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And so it starts


I think I have said, just lately, that I might get ‘into’ flowers. Well Mrs. Digs has beat me to it. After reading some blogs on GoY and looking at the flowers/plants sections she has decided to buy some pots and set to.
Here are the results so far,

These are all bedding plants, French Marigold-Hero Flame and Orange
and a Salvia-Red.

The pots came from Asda. Two for a fiver for the metal ones and two for £6 for the plastic jobbies.

I know most GoYers could do this in a drugged sleep but for us its a big step forwards.

Oh by the way, I’ve mentioned the fact that we are looking for a bigger bungalow (council one) well we went to look at the one Mrs. D. applied for today and the garden is huge, well in comparison to the one we have at the minute it is, so fingers crossed, we might have room to indulge our new found passion for growing all things ………..growable?

H & K’s to all…………Ian & Carol

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Good luck with bungalow

1 Jul, 2009


hi ian plants look lovely "Well done mrs Digs" hope the bungalow works out for u great bargain with the pots will b at asda my self tomarra love a good bargain:~))))x

1 Jul, 2009


Thanks for the good lucks, Clarice and Mobee. I don't like spending money (who does?) but It phisically hurts to get my wallet out, so these bargains were great !! :o)))

1 Jul, 2009


Job well done Mrs Digs, if you both get the bug Ian you,ll need that bigger garden so fingers are xx for you........

1 Jul, 2009


Oh dear thats how it starts, next comes the flower bed :o)) I do hope you enjoy the flowers as much as your veg and I got me fingers and toes crossed for your bigger bungalow.

1 Jul, 2009


welcome to the world of flowers. fingers crossed for the bigger garden...forget the bungalow LOL.

2 Jul, 2009


Good news about the bungalow with its big garden - hope it works out for you. Once you've got all that space there's no turning back. Welcome to the Dark Side!!!!!

2 Jul, 2009


A bigger garden ? That sounds great Ian :o) I'll keep my fingers crossed for you .

2 Jul, 2009


Thanks GoY's if I could show these messages to the council I'm sure we'ed get it :~)))))

Bobq The only reason they're in pots is the fact we MIGHT be moving LOL

Nariz, The dark side ???????????????

Fingers AND toes crossed? Wow, thanks again all

2 Jul, 2009


Well done Mrs D on getting flowers into your garden! :o)

Good Luck to Mr & Mrs Digs, hope you get your wish for a bigger home and garden.

2 Jul, 2009


YOur pots are looking great......good luck with your Bungalow...........

2 Jul, 2009


Oh fantastic Ian and Carol......Good luck with the council. I will have everything crossed for you. But, will that mean you will have to leave your already planted garden before harvest time??
Your pots look lovely and I bet that once you start growing flowers you will be popping them in everywhere. :o)

2 Jul, 2009


another newbie
although judging by those pots shes done this before

bless you both
hope all goes well with the possible bungalow
how fab would that be
now you will both be in the garden fighting over the space you will def need somewhere bigger


x x x

2 Jul, 2009


Hi Gilli, thanks for the wishes. Because of the good weather this year most of my crops are nearly ready for harvest, so leaving them is the last thing on my mind. My spuds can come up any time, carrots ditto, peas will be about a fortnight, lettuce, onions, beets etc. can all come up aswell. On a sad note, I had to take all my beans today, they just were'nt producing. :~(
Never mind if we get this new place then it will be worth sacrifising a few tomatoes for (gulp) but I'll have room for my poly tunnel so I might get some if I'm lucky.

Mrs. D. says thanks Mookins and she can't wait to get into this new garden (If, and its a big IF, we get it)

H & K's.....Ian & Carol

2 Jul, 2009


Hi Ian. The Dark Side is where you dream gardening, wake up gardening, take your first cup of tea of the day while gardening, work all day in the garden - apart from going to the garden centre to get more plants so that you can garden a bit more - then spend all evening reading gardening magazines and catalogues. Now that you'll have a bigger garden - the Dark Side is waiting!!!!!

3 Jul, 2009



x x x

3 Jul, 2009


No veggie blogs here then?

7 Jul, 2009

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