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whats on the menu tonight?


well i’ve been raiding the garden looking for inspiration yet again… it all started with the purple sprouting broccoli… there’s loads now (and to think we were arguing over the first piece)

So i thought we would have a chicken (obviously) stir fry! yum yum! so with my fingers crossed i went ot lift some carrots… i wasn’t to sure if these would be ready but luckily ta da….

Just needed the spring onions….

and voile… most of the ingredients!!! so im off now to create some tea!! don’t you just love this gardening thing haha!!

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They look delicious. Nothing beats the taste of lovely homegrown fresh fruit and vegetables.Bet the stir fry was fabulous!

16 Jun, 2008


mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm just finished it!!! followed by a huge bowlful of strawberries and raspberries cant beat the good life!! x

16 Jun, 2008


your dinner sounds lovelyyyyyyyyyyy

16 Jun, 2008


cool! I am doing more stir frys too these days, with pak choi and chard being plenty. I dont have the chickens though to be as thorough as you. Bon Apetit

16 Jun, 2008


Well done, ickle! There is certainly a lot to be said for growing veggies. You can't eat (most) flowers - but I still love growing them!

16 Jun, 2008


Great job on the veggies! You've made me terribly hungry though - time to go raid the refrigerator...

16 Jun, 2008


Well done i dont grow veg, but this year i've grown some tomatoe plants from seed, there is plenty of flowers on them, so with abit of luck i may get some tomatoes later on.

16 Jun, 2008


Growing your own veg is great for makeing you eat your greens - since I started growing my own veg my diet has improved drastically - no more fast food for me (well not while there's veggies in the garden waiting to be used!)

18 Jun, 2008

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