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Lots of tidying ...


By hywel


Leading on from last blog – the border along where my new trellises are was badly in need of tidying, so I took advantage of the nice weather and got down to it.

I want the path wider so you can see some ‘loose’ slabs where there were once plants. The long bean stick is where the new path edge will be.
The slabs need cleaning too so I must get my pressure washer out.

You can see in the last photo, the bottom of the border where the cold frame is still needs tidying, but next year I am going to have decking there.

The area before the trellises was also in a mess so I’ve tidied it, and replanted some things in different positions. It’s better now and will look nicer next summer.

The edge is still to do, but needs something better there than those broken bits.

On the opposite side of the garden, facing the new trellises, there are other trellises and I’ve done a lot of cutting back and tidying the plants on them too.

The next bit along is still to do …

But I don’t know when because I need a break from it now, and the Fuchsias are so full of flowers I don’t really want to cut them off :D

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wow you have been busy. Improvements all the time Hywel. I agree the fuchsia is too nice to do anything with. enjoy it while you rest up a bit before cracking on with the next bit.

10 Oct, 2023


Wow Hywel, you have been busy ! It will be much better and safer for you having a wider path too.
You still have a lot to do, but just take your time and rest inbetween. I am sure it will look good when it is all finished.

10 Oct, 2023


Yes, a lot of work. Hopefully those smart new trellises lift your spirits as you’re working 🙂.

10 Oct, 2023


You are doing a sterling job on your garden, Hywel! The new trellis panels make the garden look very much neater & you will be able to see your plants better & the flowers as well! 👍

10 Oct, 2023


always looks nice your garden Hywel. Have Thurs off to do mine finally. Your trellis is very nice we could do with some too.

11 Oct, 2023


The hard work continues, Hywel, it’s all looking really good! The new trellis panels add to the backdrop nicely. I agree, have a rest and a breather to plan your next step. The fuchsias look too pretty to prune just yet.

11 Oct, 2023


Clearing out and reorganising: something must be in the air, Hywel, so many of us doing it! But it's very satisfying to do and your results are impressive.

13 Oct, 2023


Sterling work Hywel! Those new trellis really are beautiful, like a work of art in your garden..:) All.looks really tidy now, just the last bit to sort. My fuchsia is the same, stunning right now, I'm leaving it as long as I can!

17 Oct, 2023


I agree with Janey that reorganising is a very satisfying thing to do. I bet you enjoyed being out there with a project to get on with, tho’ one does have to be careful not to overdo it. It’s all coming together nicely. I’m sure it will look great next year.(I like the cat ornament in the corner).

25 Oct, 2023


Like Janey says, Hywel, your Fuchsia looks stunning!

With the cooler, damper weather, my Fuchsias are flowering very well now, too! I even took some cutting to put in water to root. Once rooted & potted up they will stay in the kitchen during the winter, a sort of insurance policy you could call it!

26 Oct, 2023

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