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A bit of fun making a special effects video!


I made this as a test for some “Green screen” effects I’m trying out.

As it turns out the effects are hopeless (I need a lot more practice) but this has to be one of the funniest videos I’ve ever made.

The “out takes” at the end are by far the funniest bit of the whole video so watch to the end and I hope you enjoy!

If you can watch it in HD I recommend that you do!

click here to watch the video

I promise to write a gardening blog next time! Lol

Ian xxx

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Good to know it's not just me that makes crazy videos ;o)

9 Oct, 2010


Just a thought, Ian ..... the beginning of your video shows a page stating "Ian Digs Video Channel" with two bright 'orbs.' Is the word "orb" ringing any bells regarding a previous recent blog? Could something in your equipment be retaining images? I'm certainly no electrical wizard - I only just know how to switch a light on and off, but as soon as I watched this video I remembered some mention of 'orbs' near the door ........??????

9 Oct, 2010


Well what can I say......anyway I've forwarded it to Barry Norman ;-)))

9 Oct, 2010


Hi Ian
It is always very difficult to control laughter on camera. I made some short programmes for the BBC last year. Each time I asked Linda, president of a charity, what was the first piece of equipment they bought for the hospital, she would look at me and convulse into laughter. She said it was my fault as she could see in my eyes I was going to laugh. I could feel the heat of laughter build up within me with each retake. The trouble was I knew she knew I was going to laugh. Needless to say, that bit had to be cut. The piece of equipment was a dissecting table!!!

9 Oct, 2010


Hi Pip, I don't usually crack up like that. It's all Carol's fault! Lol

Nariz, those "orbs" are actually called a "solar flair" in the software and the intro was made entirely on the PC, the camera wasn't used at all!

Heron, Thanks mate. That's the last thing I need! Lol

OMG Linda, that's not a funny piece of equipment either really, is it?
although your retelling of it is hilarious!

9 Oct, 2010


You're welcome Ian :-)) it's a blokey thing girls :-) It's not as easy as it looks I'm sure but that's what makes it so funny. I recently recorded a question for radio, I read it from a written question. But, thay then asked for more! but they said it was ok.

9 Oct, 2010


Caught out then Heron? If I don't "rehearse" things at least 20 times then I'm lost! Lol

9 Oct, 2010


Who wants to be a 'celebrity' anyway.

9 Oct, 2010


Lol, not me for sure but I've found it's kind of addictive!

9 Oct, 2010


I don't mind being 'different' quite prefer it actually. but it's probably because of it that I fail to understand what people see in this 'celeb culture' Don't get me wrong , I like people and can be very sociable though I'll admit I really prefer dogs, but while I enjoy the company of good folks like my neighbours, yourselves and my friends, I wouldn't give time of the day to any of these so called 'celebrities' most of whome it seems contribute little or nothing to society. When I want entertainment I want a singer to sing to me or a comedian to make me laugh. I don't want to know about their sex life or what they eat for breakfast. And as for the big brother, the jungle one, x factor and all those cook programmes, I'll not comment as I don't like swearing.

10 Oct, 2010


I agree whole heartedly Heron.

There are now "celebrities" that are famous ................. for being famous! What's that all about?
I don't watch TV that often to start with (except a few documentaries, formula 1 and the news) and I can certainly find something better to do when X factor, Big brother and the likes are on!

10 Oct, 2010


I read that in recent years the programme producers are now mainly women and that they prefer the more 'emotional' content. Not being an expert on 'Women' I'd better not comment on that. I would guess that most blokes don't like it all, If it weren't for the oh I wouldn't have TV as Radio 4 and Classic FM satisfy all my needs and I can chat to you at the same time. I would however miss Julia Bradbury on Countryfile though....wonder what she has for breakfast lol

11 Oct, 2010


Our TV is on from first light until lights out but I think I watch about 2 - 3 hours of it a week!

Please note that I am staying very far away from any comments about women and emotions! Lol

11 Oct, 2010


ooooooooooo ron you make me laf lol. but i agree wth most of it........... as i like x faxtor and cooking programs too . not quite sure on this vid tho ......................

18 Oct, 2010


anyone remember that song from a few years ago 'you're so vain- I bet you think this song is about you' always comes to mind on these shows, I don't like soaps or the celebrity/reality tv, a couple of hours at night is enough for me or I get so bored, give me the radio or a good book!

21 Oct, 2010


LOL... Ian......

21 Oct, 2010


"I don't watch TV that often to start with (except a few documentaries, formula 1 and the news) and I can certainly find something better to do when X factor, Big brother and the likes are on!"

I agree with you wholeheartedly there, Ian! You be watching the F1 from Korea tomorrow? I will!

23 Oct, 2010


I might not get to watch it tomorrow Balcony but it will be taped and I'll get to watch it in the early hours when everyone else is snoring!

I guess I should check to see what time it is on live!

23 Oct, 2010


Yes you'd better & make sure the video records before setting & forgetting! I tried to tape one some weeks ago. I hadn't recorded one in several years. I thought it had all been set up properly & it was recording, according to the machine, but when I went to play it back a day or two later I found it hadn't recorded not even 1 second of the race!!!

I don't know what went wrong but I had to settle for watching the 3/4h replay on the iPlayer!

23 Oct, 2010


Oh no Balcony that's a disaster but thats where the benefits of Sky HD+ comes in. I can "1 click" record the whole series if I need to

24 Oct, 2010


Didn't record it today, got up at 6.45 to see the race. Didn't start till 7.10 then only 4 laps under the safety car! Then the best part of an hour before it got under way again, with the SC again!

The SC had to come out 4 times. No end of casualties as well! Been a long time since we last had a race with so many stops, starts & casualties!

Then at 9.30 it changed from BBC1 to BBC2 for the last half hour.

24 Oct, 2010


I've just snook a peak at the start and it doesn't look promising! Don't tell me they changed the channels again? I let them have both barrels on their blog site after the last fiasco! Lol

24 Oct, 2010


"Don't tell me they changed the channels again?"

Sorry but they did! Not their fault really as the race was an hour or so later than expected! I didn't want to give too much away in my last post in case you hadn't seen it at the time I posted!

You'll have to see it on the BBC iPlayer then after all!

25 Oct, 2010


I guess that's my next stop then Balcony, how would we cope without the internet these days? Lol

25 Oct, 2010


We wouldn't know what to do with ourselves!

I sometimes try to think back at what our lives were like 20 years ago - it seems incredible that then IT was in its infancy! My kids were learning how to record a floppy disc at school! We didn't even have a computer back then! Never really expected the computers to turn into what we have on our desks & laps nowadays!

Now my 3 year old granddaughter can manage the computer!!! They use it a lot in nursery school!!!

26 Oct, 2010


When I was at school computer studies meant filling in hundreds of cards with little pencil marks, sending them away and about a week later we got a page back and if you had done anything wrong it was just blank with your name on the top! How did we get from that to this?

I was going to add something else but just remembered that Holly reads these comments so I can't! ! ! ! ! but Santa Claus will be busy at PC World this year! [wink wink]

26 Oct, 2010


They were products of SciFi the size of house when I was a boy at school! Isaac Asimov wrote about one called Multivac the size of a planet!!!

26 Oct, 2010


I finally got round to watching the F1 last night Balcony and after that, not very inspiring, start I was sitting on the edge of my seat by the finish! Lol

27 Oct, 2010

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