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Sorry folks this blog is exclusively for Terratoonie


Can you believe it TT? I’ve finally stopped ‘phaffing’ and gone and done it.
It’s took me a long time to do it, but I got there in the end, I’ve done it.
So I hope you like them.

Peas and Beans, not impressed with these dwarf runners but I’ll give them some time to develope, see what happens.

My onions are doing great.

They are Stuttgarter Giant, a salad/cooking onion

These are my (sorry…Holly’s ) strawberries. They look almost Frankenstien’ish

With their runners all plugged in.

My carrots are huge and tasty too….yum yum


and lettuce doing just fine

These spuds taste just sublime, Desiree and Marris Piper

Can you tell what this is?

does this help?

We’ve called it Holly’s oak (we collected some acorns from around the Major oak in Sherwood Forest, supposedly where Robin Hood is buried!!!)

Passion fruit, grown from seeds half hitched from a friends garden….LOL

Two kinds of tomato, but I can’t remember which is which !!!!!!!!

With their first flowers showing

Oh I’m not finished yet.

This is an overview of my small plot

With its enormous shed. Complete with ‘junk’ corner on the left, actually there’s a compost heap under there somewhere….(blush)

I don’t know where these came from last week but I can have a guess

MRS DIGS Where are you?

Ok, Ok there pretty I suppose

Watch it folks… Flying dummies at twelve o clock high

My neighbours did this last year while we were on holiday.
If anyone can come up with a good reason then can you let me know…..thanks

The whole garden is about thirty foot square, divided roughly equally into quarters, with lawn, two veg plots and the patio (with my huge shed covering it)
Two compost heaps sculk behind the shed with a few ESSENTIAL bits and pieces thrown in for good measure. (IT’S NOT JUNK)

Hope you like this little tour, it doesn’t take long does it. Please be sure to visit the gift shop on your way out.

H & K’s……..Ian

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Well this blog might have been exclusively for Terratoonie but I had a look anyway. Everything is growing well with you Ian. :o)

26 Jun, 2009


Hello Hywel :o)

Wow ~
Ian, you must have charged up your camera battery well to take all these photos... don't forget to charge it up again... Lol.

This blog makes me feel very hungry. You've some wonderful foods growing, including Holly's strawberries...

I guess Mrs Digs is responsible for the roses....
well done, Mrs. D. :o)

I'm presuming the seedling in the pot is an oak... because the label says OAK....... Interesting that Holly's Oak came from Robin Hood Land. :o)

Good blog Ian.
Many thanks :o)

26 Jun, 2009


Sorry couldn't resist peeping and well worth it I say, you have grown some great things Ian and of course Holly and Mrs Diggs who both have impeccable taste! Best wishes Sue

26 Jun, 2009


You have some great veg growing there Ian...the potatoes sound delicious,and the carrots look huge !

Think all this good weather is really bringing everyones gardens and allotments on a treat !

26 Jun, 2009





26 Jun, 2009


Hi Hywell, your always welcome on planet digs...LOL

TT, we live about 1/4 mile from the Major oak so borrowing a few acorns is never a real problem.....but don't tell anyone Shhhhhh

Hi Sue, Thanks sweetie and yes Mrs. Digs keeps 'prettying up' my garden Grrrrrrrr Only kidding but guess who will be responsible for watering/feeding etc.?

BB, they do look kinda good don't they? Your right of course it's been so long since we had decent weather like this, everything is just throwing itself at the sky.
Lots of manure added last autumn helps in my sand pit of a garden.

Mabye so Mookins but when it comes to the ornimentals guess who is the jealous one

Thanks all for the kind words.

H & K's......Ian

26 Jun, 2009


Everything looking well.

26 Jun, 2009


Wow! Everything looks great, your garden is really fab, very impressive.
"It's not junk....... it's a collection" my mother gave me a plaque once that said this, she obviously knew me well! : )

26 Jun, 2009


Hi Wohlibuli,
It's stuff and I NEED it, I'm just not sure what for yet is all.
I HATE throwing anything away, It might be useful for something and if I've got rid of it then I'll need to (God forbid) buy one :o)

H & K's..........Ian

26 Jun, 2009


everything looks great, i just love reading your blogs you have so much to share to us all

mrs melon

26 Jun, 2009


Gosh, it sounds like I'm listening to myself. I do know EXACTLY what you mean. : )

26 Jun, 2009


Well thank you Mrsmelon, I have been promising terratoonie some pics for ages and had a gentle reminder earlier so here they are.

H & K's..........Ian

26 Jun, 2009


junk???you sure its not the gift shop :))

27 Jun, 2009


The veg look lovely and I'm sure they taste even better but I'm with Mrs Digs when it comes to what goes in the garden. She has excellent taste!
Maybe your neighbours cut the hole in the conifer hedge so they can get a bet view of your enormous shed and collection of 'things that might come in useful sometime'.
Did you put some manure on the shed too?

27 Jun, 2009


I've had to peek aswell !
You've got a great lot of crops there Ian, very very nice.
Mrs Ds rose is pretty :)

27 Jun, 2009


Very nice laid out and organised garden you have with lots of assorment what I want to know is where is the gift shop :O

28 Jun, 2009


Its the 'junk pile' beside the shed

28 Jun, 2009


Its the 'junk pile' beside the shed, see kmccue07's comment.

H & K's......Ian

28 Jun, 2009


Now how did I manage that ????????????

28 Jun, 2009


Your veggies look great ian...... love your little Holly passion flower leaves you have grown are the same as mine.... so you should get some nice passion flowers on it......i brought mine from a cutting when i moved 4 years ago... this year is the first time its flowered..... hope yours doesnt take so long......

28 Jun, 2009


When grown from seedlings, does it usually take about 4 years for passion flowers to flower ?

28 Jun, 2009


I've no idea TT but I'm sure I know where to find out. I bet a teaspoon of salt to a jam jar (don't ask me what it means, my grandma used to say it LOL) that someone on GoY can give us the answer.
Holleves, I'm not sure I will be here to find out, apparently Mrs. Digs has applied to the local council for an exchange to another (bigger ) bungalow. As usual I'm the last one to find out anything in this house..........

H & K's all.............Ian

PS. Don't worry I'll be moving my intranet,web thingy first so as not to miss anything on GoY

28 Jun, 2009


Ian, that's good to know you'll still be on GoY :o)

28 Jun, 2009


I've lived without it once ! Never again..............

29 Jun, 2009


this looks lovely Ian. Must admit that reading "sorry, this blog is only for..." is an invitation for everyone else to barge in, elbowing their way to the front for a good butchers, including me lol.
I do LOVE your real washing line, a rare sight in gardens these days sadly. Either those unattractive poke-u-in-the-eye type whirligigs, or maybe kept out of sight out of mind? Or, horrors, a tumble dryer (hushed silence).

29 Jun, 2009


Hi Weeding,
I kinda guessed it would be like that when I wrote it HeHe

Whats a Tumble drier??? I think we had one once but not sure any more LOL

H & K's............Ian

29 Jun, 2009


Hi will have to take your passion flower with you if you move.....hope you get your bigger Bungalow....

30 Jun, 2009


Thanks Holly, I wasn't sure if I could do that (if it would survive or not) I will give it a go. If we get the bungalow.

H & K's.........Ian

30 Jun, 2009


you could put it into a pot.... untill you were ready to plant it in a new garden.....once they start growing theres no stopping them....LOL.. mines gone mad this year

30 Jun, 2009


The passion flower will be taller than the bungalow. Lol...

30 Jun, 2009



30 Jun, 2009


I know (from my friends garden) that they creep, but do they creep like an ivy or similar. Could you cover a side of a house with one?

30 Jun, 2009


yes you could if you wanted to.... in my old house there was a passion flower already there it grew all up the side wall of the house.... when i moved i brought a cutting with me...the one i have now..... but im training it up a fence.........

30 Jun, 2009


Anyone seen a veggie blog??
Thats a no then.........B***er, don't know where else to look

7 Jul, 2009


I couldn't help but peeping as well...Love all the veg Ian. Glad that TT talked you into sharing photos :) Keep up the good work.

14 Jul, 2009


Thanks Tasty, I had great fun writing it Lol

14 Jul, 2009

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