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2021 so far ...


By hywel


The year started off with Snowdrops and I noticed they are gradually spreading through the garden. However there seems to be lots of individual plants instead of clumps so I have replanted them closer together while ‘in the green’ and hoping they will form nice clumps soon.

Here are some double ones, they’re several years old now …

I have enjoyed the flowers of Tulipa clusiana ‘Lady Jane’ It’s a new one for me.

I planted them in pots but will put them in the ground for next year. They are said to naturalise easily so that’s something to look forward to :)

I have more Forgetmenots than ever this spring. They are even smothering the weeds :)
I leave them alone, they only last a few weeks, then I pull them up and shake the seeds around for next year.

I planted a Dodecatheon a few years ago but it never came to anything, however this year it told me it is still alive by producing a few flowers :) Hoorah !
(Not a good pic sorry but it’s all I could get)

My little raised bed is full of nice vegetables :-

But my peas came to nothing, only one germinated. I’ve sowed a few more and we’ll see what happens.

Now it’s May and I’ve usually heard a cuckoo but not this year. Last year I heard lots of them from April until June, but this year not one.
I know they’re nasty things but I like to hear them.

Major work is to start here soon on the house and garden … I’m not looking forward to it, it’s getting me down, but it’s essential … I’ll let you know how it
goes …

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Hello Hywel,I've just posted a message to you,and mentioned I was looking forward to seeing your coincidental,is that ? Lol.

Your garden is looking beautiful ,and the forget me knots have been lovely this year haven't they,? also the tulips .Glad to see your veg are doing well too.:o)

Hope the jobs at home don't inconvenience you too much,and try not to worry,as I'm sure it will be for the best in the long run,especially if they are essential..take care,x

22 May, 2021


Hope things are going well for you, Hywel? Your spring bulbs are so pretty! Plus the forget-me-nots are a beautiful colour aren’t they! Plus you’ve an abundance of them! Here’s hoping your veggie patch will produce lots of lovely fresh veg for you!
Hopefully the work you’re having done will run smoothly and not stress you too much. Sending best wishes x

22 May, 2021


Its lovely to see your spring flowers Hywel, I'm pleased to say my snowdrops are clumping up nicely, I've had some in for years but like yours they seemed to be individual ones for a long time, they say patience is a virtue and thats so true, I have some special ones in pots that were a gift from a fellow Goy member, I'm keeping those in their pots for now though so as I can keep an eye on them, iIdo like your tulips, I have some quite similar in my Belfast Sinks, sadly they got waterlogged just as they were opening, I did swear, its a treat to get a surprise from a flower/shrub that you thought wasn't doing anything, it makes it all the more worthwhile doesn't it..Your little veg garden is doing well, I gave up on mine as it was useless but I still grow my salad crops and will do some green beans, now I grow in troughs and big pots instead...Keep your spirits up whilst the work goes on Hywel xx

22 May, 2021


Just think of how it will look when all done. I’m planning to have a patio laid with paths coming off them & that will create a mess as well. Good luck with it all.

22 May, 2021


Lovely to see your Snowdrops, Hywel! I was given a couple of bulbs around Christmas time which I planted in a tub on the balcony but they didn't flower. 😞

Your little veg patch looks to be doing really well! You'll soon be self-sufficient in veg! 😂

In regards to the mayor work about to start on your house, I expect if it really is necessary then you will have to make the best of it for the few days it may last. Not much else you can do really! But you will find it much better after they are done & you will soon forget about the mess & the bother.

22 May, 2021


Your Tulip Lady Jane is beautiful, I hope she bulks up for you. I thought your comment about the Forget me nots outdoing the weeds was so true this year.

22 May, 2021


Hywel the close ups of the forget me nots show them at their very best - the colours are so pretty. We have them all over our garden too!
So pleased that the Dodecatheon has flowered for you and will continue to do so!
I don't like the upheaval of work on the house either but I do hope that yours goes well and that you will be pleased with the results.

22 May, 2021


Thank you for the pics Hywel. Its nice to see that you love the "little " tulips - in some ways they can be more appealing than the big ones, don't you think? There is such an amazingly huge range of tulips nowadays, we are surely spoiled for choice. Love your Docecatheon - what a treat! If you want any more snowdrops let me know, though they won't be in the green any more.
Wonder why your peas didn't germinate - better luck with the second sowing anyway. Did you plant any new potatoes? I noticed today mine are up - that was a surprise.

22 May, 2021


Thank you all for reading my blog and leaving nice comments :)

23 May, 2021


Lovely photos as usual.Hope you are keeping well and your repair work goes well for you.
Best wishes

25 May, 2021


Thanks Marjorie, hoe you are all right too :)

31 May, 2021


Dont know how i missed this blog.
up to your usually high standard.
how did your extra set of peas get on? My runner beans have been taken 3 times now.

13 Jun, 2021


Thank you ... my peas all failed. I used seeds saved from last year. I won't do that again.

13 Jun, 2021

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