, but it didn't wet the ground at all ! The soil is like dry dust and things are wilting in the ground. We actually get periods like that quite regularly but eastern people don't realise it :)

That's a good thing to do with spare pots Shirley :) They tend to mount up quickly.

1 Jun, 2020


Sounds like my sort of exercise, Hywel! You made me laugh about how speedy we are as we get older. Still, at least the job does get done eventually and at the moment it's far too hot to rush. (That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.)

1 Jun, 2020


Goodness Hywel when you get the bit between your teeth there's no stopping you is there. The switching round of the metal, plastic shelves makes a lot of sense. Hopefully the sunny weather is still with us for a bit longer but don't over do it. There's no rush.

1 Jun, 2020


What a lot you have done in a short space of time - you deserve a medal Hywel! And I know exactly what you have to put up with by resting after each brick, as I’m exactly the same . . . so that’s a terrific achievement 🙂.

1 Jun, 2020


You’ve done a fantastic job, Hywel! You’ve been extremely busy haven’t you! You’ve done really great with all the propagating, everything looks so healthy. Just don’t overdo it, though, sorry don’t want to sound ageist. Just take your time and enjoy! You put a lot of youngsters to shame x

1 Jun, 2020


I like everything you have been doing and it all looks so methodical and tidy and easy to use.
Glad you still have another project on the go though, remember to let us see it.
We have sort of come to a stand still for the time being. We have gravel to add to all our paths but it has been a bit too hot for that job plus the tyre on the wheelbarrow has got a puncture and John has a sore knee!!!
Greeting cooler mid week.

1 Jun, 2020


glad you are getting soil under your nails and enjoying the warm sunny weather. I have flowers on the yellow Aquilegia that you sent the seed. photo in my latest blog.

iId like some rain though ;o)

1 Jun, 2020


I'll second that Sbg. Hoping for some on Wednesday. The soil here is as Hywel says, like dust. I have to make little grooves in it round the plants or it will just run off when I water.
Glad you are getting all those jobs done Hywel. Thanks for sharing with us & we look foreword to seeing the finished

1 Jun, 2020


Thank you all for reading my blog and for your comments. It's nice to have people admiring one's work :)

Anget that's a good reason for not rushing :D

Waddy I won't overdo it. These days I couldn't if I tried :D

Thanks Sheila I'm glad you can understand how it is to have to do things slowly :)

Kate you are not being ageist just concerned :) I've had my 'three score years and ten' now so I'm on borrowed time lol

I hope you can get the puncture mended soon Wildrose and get the gravel down on your paths when it's cooler.

I'm pleased to know the Aquilegia is flowering Seaburngirl, They're a lovely colour aren't they ...

I also make groves around the plants when I'm watering Feverfew, it helps the water soak in to the soil.

2 Jun, 2020


I think we are all doing jobs that we never get round to doing. You have made a big difference Hywel to your little greenhouse. Looking forward to seeing pictures of the slabs in their new positions !

3 Jun, 2020


Well done Hywel, you've got the bit between your teeth right enough, doesn't matter how long it takes to get the jobs done , its the end product that counts, your frames will be so much easier for you in the new positions and raising them is going to be so much easier on your back..
Hywel I thought I had a lot of plants but you 've beat me hands down and they all look so healthy, I've had to stop planting out for a while as we, like many people have had no rain for ages, I have prairie coloured grass in lots of places, I'm collecting every drop of waste water that I can to pour over the lawns, I need my other water for greenhouses and new plants, the only good thing is the fact I daren't get the mower out as that would finish the grass off completely...
Its cooled down here today and I kid you not its a relief, its been so hot here, supposed to get some rain but I'm not holding breathe for that one Hywel, take care with those slabs Hywel , xx

3 Jun, 2020


Bet your feeling much better now all that hard work has been done and raising those cold frames is certainly going to make it easier on the knees.

3 Jun, 2020


Lovely blog, thanks for sharing

3 Jun, 2020


Thank you Rose and Stroller and Aleyna, I'll show a photo of the path after I've finished it. That won't be for a while yet though :)

I hope you get some rain Sue, We had a few drops here but it wasn't enough for the garden. The soil is like dry dust.
The temperature has gone down from the high 20s to the low teens and it feels positively cold :) x

4 Jun, 2020


You are doing well a bit at a time will get there. It has been so hot 27 degrees on some days that the heat flattens me. I cannot get the hose out most of the time because we have scaffolding up around the house. Getting below it to the tap is hard work. I went looking and found a spare hose in the shed yesterday but forgot to buy connectors to attach it to the one I was using. I did manage to buy compost to get stuff potted on. OH had put a permanent water supply all round the garden but it was disconnected when the last of the winter gales made it vital that we got rid of the summer house near the tap. It rained heavily through Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. It saved a lot of plants from dying of thirst. The temperature really plummeted last evening so much like your weather.

4 Jun, 2020


Great to see you have been so busy, Hywel! The improvements you have made will save you energy, time & trouble in the future!

Like you, I've had my 3 score & ten & am on borrowed time as well! I find that even working on the balcony can be quite hard work as well! I find my back aches more than ever after just a few minutes outside & kneeling down has been almost impossible for a couple of months due to a fall I took when redecorating the kitchen & bashed my right knee on the floor. It had a kind of bruise that has taken 2 months to go away completely! Getting down to the floor has been a nightmare & was almost impossible for the first 6 weeks. Now that's cleared up but I'm still a bit cautious when it comes to kneeling!

4 Jun, 2020


Enjoyed your blog. Sounds like I have been doing the same as you, Hywel. I too have thinned out some shrubs to allow others to grow properly. I was visited by a mole at the end of last summer who left wobbly paving slabs and leaning plants. I've nearly finished levelling things up but it's hard work. The cooler weather is a good excuse to have a day off.

4 Jun, 2020


Thank you all for reading my blog and for your comments ...

I'm glad you had some rain for your garden Scotsgran, it's difficult to water it without a hose pipe.

Sorry you had a fall Balcony, I'm glad you're all right now. A shock can take a long time to recover from.

Gee19 I think a mole can do a lot of damage. I'm glad you nearly have your garden back in shape and hope they leave you alone now ...

5 Jun, 2020


I love your idea on the cold frame Hywel it would be ideal for disabled people in wheel chairs . You have been very busy dont blame you taking advange of the warm weather while it lasts to re do your lovely cutting shelvings which look very organised and tidy and altering your garden .

Yes agree with cleaning your pavement my pavement and patio need jet washing with birds poo all over them but until all the rubbish from the trees next door have gone its just a waste of time as the pigeons will still sit in them and drop their mess .

5 Jun, 2020


'If you enjoy what you're doing; you have succeeded'. Well done, Hywel...doing well in your dotage. Tip for the cold, rainy days: sweep regularly with a broom...stops the algae building up so never get slippery. For removing bird mess on dry days: sprinkle with water and wonders.
It's definitely cooler here and the water butts are beginning to fill. Any takers?

6 Jun, 2020


Thank you both :)

6 Jun, 2020


😊 x

6 Jun, 2020


Hywel, your raised coldframes are fantastic - what a very good idea. I wondered where your fuchsias and cacti are?
It feels good when you finally get on with jobs that you feel have been waiting for a while. Do be careful lifting those flagstones wont you? You seem to have achieved an awful lot in a comparatively short time.

If you have taken out some shrubs what do you do to dispose of them? We used to burn ours and now we can't and there is far to much to put in the car for the tip, all too big for a brown bin and too thick or too dry to shred..

Forgot to say, I like your new avatar.

Will you be taking up your pottery etc this autumn? It seems a long time since you mentioned either.

7 Jun, 2020


Thank you Sue, my cacti and some Fuchsias are in the perspex shelter but out of view in the photo.
Other Fuchsias are dotted around the garden.
The flagstones are still in the same place.

I cut the shrubs up and put the pieces in bags ready to take to the tip when it opens. They were not huge, just too big for the place they were growing and I got fed up with cutting them back all the time.

I haven't done any pottery work, all the clay I've got has gone dry so I'll have to order some more but at the moment I don't feel up to it. I think it will be something I can do in the winter.

9 Jun, 2020


Thank you Hywel! Sorry about all the questions, just call me a nosey parker!

9 Jun, 2020


You're just inquisitive :)

9 Jun, 2020

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