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Early summer 2023


By hywel


My garden has become quite overgrown in parts, but some bits are rather colourful in spite of being a dense tangle of vegetation.

I’ve engaged some help to try and sort it out but it would be a pitty to chop all these flowers away so these areas will have to wait until the autumn :-

Some plants, although very pretty, spread like weeds and I have to keep pulling them out – notably Linaria and Filipendula …

Linaria :-

Filipendula :-

Clematises growing wild – Madam Julia Corrivon :-

Ox-eye Daisies have spread from the surrounding hedgerows and form clumps in odd corners.
I leave them alone, they look pretty and natural …

I have a few summer pots on top of a wall, to try and make it look a bit tidier :)
although I don’t know how successful this has been !

Isn’t the weather hot ! We haven’t had rain since beginning of May.
That’s very unusual here, and although it’s nice for a while, I find it can be opressive after so many weeks.
I think I would enjoy a rainy day now.
… just ‘one’ though :)

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Sorry Hywel, don’t know what happened there, but I just wanted to say that your garden is looking really beautiful, you are doing a wonderful job there.

13 Jun, 2023


Hywel your garden looks amazing really colourful and such a variety of plants - we had rain last night - a thunderstorm full pelt for about 30 mins - both rain and powerful winds - I have been tying up casualties this morning and sweeping up pine needles my Patties Plum poppy was flattened so I have staked it up hopefully it will recover I had a white poppy last year but it has not made an appearance this year - maybe later

13 Jun, 2023


I think all your garden looks beautiful Hywel, you have lots of colour and I love your pots also.

13 Jun, 2023


A jolly, cottagey assortment there, Hywel. Looking lovely! I agree about the linaria. We have many seedlings of the purple sort and I pull them out here and there. The bees adore them, don't they?

13 Jun, 2023


garden is looking lovely Hywel. We've not had rain here either and like you I'd love a rainy day or two. Or better still over night. Camelot springs to mind.

13 Jun, 2023


Your garden looks magnificent, Hywel! 👍I love your "cottage garden" reminds me a little of our balcony! 😆

13 Jun, 2023


All looking wonderful Hywel … I do hope you have a rainy day soon - that’s a lot of plants to care for!

13 Jun, 2023


Its lovely Hywel - you really do have the gift of making it look casual and relaxed but special at the same time. Wish I could do that...

13 Jun, 2023


It is huge collection of plants you are taking care of, Hywel.
You got my admiration.

14 Jun, 2023


Thanks for all your comments. It is really very overgrown, but colourful too :)

14 Jun, 2023


I love your garden Hywel and it looks wonderful. So much colour and variety in all your lovely plants.
I agree with you about the weather becoming oppressive now and I too long for some lovely, fresh rain. We are on a hose pipe ban and keeping everything going is very hard work!!!

14 Jun, 2023


Thanks Chris, I never water the ground, but have had to water my Astilbies this year, they are wilting.

15 Jun, 2023


Hywel, your garden is looking fine to me, so much colour to admire.

We have had no rain for a very long time, but I believe some is forecast for Sunday which the Hydrangeas will appreciate as their leaves are drooping now.

We even saw a Fox drinking from the garden water bowl last night!

15 Jun, 2023


I went to do some watering in the church gardens on Thursday & the Calendulas I planted a few weeks ago were wilting - at 10am!!!

16 Jun, 2023

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