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naughty piggies


this is not really a garden blog but i thought it would amuse you anyway… my pigs have a very annoying habit of playing lets knock over the water barrells when i’m trying to fill them… as quick as i try and fill them they are toppled over to make a wallow!! so me in my wisdom thought i’d spray the pigs with the hose pipe to deter them… big mistake!!!… once wet they shook in unision (all 9 of them) and covered me from head to toe in speckles of mud!! not funny as i broke the shower this morning, had just changed into my nice clothes and then 3 people turned up to look at chickens they must have thought i was barmy! good thing i can see the funny side! :)

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Animals have a way of leveling the playing field quite quickly! When matching wits I often realise that I am running short on ammunition. I'm sure your visitors will understand if they have any common sense, if not, maybe you should introduce them to piggies? Love your sense of humour - it is what gets us through life, really!

9 May, 2008


lol aw sorry but i have to admit i did laugh when i read your blog, i could picture it happening in my head. am glad to hear that thiings such as that, dont just happen to me .

9 May, 2008


Brill !!! lol

9 May, 2008


Poor lickle ickle! All dirty - how about turning the hose on yourself if the shower's broken? I'm sure you'd enjoy the bracing cold water! (evil laugh).

9 May, 2008


I really needed cheering up tonight, Ickledigga, and your tale has certainly done that ! Thanks. From Blodyn.

9 May, 2008


Thanks for the laugh Ickle

9 May, 2008


Wonderful!!!! Just love the antics that pigs and chicken get up yo. I spent hours as a kid just watching them and can envisage them - and you - shaking it about!

10 May, 2008

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