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Another day working on the patio!


Digging the flower borders

Well, given that I had to wait in for FedEx to deliver some more wire mesh for my soil sifter, I decided to have another go at digging the borders around the new patio!

Just to re-cap…….

How it looked before I started……

Half way through….

and starting to dig the borders (with help)

Well I finished that one side and not being a greedy type I left the rest for another day! Lol


Just to be different I have made the following video as a stop motion video.

I must say I’m not responsible for the music this time and it ends short!

Click here to view patio border being dug

Please let me know what you think of these videos, whether you think they are a good idea or not.


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Right, Ian, I'm exhausted just thinking about that 2 hours spent clearing away so much builders' rubble etc.! Two points, firstly, please wear sturdier shoes or boots, I shudder at the thought of something heavy landing on your feet, secondly, towards the end of the video there is what looks like a red cable near your left foot ! Please tell me it's NOT a cable. . . . . .videos are very entertaniing ... look forward to the next instalment Is Shirley chicken behaving herself ? Lol ! : o )))

5 Aug, 2010


Hi Shirley,

Two points. Lol, firstly, those shoes have velcro fasteners and seeing as I still don't have the dexterity in my fingers to tie laces I'm stuck with them.

Secondly, it was a red cable. Or rather a piece of red cable that the numpties that lived here before us had buried along with all the other rubbish!

Thanks for the vote in favour of my videos, I wasn't sure if people liked watching videos or would rather have photos!

Oh Yes, Shirley chicken is doing fine and is the one who's bottom you can see in the photo! Lol :~)))

5 Aug, 2010


LOL - wish I hadn't asked about Shirley chicken now - ok you stick with the Velcro shoes (pun intended) but be very careful. : o )))

5 Aug, 2010


Lol Shirley, I've "stuck" with them for years now, they're soooo comfy but I do understand what you mean and I'm grateful for your concern.

I first started wearing them when I was lorry driving (to many years ago) Lol

5 Aug, 2010


Videos are a great diversion Ian ... or they would be if mine didn't buffer so much! By the time I've watched it you've made the next one!

5 Aug, 2010


I like your videos Ian, it is nice to see the progress you are making in your garden.

5 Aug, 2010


Oh dear Fluff, shall I send you each one in advance? Lol

Thanks Mavis, I've got to admit I am enjoying myself with them.
My next trick is producing the music to go with them! ! !

5 Aug, 2010


Ian, please think of us mountain rednecks who haven't got magical Broadband yet! We're still on 'dial up' and the snails' pace drives us mad but until the telephone company get their act together then like you with your shoes - we're 'stuck' with it! I love your blogs and would love to see more 'hard copies' so to speak. :o)

6 Aug, 2010


I enjoyed your videos Ian, but would prefer them without the "music". It seems to accompany everything on telly these days, often inappropriately, and drives me bonkers.
I think it must be very clever to make them and then transfer them to your computer, thats amazing. Its a really good way to illustrate things. Thank you.

6 Aug, 2010


Thank you both.

Oh Nariz, I'm sorry to hear you're still on dial up so for you I will include as many photos as possible in future.

Hi Mad, there's nothing clever about my videos (or rather me! Lol) I use a lot of software to make them look good Lol.
I'd never thought about the music, I guess I've just copied what I see/hear on TV and the 'net! I use it to cover inadvertent sounds/words that may otherwise offend those of a more delicate nature! Lol

6 Aug, 2010


You could always download appropriate songs Digger ... such as 'Wiggle it, just a little bit' ... or 'I never promised you a rose garden'! Lol!!

7 Aug, 2010


Lol Fluff :~))

7 Aug, 2010


I love the videos, Ian, and wouldn't it have been nice if that border really could be dug that admiration for you overflows! :~))

12 Aug, 2010


Thanks Flori, I wish I could dig that fast. I'd have the garden done in no time! Lol

12 Aug, 2010


Wouldn't we all?lol. Totally entertaining, You have really made me chuckle over your blogs my friend. Mr Spielberg, Ian will be stealing your crown before too long at this rate...hahaha :~))

12 Aug, 2010


Lol Flori :~)))
I don't think Spielberg has much to worry about .............. YET!

12 Aug, 2010


Lol, it's only a matter of time, Ian, I hear he's quaking in his boots already!

12 Aug, 2010


Lol :~)))))

13 Aug, 2010

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