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Late winter ...


By hywel


I’ve always thought the delicate-looking late winter/early spring flowers are much tougher than they look … they’re out in all the harsh weather but it doesn’t affect them at all.

I went down the garden this morning to take some photos but was glad to come back into the house, unlike the winter flowers which would surely shrivel up in the warmth of my kitchen.

Here are some Snowdrops, and they are spreading nicely in lots of places now …

These are Flore Plino, and they are increasing too :)

I haven’t got many Crocuses this year, they seem to have died off
(note to self – “buy lots of corms next autumn!”)

I found this little pot of Eranthis which I thought had died … a nice surprise :-

Hellebores are doing well this year :)

A nice pot full of white Heather …

Colourful Wallflowers :)

Pretty Cyclamen in pots …

Mr Woody looked too naked without his Christmas tinsel and coloured bobbles so I bought him some Ivy to keep him warm :D

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What a lovely colourful display, you must have very green fingers. It’s great to see spring is around the corner.

24 Feb, 2022


Mr Snuggles looks as snug as a bug!
What a beautiful collection of Hellibores you have...puts mine to shame.

24 Feb, 2022


all looking good Hywel. I seem to have lost a lot of crocus too this year. I will hit the bulb catalogues come September.

gorgeous hellebores too.

24 Feb, 2022


I also love your Hellebores, Hywel.

24 Feb, 2022


Such lovely, colourful photos Hywel. Your garden must look a real picture and be giving you such a lot of pleasure! You have an amazing variety of hellebores which are all very pretty.

24 Feb, 2022


Such a lovely spring blog, Hywel! You have a smashing collection of hellebores!!!!
You've a very colourful, cheerful selection of seasonal flowers.
Mr Woody is looking quote cosy in that corner too!

24 Feb, 2022


What a marvellous array of colour Hywel. Your cyclamen in pots have inspired me … I feel a shopping expedition coming on!

24 Feb, 2022


Thanks for all your comments :)

I hope you enjoy your shopping expedition Sheila

25 Feb, 2022


Cracking selection of Hellebores, love the yellow spotted one and the heavily nlotched purply one. Seems my purple Tomie crocus are not doing well too this year, ground so wet in places.

25 Feb, 2022


You have a lot of colour to admire Hywel, a lovely selection of Hellebores, I did lose a lot but not as many as I'd thought, funnily all from the bed surrounding my Photina, I know now not to place any new ones in that area, I've managed to hang onto one Eranthis, in a pot like yours, they don't do well in my garden which is a shame as I really like them, such a pretty flower and to me they are the onset of springtime arriving, unlike the snowdrops which can start as early as December, love the colour of the wallflower, is it a perfumed one ? The array of colourful cyclamen in pots is a cheerful sight, I hope you can see them from the windows and I do like your little man with his new hairstyle and also the little owl keeping him company...Nice to hear from you Hywel, are you all sorted now with the extension and everything..
Oh !! nearly forgot, how did you manage to upload your photo's,????... I 've tried many ways without success....

25 Feb, 2022


A lovely blog, Hywel, with a splendid array of spring flowers.

25 Feb, 2022


Thanks for all your comments :)

It seems a poor year for Crocuses Siris, maybe it's been too wet, although here it usually is ...

I don't know if the Wallflower is scented Sue, I'll have to find out tomorrow.
Sorry to hear about your Hellebores, good idea to plant them somewhere else if you buy more.
The pots of Cyclamen are by the back door and since it is glass all the way down I can see them, I put them there for that reason.
More building work to start soon Sue, the cold damp conservatory is going to be replaced with an extension for the kitchen (it's only 6 ft wide lol ... but will make a big difference.)
My photos uploaded as usual after I resized them, but the one of the wooden man was not resized at all.

Thanks Anget ...

25 Feb, 2022


It's so lovely to see so many plants flowering in your garden, Hywel! might as well be high summer for all the flowers you have! πŸ˜‚πŸ‘

Your Hellebores look wonderful as do the Cyclamen as well! πŸ‘

25 Feb, 2022


Lovely blog Hywel. I do love your Hellebores. The dark red one you gave me years ago is still going strong.

26 Feb, 2022


Thank you both ...

27 Feb, 2022


Lovely plants Hywel. I too like that yellow Hellebore, as well as all the rest. Also noticed a lovely Cyclamen, pink flowers, round greyish leaves in a grey pot. Mr woody is fun. My crocii I have not been bad this year, tho' they did get rained on a couple of times, plenty of flowers from them.

27 Feb, 2022


Forgot to say how much I like your little ivy draped bird!

27 Feb, 2022


Thank you all for your comments :)

28 Feb, 2022

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