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Painted walls


By hywel


I’ve been painting the walls inside my greenhouse.
First of all I gave them a coat of white paint from an old tin, as a way of sizing the bricks.
Then I thought teracotta would be a nice deserty colour for my cacti, but after painting it on one wall I thought it was rather dark so I painted the long wall in sandstone.

Only cacti and some Euphorbias are in the greenhouse now – I took the other succulents to a perspex shelter, because it was too cramped with them all in the greenhouse.

Going around in a clockwise direction, starting behind the door …

Epiphytic cacti in hanging baskets …

I left the lower parts of the walls and the walls under the windows white, because it’s light and I thought it would help me see things better, especially under the stagings.
You can see it here under the hanging Epiphytes …
(I’ll have to paint the ‘join’ straighter one day !)

Euphorbias …

Still going around and more epiphytes hanging up,
and cacti by the side window …

Back at the door …

Long view looking in through the side window …

I painted the floor slate grey :)

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all looks wonderful, worth the upheaval to have it done. I agree all terracotta would have been a bit much. especially if the plants are in terracotta.

27 Jun, 2023


Great achievement Hywel 🙂.

27 Jun, 2023


I agree, worth all the hard work, looks lovely.

27 Jun, 2023


What a huge display of Cacti/succulents set off beautifully by the painted walls

27 Jun, 2023


It looks very inviting, Hywel, and I like the different wall textures and colour choices. What a wonderful collection you have. It must take real dedication to keep up with it all. I'm full of admiration!

27 Jun, 2023


Hywel, definitely an apt colour! It feels quite Mexican in style, with the fab collection of cacti! You’ve amassed a real sizeable amount. The penultimate pic really does show everything off perfectly.

27 Jun, 2023


Great collection Hywel. How do you heat it in winter? Just wondering what is the smooth one in the middle of the sixth picture?

28 Jun, 2023


Thanks for all your comments.

Steragram I put a heater in there on very cold nights.
I can't see a smooth one in the 6th picture but in the middle of the 4th picture there's a smooth one called Myrtillocactus geometrizans. It actually has small spines spaced out along the ribs.
I will take a closer photo for you.

28 Jun, 2023


Plants all looking good Hywel
you've worked hard painting the walls..
maybe add your own artwork on one area of the wall ?
A drawing of a desert landscape ? x

29 Jun, 2023


My word, Hywel, I knew you had a Cacti collection but had not realised quite how many! Well done for making the area so attractive.

29 Jun, 2023


Thank you all for your comments.

I nearly painted over the teracotta colour Klahanie but left it to see if I liked it, and it's fine on one wall :)

A mural TT, what a good idea :) x

Shirley I have so many because I've been collecting them for many years :) and can't stop lol

30 Jun, 2023


Hywel, there's no reason why you should stop either! Well, not until you run out of space for them ... :o)

30 Jun, 2023


I can always find more space for them Shirley :D

30 Jun, 2023



30 Jun, 2023

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