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I first joined this site in April 2008, but rejoined with my present username in 2009.

In my garden have lots of shrubs climbers and hardy perennials,
I also enjoy growing cacti succulents and Fuchsias.

My garden faces west so we get lots of warm summer afternoons and evenings. However in winter hardly any sun reaches my garden.

I have a small front garden which faces east and gets the summer sun from 6 a.m. until 1 p.m. so it can become very hot there in the mornings ...
and I have a small flower bed at the bottom of the garden, next to a little windy road.
When I am there I enjoy having chats with passers by and people walking their dogs etc.
I have often given away cuttings and exchanged information with fellow gardeners who walk/drive past there.

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  • Cotoneaster
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  • Autumn leaves of Weigela
  • Overgrown garden in November ...

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Joined in Nov 2009

Country: Wales

County: Carmarthenshire