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Had a hard days work in the garden today! thought i’d start with an easy job so watered all the greenhouse and polytunnel. I then planted the strawberries from the garden centre and the currants I got from Wilko last year as twiglets!

Ta da all the fruit raised beds finished!

As the sun was shining i thought I would move the pallet of compost from the trailer into the greenhouse only problem it was sooo heavy the tractor wouldn’t lift it and so every bag was lifted by me! I only got half the pallet done!

So after working up an appetite and eating left over bangers and mash from tea last night proceeded with my work! only now it was raining!! i dashed into the workshop and decided to saw the bottoms off some plant pots ready for the tomato experiement! Lifted the last two bags of compost into the greenhouse then used the bags to create a well in the bottom of one side of the greenhouse! I filled this with 4 (more) heavy bags of grit placed the sawn pots on top filled and potted on the tomatoes! The idea is the roots will go into the grit and we feed from the top and water from the bottom!

i planted the beans into plastic pint pots as we are fast running out of the traditional plant pots! Also planted the sunflowers, marigolds and nasturtiums…
…and while all this was going on the chicks have been busy hatching!

Phew what a day!!!

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lol phew what a day is right, you will certainly sleep tonight.

15 Apr, 2008


You certainly have a lot going on Ickle. It all looks great.
Have you got any photos of your surroundings? I'm fascinated to see the set up you've got.
Oh, please be careful lifting all those heavy bags, you dont want to put your back out or there will be no gardening for a while. Take care!

15 Apr, 2008


A great days work -You must feel exhausted. We are both tired as well. Been painting garden furniture and finishing touches to the new water feature. Legs are aching but got the feel good factor!
Best wishes.

15 Apr, 2008


Why do we all try to do three days' work in one? Is it called 'gardener-itis' or something? I always get too involved when I go out to get something done and then have to be called in because I haven't noticed the time...

15 Apr, 2008


You have been a very busy bee Ickle well done girl in no time at all your hard work will pay off for you.

Lol Spritz I think I suffer from the same complaint as you sweetie as I can easily lose time when caught outside .......needless to say it's one bug I don't feel guilty about when I infect other people with it!

16 Apr, 2008


i certainly did sleep last nite! Tom had spent the day been chaffeured around and in meetings and he's more exhausted than me today! The problem with me is i start a job and can see 10 more and want to do them all at once!

16 Apr, 2008


The problem with sitting in the garden is you always spot something to do and so you get up to pull that weed or move that pot and before you know it your kids, animals or whoever are complaining its been hours and could they please have something to eat!!! I know the feeling I only went out the other morning to potter and before I knew it, it was 12.30 (I went out at 8.00!!!)

16 Apr, 2008


Snap!! I reckon it's a worldwide phenomenon with gardeners. Looking forward to getting back to it lol

18 Apr, 2008

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