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what a busy week


i’ve not had much time this week to catch up with everyone but I have been thinking of you all while I was working! at last we managed to finish the stone paths in the polytunnel and fix catches onto the doors to keep them shut! It’s created a lovely sanctuary for us especially when its raining

Last year we planted out the squash and pumpkins on the last day of May and we had 1 night of frost which ruined all our hard work so this year we waited and have only just started to plant the seeds! We have got 255 seeds and had precisely… no pots so after some research we found a place who delivered us 440 pots at 6p each which i thought was a bargain!
Ive planted out my nasturtiums and marigolds around the brassicas, lettuce and herb bed! Tom didn’t realise that i had originally planted the seeds directly into the raised beds and had weeded all my flowers out so i put them into cells til they were big enough for him to recognise as flowers! I am now on weeding duty!
I have competed 10 hanging baskets which are filling out already! We spent the morning at my in laws helping to chop down 3 holly trees which I was tricked into helping… in my white cardigan which is now green! arrggghh! Tom has been busy building a frame for the raised bed to stop the naughty wind blowing our seeds away!

I’ve been doing lots more planting, weeding, tying up tomatoes and cucmber etc! Fennel has been planted I love the smell of the seeds!!! I’m feeling a bit down tho today as I found out yesterday my Grandma is moving to Scotland to join the rest of my family she was my last remining relative in England and whilst I’m happy for her I can’t help feeling a little sad! It’s empty nest syndrome but the wrong way around!! :(

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A superb resource- congratulations.

4 May, 2008


you certainly have been busy, awww im sorry your grandma is moving but Scotland is not too far away. My partner lives there and we get to see each other lots, thank heavens for cheap flights lol.

4 May, 2008


Oh to have a poly tunnel.

4 May, 2008


The raised beds in your polytunnel are a briliant idea. I think it is well worth all the efort.

4 May, 2008


Such a help with a large area not to have to bend all the time! Well done, ickledigga and husband!

4 May, 2008


It looks very impressive, I have some more squash seeds to plant and now feel good I havnt planted them yet! I will put in my plastic greenhouse to start off though. Scotland is a great place to visit I imagine, and I am sure you will get quality time when you do so to visit. Plus its so easy to keep in touch these days, phone/computer then letters/postcards/photos are a great old fashioned form of keeping in touch, its so nice when they drop on the floor and they arent a bill!

4 May, 2008


My word, you have been busy!
The polytunnel looks superb, as do the raised beds ...... Tom may not be too canny at weeding but he is very good at construction.
Have you any photos of your hanging baskets yet? What have you planted in them ?
Hope you don't feel down for too long, bet it won't be long before you're making arrangements to see family members and then you will have all the fun of anticipating the visit. :-)

5 May, 2008


Wow! I'm very envious of your pollytunnel - superb and so neatly done. Great job :-)

5 May, 2008

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