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Tidying a herbaceous border.


By hywel


There’s a narrow road that passes the bottom of my garden, from which there used to be a driveway leading into my old garage,
but since I have converted the said garage into a workshop for a particular hobby, the driveway was not needed any more,
so I created a herbaceous flower border on top of it. It’s better than looking at a boring disused driveway :)

During a few recent summer days I have been tidying the border, getting rid of weeds and cutting things back, and rearranging the pots I have dotted about there, because it had become rather overgrown and looked a bit messy.

Although there’s still some work to do to it I thought I’d show a few photos of how it’s coming along :)

Some closer views :-

I always have company when I’m down there – the hedgerow opposite the flower bed is an attraction for a certain furry friend :)
who is not keen on having her photograph taken !

And there’s always someone passing by (usually taking their dogs for a walk) that I can chat to … or give cuttings to …
and sometimes I get plants in return :)

Here’s a view looking down the road :-

Looking up the road :-

Behind the border there’s a lot of rubbish I haven’t been able to take to the tip yet, but I hope to get rid of it soon and then it will look a bit tidier,
and it will also look tidier after I’ve been able to do a bit more cutting back of the plants in the background :)

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an excellent idea to use the unused drive way to extend the garden.
it is all looking very pretty.

I find people stop and talk about the garden too, its so nice to see gardens as so many have been ripped up for car parking. in my brother's street of 210 homes there are literally 19 front gardens left. All the others have extended the concrete either for parking or low maintenance. [and they wondered why they have flooding issues.

do add more photos when you have finished Hywel. Glad puss is on hand to oversee your labours ;o)

29 Jul, 2020


Thank you both for commenting on my blog.

I hope you can get your rubbish disposed of soon Paul. I even have an old smashed up wardrobe lol ! It was falling to bits before I smashed it up so that didn't take much effort :D

It's sad to hear about your brother's road Eileen, in these days when we need more of nature around us it's very disappointing to see spaces that should be alive with plants and insects etc being replaced with concrete.

29 Jul, 2020


What a good idea Howell, itโ€™s a beautiful cottage garden. You must feel very proud of what you have achieved.

29 Jul, 2020


It looks a picture Hywel I remember that nice country road it would be a joy to walk down it and to be able to admire your garden at the same time , I hope Bella has good hearing if she spends time sunbathing on the road but then she's probably only there to oversee your work ๐Ÿ˜ x

29 Jul, 2020


A brilliant idea Hywel! Much better than looking at concrete! Also a good way to chat to people too.
It looks just like a cottage garden. I find that people often stop to speak to me when I am doing the front garden even though I don't know many people here since we moved.

29 Jul, 2020


Thank you all for your comments,

Yes I think I am proud of the little space Cindereller :)

Amy Bella thinks she owns the road. Lots of local people know her and slow down if they see her.
I once told a passer-by "This cat thinks she owns the road"
and the passer-by replied "Well she does !" :D x

It's nice to know you have some friendly people living around you Rose. A garden will attract most people's attention :)

29 Jul, 2020


It looks terrific Hywel ... a great idea. Amazing that you have already made the bed look mature! Iโ€™m sure Bella approves ๐Ÿ™‚.

29 Jul, 2020


Enjoyed looking at your now plant filled drive. It's nice seeing a work in progress. Lots of nice plants in there. Keep us posted.

29 Jul, 2020


Brilliant idea Hywel - it looks very attractive. I have a vague memory of that bed from years ago and it was nothing like as attractive as it is now. And hurray, at last a picture of Bella, as beautiful as ever. Didn't Blodyn sometimes sit in the middle of the road too? Its so nice that people stop and have a chat - makes all the difference doesn't it?

29 Jul, 2020


beautiful Hywel

29 Jul, 2020


Thank you all :)

It's a few years old now Sheila and I keep adding plants to it :) ...

Skips are very expensive Paul, I'm hoping a man up the back road will take it for me in his tip-up lorry :)

I'll show some more photos soon Jose ...

Sue yes it is several years old now and I keep adding plants to it all the time.
Blodyn was always found on the shed roof, garage roof, old outside toilet roof !
Bella is always prowling on the road or sleeping in a blue plastic crate under the shelves in my perspex shelter :)

Thank you Rijarainbow :)

30 Jul, 2020


Lovely post and pics, Hywel. I think itโ€™s really smashing that you can stop and have a natter with the friendly passers -by. Bella looking like sheโ€™s still overseeing your gardening jobs!

1 Aug, 2020


Thank you ... Yes Bella is in charge ! :D

1 Aug, 2020


I'm just wondering if Bella keeps the Slugs off your Hosta! The garden looks wonderful Hywel - a real credit to you and I'm sure appreciated by passersby.

3 Aug, 2020


The old driveway is looking really good, Hywel! When you finish tidying it up it will look so much better!

3 Aug, 2020


I remember when you first started that bed Hywel, it looks absolutely lovely now, so full and lush, you certainly have the right to feel proud, I too would stop to admire and chat about it, also try to persuade Bella to come and say hello, stroke her lovely coat, if she would allow me too, lol...
Our amenities tip is now open, by appointment only 3 days a week, WOW !!!! have to take certain materials on the day, linen on Mondays , wood on Tuesdays, metal on Thursday, can't just lump it together and sort it when you get there as you only get 15 mins to unload, we have to travel 12miles, our town is not allowed to have our own tip, hubby did manage to get two slots, so our yard is clear again but I still have some hidden away waiting for the next time.....

3 Aug, 2020


It looks beautiful a great transformation Hywel I love how you ve got the flowers cascading between the bricks such a wonderful variety you have going on there . I had to have a giggle at Bella its as if she is checking to see if you ve put the plants in the right place for her to inspect from the angle where she is laying looking at it.

4 Aug, 2020


Thank you all :)

6 Aug, 2020


๐Ÿ˜Š x

7 Aug, 2020

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