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An easy day planting things! (I wish)


After yesterdays marathon dig I decided I would have a nice easy day planting a few veggies seedlings I had prepared for my allotment (Which has been handed back now)
As you know I don’t really have anywhere prepared for growing but I did lay weed membrane over a large area after I had cut the grass down.

So I cut a cross in it……..

folded the corners back …….

Then using my (I’m not sure of it’s proper name) plug cutter I dug a four inch plug of soil, grass and all…….

Then using a weed rooter I loosened the soil around the edges (to stop any ‘pan’ from forming!)

and finally the seedling went in.

After turning back the corners you can see I have planted the cucumbers on little mounds. (This helps water to run away from the plant and reduces the risk of stem rot and mildew!)

I did the same for courgettes

and tomatoes (Money maker here)

Well that wasn’t bad and very enjoyable I might add.
The hard part comes after lunch when I decided that our grape vine needed to stretch it’s legs after being cooped up in a pot since birth!

A nice south (ish) facing wall will help it along it’s way so that’s where I decided it should go!

Here, in fact.

So I cleared away the gravel, and more gravel and then dug out the hard core and about six inches of builders sand

Which left me with a big hole and not a lot to fill it with.
I had a dig around at the top of the garden and despite the previously reported stone, footpaths and assorted bricks the soil here isn’t half bad!

It took a whole barrow full to refill that hole, after which I plonked the vine on top and decided to put the first of those sandstones to use.

I back filled with more of the good stuff and then used pebbles and some of the grit to finish it off

I have a feeling this little raised bed is going to grow in the near future so I havn’t concreted it in………. yet

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That was a fabulous idea, Ian! The vine should feel happy in its new home & so should you in yours! A very neat idea I must say!

7 Jun, 2010


Thanks Balcony, we are settling in nicely now.

7 Jun, 2010


nice to put down, or in this case, roots. :o)

7 Jun, 2010


Love your blogs Ian! I like the step by step with photo's :o)

7 Jun, 2010


i like what you did with the stone and love the photos

8 Jun, 2010


wow digs ive just had a look at your old blogs,how big is your garden its bloody massive,take care,chris

8 Jun, 2010


This is a very uplifting blog from you Ian, your previous one exhausted me just from reading it ! Rain has stopped play down here today, how about you ?

8 Jun, 2010


SBG, I'm putting down AND lifting roots at the same time! Lol

Hi Nic, I do get a bit carried away sometimes!

Thanks Chris, the garden is eighty plus feet long and about forty five feet wide!

Shirley, thankfully the rain has stopped play here as well! Lol. I get a day off after all, mind you Carol has plans for me indoors!

8 Jun, 2010


Well done - not as much work as the previous day, and you're having a rest...said she hopefully! lol. (Depending on what Carol asks you to do, naturally!)

8 Jun, 2010


Hi Spritz, her ladyship has me re-organising bedrooms at the minute. I've just escaped for ten minutes while I eat a sandwich and then it's back to it! Don't tell her I said this but I would much rather be in the garden digging rocks out, at least they don't keep changing their minds! Lol

You've got to love 'em, it's to expensive to divorce them! Lol

8 Jun, 2010


Ooohhh!! Ian - I'll tell Carol you said that! Tsk, tsk!

8 Jun, 2010


Lol, Noooooooooooo ;~))

8 Jun, 2010


So watch it, Mr Digs! Tsk, tsk.

I'm sending you a PM.....

8 Jun, 2010


Great blog again Ian, and wonderful photo step by step instructions too! Is that Spritz getting you into trouble? lol :~))

8 Jun, 2010


OK Spritz I'll go and have a look.

Thanks Floribunda, that Spritz is always giving me strife! Lol

8 Jun, 2010


Boo-hoo! I'm going. Bye!

8 Jun, 2010


Well done and you deserved a easier day

8 Jun, 2010


Noooo Spritz, please don't go........... Spritz? ................ Spritz, are you there?

Hi Carol and thank you. :~))

8 Jun, 2010


I 'did' go - because I didn't get a reply to the PM....Hmmmph!

I'm back now - so where are you?

8 Jun, 2010


I've replied, I have, I have! I didn't have much time earlier!

8 Jun, 2010


Hello Ian, what's a "pan" please?
I've missed your contributions on here lately, it's all got a bit serious, or maybe that's just my impression?

21 Jun, 2010


Hi weeding,
A pan is formed when the soil around a freshly dug hole gets compacted (usually at the bottom) and water can not drain away properly making it difficult for new roots to establish..

I have to admit to neglecting my friends here on GoY for a while as I have been sooooo busy sorting out the new place and garden etc.

22 Jun, 2010

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