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My front garden this summer ...


By hywel


Early this year I hadn’t been able to tend my front garden and it had got into such a mess – lots of weeds and tall grass, and you couldn’t see the plants properly, but I eventually got around to tidying it.

Some of the Fuchsias and other little things I’d planted there had died, probably choked among the weeds and grass, so it has some bare patches now …
but I’ve got a variegated Sanguisorba officinalis and some Ophiopogon down the back, to plant there later, and I was thinking of a nice Heuchera too, but I haven’t got a spare one … that means a trip to a garden centre soon ! :D

The Astilbes have been good this year, and here’s how it looked when they were in full flower :-

The big Fuchsia in the next photo is hardy ‘Mrs Popple’. I’ve cut a lot of it back because it had become shapeless,
and the tall winter Jasmine that was on the wall behind it has fallen down the side :(

A flowery pot adds interest now the Astilbes have finished …

A Sanguisorba hakusanensis in a pot brings colour to the far corner …

A large pot with an Iceberg rose (planted last year) and some Begonia semperflorens brightens up the front door.

It gets very dry here because although it faces east it gets full sun from dawn until about 1.30 and it can feel quite hot on summer mornings.
I am thinking of planting some bulbs there in the autumn.

I hope it looks a bit tidier now than it did a few weeks ago :D

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I think you've done a great job there, Hywel, and it looks very welcoming. If it's dry, how do you get your astilbes to grow so well in that position? I ordered S. Hakusanensis this year and now it's flowered it has red bobbly flowers, so not what I wanted at all! I've had a number of mislabelled plants this year - very annoying! I love your cottage flowers.

2 Aug, 2021


It definately looks colourful and we kept. You have done a great job.
I was going to ask the same question as Anget, about Astilbes liking moisture, looks like A. chinensis pumila. Mine isnt quite flowering yet, but the ones around the pond have finished.

2 Aug, 2021


It is such a shame you have to go to a garden center ;o)))
it is such a drag isn't it, all those plants to look at and then to buy, such a chore haha.

bulbs will certainly enhance a very pretty frontage. What were you thinking of?
our pots are lovely.

2 Aug, 2021


Your Astilbes are stunning Hywell , I bought my Sanquisorba plants years ago after seeing yours , I love them they're a firm favourite I always thank you for showing them on GOY when mine are in flower ..x

2 Aug, 2021


Love your astilbes, mine are also in my front garden and last time I counted I had 7! I read somewhere that you can divide them up in autumn if they become too big. It’s a job I will have to do this year as they have become intertwined with other plants. Love your colourful display and think bulbs would be a great addition to add interest all year.

2 Aug, 2021


Well done on tidying up the front garden Hywel ... those Astilbes are lovely and the pot of colourful flowers in the middle looks great too.

2 Aug, 2021


Hywel it looks lovely, I bet you receive some nice comments from your neighbours, I don't have much luck with Astilbes, yours are fabulous, I'm growing one in a pot now but its not as pretty as yours, mines a bit drab if I'm being honest but I like the foliage so it will stay, the pot in the centre looks very attractive, its eyecatching...xx
BTW, apologies , I had missed some of your posts..x

2 Aug, 2021


Thanks for all your comments ...

I find Astilbes will grow anywhere in my garden, I have a white one and a red one too, and also a dwarf one in a pot which I always forget to water. .

How disappointing Anget. I've got a few spare hakusanensis in pots if you'd like one let me know.

Thanks for the name Siris, I didn't know it was called that, I'll have to write it down :)

Seaburngirl I was thinking mainly of the species Tulips (Tulipa clusiana) that I had in pots last spring.

I'm glad to have introduced you to the Sanguisorbas Amy :)

Yes Amsterdam you can divide the Astilbes, I started off with one and now have several dotted around the garden.

Thank you Shirley, it's much tidier now, it was an embarrassment :O

Lincslass I also have an Astilbe in a pot but it isn't as good as the ones in the ground.
Don't worry about missing things. I only seem to come on here intermittently these days, can't seem to keep up with it.

2 Aug, 2021


I think it all looks great Hywel! I love your Astilbes. Mine didn't seem to flower very long this year.
I too love the pot of flowers in the centre. It sets it all off!

3 Aug, 2021


Your front garden looks good. What would you do now, if you didn't have all these gardening jobs to do? :-)

3 Aug, 2021


Thank you both ...

I don't know what I'd be doing Feverfew, but I'd probably be bored :)

3 Aug, 2021


I think I have the same variety of Astilbe too,Hywel seems to be a popular one.Mine are only just starting to flower,and one is in north facing shade,one gets afternoon sunshine from the West, so the latter is further on into flower.
Your front garden looks lovely,and the mixed coloured Lobelia always look nice in pots,I always have some each year,they fill any gaps nicely :o)
The Penstemons you kindly sent me,are coming on nicely,except the White one seems to be struggling a bit,so I'm hoping it will put a spurt on soon ,and I will post a photo,when they least they are still alive ! Lol x

4 Aug, 2021


Your front garden looks really lovely and your astilbes are so pretty. Your containers look beautiful and the colour you have achieved is a treat for you and all the passers by!

4 Aug, 2021


Hywel, your garden does you proud after your hard work.


6 Aug, 2021


Lovely to see your front garden again, Hywel! πŸ˜ƒ It's looking wonderful! The Astilbes sure looked good in flower! πŸ˜ƒ As for the Tulips bulbs in the autumn that will be a good idea & will add real zest to your garden in early spring! What colour will they be?

6 Aug, 2021


Looks very nice . Astilbes look full of life (healthy) and I love your new pot with an Iceberg rose and little Begonias.

6 Aug, 2021


Hywel your front garden looks lovely I remember you sorting it out some years ago …… do you cut your astilbes down after flowering or just leave them to die back and go brown in the autumn ? that is what I do but not sure if it’s the right way mind flowered really well this year also .

Best wishes to you πŸ™‚

7 Aug, 2021


Everything is looking good. The astilbes really did well for you.

8 Aug, 2021


Thanks for your comments :)

Kidsgran I cut the old flowers off the Astilbes in the front garden to make them look tidier, but I leave some on the ones in the back. I don't know what the right way is lol

Balcony the Tulips I want are the species T. clusiana that I grew in pots last spring, they're pink and white.

Sandra I can send you another white Penstemon if you like, I've got a few more cuttings and they're getting in my way lol

9 Aug, 2021

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