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We've been 'at it' again


Mrs. D. and I set off this afternoon looking for some fresh air and a bit of shade. We had a bit of a trundle through Ruffard Park, Thinking that the lake and all their trees would provide the nescesary screen from the sun. After aprox. 10 mins. we realised that this was not the case as the trees have been pruned back at some time and no longer overhang the paths as they used to. As always when we visit here our last call (so as to make sure we have plenty of time to browse) is to the little garden centre near the car park.
Now, when we have taken this route in the past, Carol would go and have a drink while I indulge in a little wallet lightening for my veg plot but not this time. It was a race to the entrance and as Mrs. D. had my credit cards, she won :~(((
Thanks to advice from GoYers our new pieris will see out the summer

As seems to be the case at the moment Mrs. D. also bought some more bedding plants to add to the ever growing collection!

I also bought some more runner bean seeds to replace the dwarf ones I’d tried but were just not doing anything, add in more canes and a few trinkets (Mrs. D’s idea) and my wallet was suitibly lightened !!

All we need now is that rain thats been promised and the garden should be back to it’s old self again.

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Great pics Ian im sure yous had a lovely day och well at least the moths got a good wee airing with the wallet openedLol!!! us Women are quicker than u think Lol:~))))

2 Jul, 2009


we're masters at wallet lightening :D

3 Jul, 2009


See? You're getting deeper into the Dark Side and dragging Mrs Digs with you!

3 Jul, 2009


You must have had a better journey home with less weight to carry in your wallet. I hope your Pieris does well in that compost.

3 Jul, 2009


Great blog Ian :))
All the comments made me chuckle too !!!

3 Jul, 2009


Great news Ian.....Your pieris and geraniums will cheer up your beans I'm sure. How could they not grow with lovely flowers to look at?
I like Pieris....I had a lovely old one when I lived down in Vancouver. It always flowered well in the spring and smelled wonderful. I can't grow them here though....they aren't hardy enough.
Well done Mrs Digs for using the crow bar on Ian's wallet. Did it creak a lot when you finally prised it open? LOL

3 Jul, 2009


You cheeky lot.....LOL
My wallet is spring loaded, let me tell you. What with Mrs. D. AND Holly fighting for my attention I only get to HOLD my money for a while,

Thanks Gilli, I had forgot what they were called and the label had misteriously disappeared but it wasn't Mrs. D.'s fault !!!

3 Jul, 2009


hehehe- We women are so a like
my hubby used to be right at my side when my purse opened before I had my lil girl, now Im paying back the "favour" hehehe

x x

3 Jul, 2009


It's best to go to these dreadful dens of temptaion on your own when the other half is out, then hide the 'evidence' amongst the existing plants before they come home. Not that mine would notice anyway unless it was a 10' banana tree! You could hide some of the contents of your wallet in that enormous shed before you go.....but wait a minute, I should be on Mrs Digs' side!

3 Jul, 2009


Mrs D certainly got the gardening bug

3 Jul, 2009


Let me tell you Lily, you couldn't sqeeze a single thing in that shed it's filled to the brim with all the things we couldn't get in the house.

Your not kidding Holly, We happened upon a stall at Mansfield market today and guess what happened to my wallet........ It gave up the ghost and died. To much stress you see but at least we acquired three more plants (perenuals this time)

I'll fill in the details later, when I've had a rest and a rub down with a damp Gardeners world magazine.

3 Jul, 2009


Lol Ian.............

5 Jul, 2009


I'm not surprised your wallet up and died. So much exercise opening and closing.......poor thing just couldn't take it anymore. LOL

6 Jul, 2009


I'm thinking of a memorial to it in the new bed, perhaps I'll bury it under the Pieris LOL :~)))

6 Jul, 2009

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