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Bank holiday colour and planting summer containers


By hywel


I have bought some colourful summer plants for putting in tubs etc
They look a bit sparse at the moment but will fill out as they grow.
Here are some of them …

In the tubs I planted Nemesia, Diascia, Callibrachoa, Viola, Impatiens, Begonia semperflorens, Petunias, Alyssum, Felicia,
and Nasturtiums from seeds
and Pelargoniums from cuttings taken last year.

I still have some Sundisc Narcissi in flower, it’s nice to see them so late :)

Forgetmenots are finishing now so I have started pulling them up, and I shake them so that the seeds spread around for next year.

My tomatoes are coming along nicely :)

Some more photos :-

Azalea …

Lychnis floss cuculi …

Meconopsis cambrica …

Gypsophila cerastioides …

Leontopodium alpina (Edelweiss) …

One I don’t know …

Felicia …

Nice colour combination – Felicia and Viola :)

Pulsatilla seed heads …

A colourful Pelargonium …

Weigelia shrub …

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Hello Hywel, you have some really pretty plants there. I think your unknown one is a Heuchera, or Coral bells as it is sometimes known. I hope my recently planted Weigelia grows as well as yours!

31 May, 2021


Your newly potted plants are going to give you so much colour, Hywel! I do love nemesia! I did have one several years ago, it came back every year and I just loved the scent! It was gorgeous!
Your tomatoes are looking so healthy, you’ll have some delicious tasting produce I can imagine! The azalea is looking vibrant, and I am liking your Meconopsis - wonderful summery yellow and a great close up!
The Felicia is a lovely colour, you’re right, it blends so well with the viola! So pretty.

31 May, 2021


lovely planting Hywel , what a nice Bank Holiday to go with it too . Yes Heuchera as Shirley Tulip says

31 May, 2021


You have some pretty plants. I do like the lychnis and the gypsophila. The latter is not one I have seen before.

31 May, 2021


Love your newly planted pots.
You have some rich colours around your garden, the azalea is looking lovely and the lychnis is very pretty.
I will do the same as you with our forget me nots - we do seem to have a lot of them!

31 May, 2021


Al very pretty and colourful. Your tomatoes are healthier looking than mine and I absolutely love that Lychnis .

By the way: I am not jealous of your Leontopodium alpina any more Hywel, I was able to get my own. :-)

1 Jun, 2021


Thanks for everyone's comments about my plants, it's nice to share the photos with you all :)
(although the colour seems rather on the dull side, I don't know why)

Thanks for the identification Shirley and Paul, I remember now that you've mentioned it's name. I get senior moments lol

I'm glad you were able to get a Leontopodium Klahanie.

1 Jun, 2021


a lovely blog Hywel and those pots will be lovely when the plants have had a week or 2 of growing.

I am finding getting pinks & reds to come out right on the photos problematic this year. Don't know why.

1 Jun, 2021


Some nice choices there Hywel, and can I join the list of admirers of the Lychnis? Its a beauty - never knew there were big showy ones! Aren't those narcissi late? They are such pretty ones. Your pots should look great in a few weeks.

1 Jun, 2021


Yorklass has said all I was going to say! That is an unusual
Lychnis, I must look out for one. I like that late Narcissus, it has a nice shape. All your pots will be nicely filled out in a couple of weeks, everything is a bit behind this year. I try to be patient!

2 Jun, 2021


I've never seen pelargoniums with such colorful leaves.

3 Jun, 2021


Feverfew, sorry - it bears saying twice though...

3 Jun, 2021


It's all looking wonderful,Hywel,and I also love your choice of plants,and the colours blend so well together.I've never seen a Lychnis like that either,so unusual,but so lovely..
All this lovely warm sunshine is just what we ,and our plants need ,as long as we get a nice cooling drink to stop us from wilting ! Lol .Thank you for sharing this with us :o) x

3 Jun, 2021


Thanks for all your comments :)

The Lychnis has been flowering all winter, although with just a few flowers during the coldest periods.

4 Jun, 2021

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