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The Little Pottery Man


By hywel


There once was a little pottery man
All alone and sad.
His Mamy and Dady had gone away,
And he was feeling bad.

All alone in a big empty house
He thought he’d never survive.
But soon he found he was on his way
To a place where he could stay alive.

The residents of the new garden did cry
All in one accord
“We hope he is going to join in and play
Our games, and not get bored.”

The pottery man was afraid at first.
He didn’t know what he’d see.

The rabbits were wary

The cat – she was scary !

The frog didn’t jump with glee

But soon they all gathered together as friends,
And welcomed him in to their fold.
“Come on little man, We are glad that you’re here.
You can stay with us till you are old”

This is the story of the little pottery man I found crying on a shelf in an empty house not many miles from here :o))

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Wonderful ode to a great little man...!
I'm sure he'll stay with you as long as he can ! :o)

21 Feb, 2010


Hywel, I smiled all the way through your brilliant blog ! Well done.

21 Feb, 2010


Love it Hywel........
you made me smile
on this wet and dreary day
i hope he stays
to brighten your days
it makes it all,worthwhile.....

i think he he he
he maybe
a little flowerpot man
hed better hide
away inside
or TT will catch him
if she can...... : O )))

21 Feb, 2010


TT already caught the man,,,,
She had a very special plan....
Now he can be seen by all the media...
On the FPP page of the GoYpedia ! :o)

21 Feb, 2010


lol TT i thouught you would
have a cunning plan
but its great
for all to see
that lovely little man.....

21 Feb, 2010



21 Feb, 2010


LOL ! :D

The litle man is very pleased
To have so many friends.
He'll stay with me and happy he'll be.
To all, his love he sends.


21 Feb, 2010


Ah it's not fair - you're all brilliant - it's at times like this I wish I was good at poetry !!!!

21 Feb, 2010


Hi there little boy,
You bring so much joy
My hearts gone all of a flutter,

Can`t hear if you mutter,
Don`t speak with a stutter,
Be brave and Welcome To Goy......

Hywel he`s lovely I`d kidnap him myself if I could. lol......

21 Feb, 2010


The little pottery man looks happy as can be surrounded by his friends. Great blog Hywel. :o)

21 Feb, 2010


lucky little man you are,
to find a home and not to far,
lots of friend with you now i see,
how very happy you will be,
hywel and blodyn to keep you safe,
enjoy your happy new place.
lovely blog hywel, enjoyed reading and pics :o) xx

21 Feb, 2010


love it hywell,sorry im no poet :o)))

21 Feb, 2010


Thanks for all your comments and verses :o)

21 Feb, 2010


Hywel that was a lovely story :o) I'm glad lpm is now safe with you and your cute chums :o)

22 Feb, 2010


What a Brill Poem :) Im glad the Little Pottery Man is Safe&Happy now Hywel :) x

22 Feb, 2010


I found him in my mother's house when we were clearing it out last week

I'm happy you all enjoyed my little poem :o)

22 Feb, 2010


That was a nice cheery poem and pics to see this morning,Hywel.Well done.I am not good at poetry either,but its nice to see lots of others are :o))

22 Feb, 2010


he looks a lovely little chap-- maybe he'll keep the 'pesky fpp' undercontrol ;0)

22 Feb, 2010


That was a brilliant poem you had me smiling all the way through it can't answer you back with a poem as not any good at it, but i loved yours and so pleased he will be happy with all his new friends :o))

22 Feb, 2010


Absolutely brilliant poem, Hywel! And lovely pics... I'm happy the little man has found his new home and so many kind friends! :)

22 Feb, 2010


Thanks to everyone for their comments :o)

23 Feb, 2010


Really enjoyed the pics and verse Hywel, but I`m sure !

The Pottery man thought
I know I`ve been caught
but please can you give me a name.

I`m sure you would welcome suggestions?

25 Feb, 2010


Do you have a suggestion Stroller ? :o)

25 Feb, 2010


are you sure its a little man as I would have said 'Hattie' ;0)

25 Feb, 2010


She could be a lady I suppose. I didn't ask .
Hattie she is then :D

25 Feb, 2010


I liked her hat! :0)

26 Feb, 2010


It will keep the sun from her eyes when we get a heatwave lol

26 Feb, 2010


Sorry Hywel, I didn`t but I think Pams `Hattie` is fine.

26 Feb, 2010


Glad you like it Stroller :o))

26 Feb, 2010


What a heart warming story Hywel :-)

His sweet little face has won my heart,
'though I know he's a flowerpot boy.
His new animal friends will soon make amends
For his old sadness....and so will Goy:-)

28 Feb, 2010


Thank you

28 Feb, 2010

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