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A rainbow and Lewisias


By hywel


A bit of a mixed blog here :D
I saw this wonderful rainbow through my back patio doors a few days ago,
and if you look carefully you can see a second feinter one above it

You’ll have to excuse my shorts and the old dust sheet on the line, I didn’t have time to take them in before the rain started. You’ll have to pretend they’re not there.
(The dust sheet is from when I had my bathroom painted last week)

In our local Home Bargains there’s a garden centre at the back, and unlike many stores their plants are well cared for. They sometimes have some rather unusual things there too.

I bought some Lewisias there recently and they are flowering. Some are in a hanging basket in my greenhouse and some are in pots.

And in this Home Bargains there’s also a nice cafe where you can get a latte in a large mug and a slice of Victoria sponge for only £2.98 … now that’s good value :)

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I also like B&M Hywel. I can never get Lewisia to over winter despite following instructions i the books. Like the peachy pink one in particular.

Had a couple of thunderstorms today followed by heavenly rainbows. But cant remember where I have left my camera. :(

26 Aug, 2023


They do look to be healthy plants Hywel, very pretty flower. Yes great value, coffee AND cake for that price!

26 Aug, 2023


You found some really nice Lewisias there and the cafe sounds so reasonable. Coffee and cake in a cafe these days is usually a lot more expensive than that!!
Hope you call again soon!

27 Aug, 2023


Thank you all for reading my blog :)

I've never had any success with Lewisias in the past so we'll see how they survive the winter.

I like B&M too Seaburngirl but they don't seem to have such good plants as Home Bargains, they're not as well looked after.

I go there often Wildrose, it's a change from being alone in the house, and there's always a service with a smile :)

27 Aug, 2023


I agree with everyone Hywel! That was definitely a good bargain for your coffee and cake!
I love Lewisias but never have much luck with them.
Yours look very healthy.

27 Aug, 2023


Lovely blog. Hywel. Smashing sky and rainbow..Great contrast there.
I've tried Lewisia on the rockery in the past. Seemed to do fairly well for the first few years. The flowers are so pretty aren't they!

27 Aug, 2023


Your Lewisias are fantastic, Hywel! 👍 The rainbows look magnificent, too! 👍

27 Aug, 2023


I didn’t notice your washing until you pointed it out. I was too focused on the rainbows. As the others said that’s very good value for coffee & cake, it would easily be double in this area. Never heard of Home Bargains, so can’t pop out to one. I like the Lewisias you bought. I hope they do well for you.

27 Aug, 2023


I actually meant Home Bargains, haha I agree about B&M, great if you get to them in the first few days.

28 Aug, 2023


Hywel, B&M sell the huge bag of Sunflower Hearts that we feed our garden birds with at a much lower price than anywhere else around.

Those Lewisias are very pretty. Enjoy your B.H. Monday ... :o)

28 Aug, 2023


Hello Hywel - beautiful rainbow you were really privileged to get such a good shot and with lots of background interest !- we have a Home Bargains but not with a cafe so no tea and cake for us - Lewisias are very pretty but dont seem to do that well in our garden - have a good week - Jane

29 Aug, 2023


Had never heard of Home Bargains till you mentioned them, Hywel!

30 Aug, 2023


Home Bargains isn't posh enough for England :)

30 Aug, 2023


Hywel, they have stores in Bognor, Chichester and Portsmouth in our area! :o))

30 Aug, 2023


You can't be living in a posh area Shirley :D
the same as me !

31 Aug, 2023


Hywel, that's true! :o))

31 Aug, 2023



31 Aug, 2023


we have 3/4 in our area and Beverley our nearest town was voted as one of the best places to live. though not 'posh' it is very nice. haha

1 Sep, 2023


That's up north though ... not the same :)

2 Sep, 2023


Lovely photographs Hywel, Lewisia is another that never thrives for me though I dolike them, I've had similar washing in the last couple of weeks, lol, all clean ready for the next painting stint, too nice at the moment to stay indoors so its on hold again.....
I visited Home Bargains for the first time last week, had to go over to Peterborough though, our town is for the rich people and tourists, much too posh to allow those stores down in the town, we're expected to support our local businesses but honestly no way can most of us ordinary folk afford the prices, mind you we do have six large supermarkets to choose from for groceries and household goods,I dislike shopping anyway so only go when I have to......

6 Sep, 2023


It appears there is a Home Bargains shop less than 10 miles from me! There are also 20 of them within about a 40 mile radius of Huntingdon! The easiest one to get to would probably be in Peterborough as we don't drive & have to use public transport & there in a train every 3 mins to Peterborough.

I had a brief glance at their webpage & it doesn't look dissimilar to Wilkos or B&M!

7 Sep, 2023


The towns around here are quite run down Sue, most wealthy people in Wales live in Cardiff.

Yes Balcony it is a similar shop to B&M etc.

8 Sep, 2023

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