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By hywel


Since many new members on G C are having difficulty and finding it complicated, I thought I’d tell you how I use it myself.

It’s no good trying to follow everything, there’s too much on it, but I tend to follow the threads that interest me the most.

First of all I always start on the ‘Forums’ page, never the home page. That’s too confusing.
Click on ‘Go to Forums’ in the bar across the top and you’ll be taken to a different page – the forums page. I have saved that to my favs so I always start there.

If you look down the right hand side of the ‘Forums’ page you’ll see a column headed ‘Latest Posts’ and most things are displayed there, and you can choose which ones to look at.

You can follow the threads you’re most interested in, and you’ll have ‘Alerts’ when someone comments on those threads, or if someone mentions you in a comment too.

The alerts will be seen at the top right of the page and the number of Alerts you’ve got will be in a little red bubble

For me the most interesting threads are the cactus one (obviously lol) and ones like ’Wat’s looking good in March 2022’ ( and subsequent months as they come along), House plants in bloom, what’s looking exotic etc, and there’s one on pets, and one on crafts etc … and you can add your own photos to these threads.

I ignore anything else.

Well since GC is AS WELL AS and not instead of GoY I hope this blog will help you along :)

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Thanks for this much-needed advice Hywel!

7 Mar, 2022


All I can say,Sheila, that is sound advice....Hywel has been so helpful to me , I'm now beginning to drive GC in fourth gear!(If you know what I mean)Hope you make some progress.

7 Mar, 2022


Much needed advice Hywel which has come just at the right time for me and probably a number of others! Thank goodness you can still get in touch on Goy because we might never have found it on Gardeners Corner!!!

7 Mar, 2022


Thanks Hywel! Thatโ€™s sound advice. Iโ€™m just navigating my way round..lots to see and learn! ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘

7 Mar, 2022


Hywel I've always said it and I'm saying it again, "You Are A Gem"... Honestly I for one wouldn't manage without you, we'll certainly be following the same threads as we have many of the same interests, I tried doing a blog then couldn't enter any photo's so that went skyways and crooked.. I'm not giving up though, I figured I learnt Goy so I can do it again...There are a lot of very familiar names on there that I recognized as being on Goy...

7 Mar, 2022


I'm glad this blog is of help.

It's middle of the night here and I can't sleep for worrying about you all ! .... lol

Sue, Don't try to write a blog, I don't think you can add photos, although I've never tried it myself.
It's best to start a new thread in one of the various categories ... or add text/photos to an existing thread e.g. 'What are we doing in the Garden' or 'What's looking good in March' or 'Show us your Houseplants in Bloom' etc

I have started a thread of my own where I show photos of walks I go on, (but anyone can show photos there as well) although if you start a thread of your own all your photos will be together.
There's one very friendly (Welsh) lady called Victoria (Lives now in Portugal) who has started a thread on her Portugeese garden. It's called 'An Algarve Garden' and is very interesting to se what she grows there.
She's also started a thread called 'VictoriArt' where she shows things she crochets etc.

These things would come under the heading 'Member's Gallery' and if you scroll down the Forums page you'll find it.

Maybe you could do something similar in a thread of your own and give it an unique name :)

Do you remember Meanie ? He posts there sometimes under the name Longk .... Maybe there are others ?

Sue I have written some instructions under your last post on GC explaining how to upload photos.
They do not need resizing :)

Well Bella has discovered I am awake and wants some biscuits lol so I'll put a few for her and then try to get some sleep :)

8 Mar, 2022


It looks like to add photos you have to upload to a hosting site & then post a link to it

Not ideal, it would have been OK when photobucket, Flickr etc had free space but that's not an option now

I'll have a tinker, I see there is a section named "Gallery" where you can add your own pics, maybe upload to there & link to the image URL?

I'll have a fiddle around and come back later

8 Mar, 2022


No, you upload them from your computer in the way I've described in a comment on GC.

Click 'Upload file'
You'll see the photos on your computer,
Choose the photo you want and click open
The photo automatically downloads and ou'll see a thumb nail of it.
Click 'Full Immage' and it will appear in the text.

8 Mar, 2022


That's if you are adding photo in the Forum, I'm talking about adding photo in the blog section

Create a gallery for your images.

Take care with the tick boxes in images, you may want to restrict who can add or download your images

I have restricted to me or registered users for some

Upload images to your gallery

Create your blog

When you want to insert one of your images return to gallery, it may be handy to have seperate "tabs" open in your browser here

Go to image you want to insert, open in full, at bottom right is a square with a curly arrow, hovering tells you "share with friends", click it

This brings up a white pop up box, "share via" with a list of options and icons

You need the bottom option
Copy and paste the code below (BBCode):

There is a box below this heading, just copy this code [highlight & press Control C]

Back to blog, click on insert image icon, same as GOY, paste your copied URL intot he space, check on preview, job done

Here's one I did earlier, blog's not complete but trying out the method

8 Mar, 2022


I've never written a blog and I don't think many people look at them. It's better to start a new thread in one of the topics or add photos to an existing thread.

8 Mar, 2022


Hywel in other words I could have asked for help in the early hours of this morning, lol, I am a nightowl as I can never sleep until its nearly time to get up, been like that for donkeys years, got worse when I lost Cathy....
I have answered you on the thread, sorry I called you Hywel, it came naturally to do that after all these years, I answered Shiney as well , told him I didn't know how to delete and had alert almost immediately to say he'd deleted it upon request, Phew !!!! they've gone now and I can stop feeling so embarrassed, hows that for speed ...
Forgot to say, I do remember Meanie, I spotted him the first time I went on, also Lori is on there, well should say I'm sure its her, haven't seen her on here for a long time but we keep in touch on FB ...

8 Mar, 2022


Do you mean 'CanadianLori' ? She isn't the same as GoY Lori ... it must be a popular name in Canada :D
GoY Lori is a 'friend' on facebook.

I get periods of insomnia Sue and then periods where I sleep a lot and seem to catch up ... but those come less often these days.

Shiny is one of the 'main' people on there, I think he can do a lot of techi things, and a few others as well ... ones that seem to have been on it since the dawn of time.

8 Mar, 2022


Oh thanks Hywel.. Weird sleeping hours don't bother me during the winter, especially the last two, wasn't wise to go anywhere so didn't matter if I was later rising...., I reckon it comes with age... I think I've managed to add some pics into my gallery correctly....

8 Mar, 2022


Thanks Hywel! That was very helpful! I will keep this blog to double check on it if I forget what to do! Which I probably will! Haha!

8 Mar, 2022


I've posted on both forums today. I go by the name of Balc in one & Balc2 in the other! Not very original but at least it makes it easier to know who I am!

8 Mar, 2022

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