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Strange things keep happening in our new home!


You know when you first move into a place things always seem to be a bit ……………..well weird, for want of a better word!. You know what I mean, you can never find your keys, there are strange noises at night, that sort of thing.

Well, we’ve been here for three or four months now and there are just some things we can’t explain, like when we get up in the morning and the back door is stood wide open and you know for a fact it was locked and bolted the night before. (Holly got the blame for that even though she was adamant she hadn’t opened it.)

I regularly go for the car keys and they aren’t there, even when Carol is sure she hung them on the hook.

We were sitting one evening, Carol was watching TV and I was on my PC, when a photo (In a heavy solid silver frame) “fell” off the side of the TV unit!

We regularly “hear” noises or voices when we’re up and we always think it was the other one of us shouting.

Last night I was recording an intro for another tutorial (all about using YouTube to upload videos to my site!) when I got a cold shiver run right through me. As you can see from this video I didn’t think much of it at the time, it wasn’t until I was editing the out takes earlier tonight that I saw something!

Watch this and see for yourself

What do we do now? Do we stay here, or try and get the council to give us another, purpose built, rare as rocking horse ………. errr, wheelchair friendly bungalow?

Ian xx

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I admit it looks strange, but I'm the biggest cynic around. There just HAS to be some logical explanation for 'strange' happenings. (....she said, glancing out into the dark garden .......)

3 Oct, 2010


I tell you what, Nariz, You come and live here for a week or so and then tell me you're still a cynic!

I kept saying "it's just noises we're not used to" and "I bet Holly has moved .............." (whatever it was that was missing) but after seeing this? ..............I'm not so sure any more.

I honestly just felt a cold shiver and then carried on. (you can see that in the video) It wasn't until I was editing the footage for the tutorial that I saw ........... whatever it was I saw!

3 Oct, 2010


Just watched it again Ian, spooky or what .Have you asked your neigbours if they know anything about it.?

3 Oct, 2010


Spooky jeepers Ian ... keep a record of every incident? I suppose it would depend on if it starts to scare you/Carol/Holly as to whether you have to move.

3 Oct, 2010


Get your local vicar/priest to pop in and say a few prayers, it might help???

3 Oct, 2010


Rather spooked by this...must be fun (not!!) being there on the receiving end, Ian. Grandmage made a helpful suggestion....or if you have the faith to do it yourself....ask them to leave and then invoke a blessing on your home. I know it sounds strange but I've done that room-by-room in our homes.

You're the boss and rightful occupier of your space. Hope Carol & Holly are coping with the strange happenings.

3 Oct, 2010


I'm not usually a "scaredy" type of person, I don't have nightmares after watching horror movies, but seeing it in front of me on the screen kind of knocked the wind out of my sails a bit.

As I said, it's only been little things in the past (annoying rather than scary) so I intend to ask the neighbours about the previous tenants today and then we'll know a little more!

3 Oct, 2010


I agree with Grandmage's suggestion too Ian. There is definitely something in this sort of thing and after watching the video clip I must say I felt rather spooked too! Even my husband (normally a real sceptic!) didn't know what to say.
Good luck and keep us in the picture as to what the neighbours/past tenants say. These "illegal occupiers" have to obey when told to take a hike! Prayer is powerful!!

3 Oct, 2010


Well, you can cancel your kind invitation to come and visit you, Ian. LOL.

I hope it's a friendly 'presence'. I should have a quiet 'word' and ask it to close the door after it.

3 Oct, 2010


Thats spooky Ian........

3 Oct, 2010


I spoke to our neighbour today but she wasn't very forth coming with any information! She did say he was a loner with some very strange ideas!
Other than that I've drawn a blank so far. I'll catch the other side neighbour tomorrow when they come back, (they go away most weekends).

3 Oct, 2010


First, Ian, assuming you're not having a laugh and trying to wind us all up, when you viewed the place before accepting it, did you not feel anything as you walked around? I have looked at a couple of houses over the years where I picked up something not right and wouldn't even consider moving in.
Secondly, I'd be inclined to get the church involved if you can - I'm not religious in that way, but they do have their uses in these circumstances. I'd also be checking out the history of the place...

3 Oct, 2010


I must say that when we did view the place it did 'feel' cold but we put it down to it being empty and unused. I'm not at all freaked out by the paranormal, or maybe I'm just thick skinned?

I certainly want to get some answers about previous tenants and then possibly decide what we have to do.

Perhaps I can just have a word with 'it' (if there is an 'it') and ask it to leave?

3 Oct, 2010


Ian you have a little girl to consider first in all this? Try to keep it in perspective surely you dont want to scare her? especially as being rehoused (if it happens at all) could take some considerable time. The door opening is something I know is well documented in families perhaps your GP may be of help?

3 Oct, 2010


Hi Drc,

Holly and Carol are always my number one thought in all things. (as I'm sure it is with everyone else). As long as nothing happens to them we will be fine.

I'm not sure what you mean about our GP?

3 Oct, 2010


Well Ian, all seems very odd unless it's a problem with the camera, but all the other things do seem a bit strange. I'm the worlds biggest non-believer when it comes to these things but my sister and brother-in-law have lived for many years in a very old fishermans cottage on the cliffs in the Isle of Wight. It is traditionally haunted as apparently someone died there in nasty circumstances many moons ago. We thought this was just an old tale until one time they had two small grandsons to stay and one morning they rushed down the stairs to ask their Grandmother who the old man was who was sitting on their bed. It wasn't their Grandfather as he was downstairs and there was no-one else in the house, they described his clothes and everything and were too young to be having a joke as they were quite frightened, however we all thought it was hilarious until my brother-in-law got out of bed one night to go to the bathroom and met a little old lady in a long black dress coming towards him along the landing, she walked past him and then disappeared and no he doesn't drink. She was dressed in the clothes of the time this person would have died. It is like everything else really, if you have never seen something you are not sure whether to believe in it or not.
How old is your house Ian?, if it is very old it will have all kinds of history, but even if it is fairly modern it will still have some. We once looked at a house built in the thirties which was supposed to be haunted by someone who had died in a very bad accident, it had a most peculiar feel to it, needless to say we didn't buy it, but the next person who did also died in tragic circumstances. So I'm not sure if it is coincidence or what, but delve into the history of your house. Sorry didn't mean to spook you and especially not Holly. Hope you discover what is causing your problems.

4 Oct, 2010


I managed to catch M. (our other side neighbour) this morning and she has been much more helpful in my 'quest' to find out the history of our little bungalow.

As most of you know our bungalow was purpose built to accommodate families with disabled members (sometime in the 50's) M. has lived next door for 35 years and she says everyone who has lived here (6 or 7 tenants) has left "feet first" if you know what I mean?

The last tenant seems to have been "a little peculiar" to say the least. He was a single "loner" who used to use the ouija board to contact spirits. He was regularly heard talking and arguing with himself (in the garden) and often woke M. and her hubby up "chanting and singing late at night".

This kind of matches up with something we found when we stripped the wall paper off our bedroom. There were faint marks of what we (laughingly) said had been a pentangle painted on the wall!

Whatever happened on that video creeped me out a little but I'm not a "running away" type of person so I don't think we will be applying for a transfer any time soon.

Bearing in mind that it took us 5 years of arguing, "high level" meetings with the housing management and visits to our MP to get this place I think it would take a small war to get our council to agree to a move anyway.

I think it would be hypocritical of me to turn to religion to sort this out for me as I'm not a regular in church, chapel or other place of worship. The way I see it is, this "spirit/ghost/whatever (If it wasn't just a coincidence or computer hiccup) used to be a human and as I don't fear any human alive then I won't fear any person who isn't!

I will however keep an eye out for anything else that I can catch on camera (my new camera has a motion detection feature) and will post anything that happens!

4 Oct, 2010


This is good have every right to your home and needn't fear. You seem a happy and well adjusted family and you'll find blessings to be found there. It's great that your MP took your case on board and fought on your behalf for this bungalow.

I wish you well.

4 Oct, 2010


Thank you Whistonlass,

We have bigger problems in our lives than this to worry about and if being wheelchair bound for 50% of the time doesn't get me down then I'm sure this won't either.

Carol, by the way, is chair bound for 99% of the time but that doesn't bother us either. We just get on with our lives and enjoy life. xx

4 Oct, 2010


Wonderful....I like your spirit...a lot. xx I've seen photos of Carol in the garden and she does a great job of getting mucked in to jobs there. You're to be admired for your strength of character....Keep well :)

4 Oct, 2010


Thank you again WL.

We do our garden to give us a little bit of exercise (and we can always stop if we need to! ~Lol.)

Up until this year we used to go on camping holidays as well! That brought a few "looks" when the first thing we got out of the car was our scooters. :-0

4 Oct, 2010


Your scooters will be a you independence.....I bet Holly snags a lift sometimes too! lol

It's great that you have a garden space and your living is all on one level...made for you I'd say :)

4 Oct, 2010


Absolutely WL, we would be proper stuck without our "wheels" and yes Holly always snags lifts! Lol

You are spot on, this bungalow WAS purpose built for families with disabled members (which is pretty rare for the 1950's really) so we have a huge garden and plenty of room inside to move about. There is a ramp to the front door and all the inner doors slide instead of being on hinges. That's why it will take more than, whatever it is, that has started bothering us to make us move again!

It took a lot arguing to get it but I'm nothing if not stubborn! Lol

4 Oct, 2010


ooh this is a bit spooky Ian! It sounds like you and the 'lodger' are stuck with each other doesn't it? We used to live in a large old house when the children were small and odd things happened there for a while at first. Very creepy when H was on night shift but fortunately they soon stopped. Hope this happens for you too :o))

4 Oct, 2010


Have a laugh about it Ian.....,I`m not sure about what to believe as regards other beings and spirits either good or bad, I always tell myself its in the mind that way I don`t scare myself too much...What I do know for a fact though is that any camera can and does play tricks sometimes as do flipping computers. They used to say that a camera never lies but that is no longer true is it?...

4 Oct, 2010


Thanks Lily, I hope there isn't anything to worry about really. It could have just been a coincidence.

Ll, this is what I'm counting on. camera or computer "hiccup". They can "airbrush" anything into or out of a photo or video these days. Look at those skin perfect models for a start! I watched a program called Gadget Show a while ago where they "airbrushed" one of the presenters and it was a total transformation! (I quite fancied her myself, but don't tell Carol! ! ! ! ! ! ! Lol)

4 Oct, 2010


Tsk! Carol? ... CAROL?!!! ... he's been watching dodgy programmes again!!

You have exactly the right attitude towards your 'guests' ... your lovely new house is worth keeping so it's worth fighting for! ;O)

4 Oct, 2010


Shush Fluff, She'll hear you! Lol

I'm going to leave my camcorder going tonight when we go to bed (it's got a motion detection thingy on it) so we'll see if there is anything going bump in the night!

4 Oct, 2010


Look forward to anything you come up with Ian!

4 Oct, 2010


I'd been wondering where you'd got to Mr Digs! Long time no see! Strange what happened to you while making that tutorial!

"He was a single "loner" who used to use the ouija board to contact spirits."

I believe in a spiritual world outside this world of ours & the use of an ouija board will bring nothing but trouble. Only evil spirits can be contacted in this way & they will do everything they possibly can to deceive you. Somebody mentioned the use of prayer above & they are right, prayer IS a powerful weapon, only what use is any weapon if you don't use it! Well I'm not here to preach a sermon so I shall say no more.

Nevertheless, it will be interesting to read more about your unwanted "guest". I truly hope it will leave you all alone & that it will abandon your house. Have you considered a "Poltergeist" ? There are effects that young, pre-adolescent children coming up to puberty can cause. Maybe that was what the person who asked you if you had seen your GP was talking about. At least that is what popped into my mind when I read her question.

Our daughter had several frightening experiences when she was starting her teens. She was able to cause things to move without touching them, like things falling off a table, for example. Unconscious forces at work in pre-teens, I believe your daughter qualifies for that, doesn't she?, coming up to puberty can cause things to move but I have no explanation for what happened to you. :-((

4 Oct, 2010


Ian - everything you know and believe about spirits, is a complete fabrication of the human mind. Sure, you can believe in it, but that does not make it so.
Archaeological evidence proves the existence of ancient belief structures within societies that formulated these concepts around stellar phenomina and geological formations. Today, there are populations that believe in spirits of volcanos, and trees and even inanimate objects, based upon these original concepts.
Just because your only way of explaining something is to describe it in terms of an ancient belief structure, does not make the experience more credible, just more believable to those who buy in to the belief.
In reality, something closer to the truth is to be found in the way in which you interpret. Discover that, and remove it from the equation, and what remains, however unlikely, will be the area within which your focus should attend.
Good luck.

4 Oct, 2010


Well, I didn't need to leave my camera rolling last night to catch anything going "bump in the night". Our back door opened four times by itself and I caught it on tape!
The only problem is, my camera stopped working so I'm not sure if I have the footage.

I'm going to take it to the repair shop, after I drop Holly off at school, to see if anything can be salvaged.

I really am not worried by this now. The more I think about it the more I'm convinced there is nothing to be concerned about.

As I have no real belief system regarding religion, ghosts or even UFO's I can't really comment as to what it is or isn't. I think I am not qualified or experienced enough to say, definitely, one way or the other. What I will insist on, however, is that this blog doesn't turn into a religious debate.
I know we all have our different beliefs and understandings of these matters but the reason we get on so well is simply because we don't discuss these things.

Please, please do not take offence at this as I don't mean to offend anyone for their own beliefs. I would rather delete this blog than cause any upset!

5 Oct, 2010


Oh yes, Balcony.

Holly is 7 years old so, hopefully, she is some way off puberty and the documented problems this stage can bring!

5 Oct, 2010


I've left my camcorder with the repair man but the good news is the "SD" card is OK and I have got the footage I wanted.
I'm just putting it onto YouTube now and then I'll post another blog!

5 Oct, 2010


actually Ian, I deliberately left the word "religion" out of my post for the sake of confusing the issue, after all, to some, shopping is a religion, yes?
Anyway, as to doors opening on their own, I would investigate abrupt temperature changes and wind, aside from someone with fiddly fingers.
Just by way of example, I have known an ill-fitting loft access to allow a draught, when the outside wind is in a certain direction, to cause a suction between the eves in the loft space to interact with a fanlight window, causing an outside door to open on it's own, but only when the central heating was on!!!
The world is full of mysteries!!!

5 Oct, 2010


Ian, I've PM'd you...

5 Oct, 2010


Ian, do you usually search on your computer about the paranormals or opening of third eye, I used to do that, I am curious about fairies, and spirits but I stop because my daughters kept on hearing voices and in the middle of the night they heard someone was cooking downstars. I just laugh it out because I want to know what they really are. They insisted that I would stop, so by then the voices and noises were gone . There's nothing to be be afraid of.

5 Oct, 2010


Point taken Jasonf. Thank you.

OK Bamboo, I'll go and read it!

Payag, I have no interest in the paranormal or third eye, nor am I curious about fairies or spirits. My surfing time is spent researching HTML code tutorials at the minute (all about web design etc.)

I don't want to know what awaits us afterwards, I'm to busy enjoying what we have now! Lol

5 Oct, 2010


ian as a beliver i am sure there probably is something there, but please dont be affraid as im sure its nothing which will cause harm, you have had feelings since moving in so this sprit doesnt want to harm, its just continuing to live here, maybe something bad happened and this person didnt have a burrial, so maybe cant move on, i have feelings in our house at times and also see the heavy wooden mirror over the fire rock or tilt at times, also feel someone pass behind me while sitting watching tv, baz has felt it to,

5 Oct, 2010


I am wary of the use of the 'ouija' board Ian, it can disturb the spirits and this sounds as if it is this that is happening. You do not have to be religious to ask your local vicar/priest to just come to the house and say some prayers on your behalf. They would consider it their duty to help you and you never know it might do the trick!!

5 Oct, 2010


Hi Grandmage,

I've heard and read about (mis)using ouija boards and what can happen because of it but as I've already said I would be more concerned about someone, who is alive, coming into the house as opposed to someone who isn't.
I really would like to get to the bottom of whatever it is before I go off bothering people with our problems. I really don't want to appear insane or over-imaginative. OK, so I am mad but don't tell anyone! Lol

5 Oct, 2010


I agree Ian, and I wont tell a soul!! I remember 'playing' around with a ouija borard at school and we scared ourselves half silly ! Anyhow, take care, and you do what you need to do, not sure I would like to keep finding the door open though, do you hide the key? It is very interesting but scary too! Good luck.

6 Oct, 2010


Hi G'mage,

The key is definitely out of reach of little fingers if that's what you mean? Holly gets really annoyed because she can't get out unless we let her out! Lol

6 Oct, 2010


I only wondered if you hid the key (not from Holly ,but from this strange 'thing' in your home) would that stop it being opened ? Maybe take the key upstairs with you one night and see what happens! Mind how you go!

6 Oct, 2010


We can try that for sure G'mage, that's an excellent idea! Although I'm not sure I can take it upstairs though ............. We live in a bungalow! Lol. :~))))

6 Oct, 2010


ha ha, Ian, I didnt know that. Lol `=0) Brilliant. Enough said now !!!

6 Oct, 2010


Nough said G'mage! Lol ;~))

7 Oct, 2010


I used to be a non-believer in ghosts and spirits and such. Then I had some strange experiences when I lived on the farm after the owner committed suicide. A voice calling my name in the middle of the empty barn, Hearing someone walk up behind me but no one there when I turned around, lights going on and off by themselves and even the tractor starting up running by itself. Since then I've revised my opinion. There is certainly more in this world than we can understand or explain.
I was listening to a psycic once who said that using an ouiji board was like throwing a party and inviting everyone in the just don't know who (or what) will turn up. I know my parents had some very frightening experiences when they were younger and it was the "in" thing to use an ouiji board. They ended up throwing the whole thing in the fire and have never touched one since.
I'd sleep with the key under my pillow if I were you!!

9 Oct, 2010


That's really spooky Ian... don't let it scare you... jthis from someone who would absolutely freak out if they lived in your house lol....

9 Oct, 2010


Hi Gilli, how are you keeping? That's proper scary!

So Pip, you don't fancy coming round and staying for the weekend to look after the chooks while we go on holiday?

9 Oct, 2010


I'm Ok thanks Ian. Been a very strange year. Nice to hear you have a new bungalow. How are Carol and Holly?
It wasn't really scary at all. Just strange. I figured I knew who it was and he was always a practical joker.
By the way, I liked watching your videos. It's nice to put a voice to the face. :o)

9 Oct, 2010


Well I hope the rest of the year pans out for you sweety.

Carol and Holly are just fine, thanks. We had a great holiday earlier this year (and got to visit Spritzhenry as well!) The bungalow is fantastic, loads of room for "wheels" and things and Holly has a bedroom that is bigger than a prison cell! Lol

I look at "ghosts, spirits and apparitions" like this, (if there is such a thing!) they were human once and there are very few humans that actually WANT to harm or hurt others so why be afraid of them?

If you go to YouTube and do a search for, guess what my user name is? ............ Ian Digs! Lol. you will find quite a lot of them.

or you could just put [ ] into your browser box and it'll take you straight to it! Lol

9 Oct, 2010


Sorry for my confusion over Holly's age a few days ago, Ian. I thought she was quite a bit older.

No more problems with your uninvited "guest"?

9 Oct, 2010


Not to worry Balcony, she's a big girl for her age but then I'm 6 ft 5 and Carol is no shorty either so we kind of expected her to be tall.

I've been leaving the camera running (on motion detection) over the last few nights and although it has been triggered a couple of times unfortunately there is never anything to be seen. We've started putting a kitchen stool under the back door handle so there is nothing to report from there either.

10 Oct, 2010

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