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If there is one place i love to be other than in my garden then that would be in my kitchen! This week I have had the pleasure of combining the two… Tom invited his Mum and Dad down to celebrate the bank hol so we planned a self sufficent roast!! We have been itching to dig up some potatoes to see what’s been happening below the surface! We collected all these from two roots…

I left Tom to the task of chicken… I cannot bring myself yet to kill and pluck! I kept busy with collecting the vegetables… asparagus and brocolli! I also harvested some carrots (from the freezer haha – they were of course home grown last year)
I also snapped off some rhubarb to make one of my favourites rhubard crumble!

I collected leeks from the garden to make leek sauce and onions from the shed to go into my stuffing! This was totally home grown too… sausage meat, onions, apples and sage… delicious!
With the exception of peas and sweetcorn from the shop (we did grow these last year but they were not very successful) we had a home grown home cooked roast dinner!! It was delicious!
Today i have been busy in the kitchen on the account that it is raining and i dedicated my whole day yeasterday to weeding and tidying and planting and potting on and catching pesky slugs!! I have made chicken stock which will be used for soups later on in the year and jam!! I’d never made jam before today I adore marmalade so usually make that! So I set to turning these:

into this:

It is very yummy and it has set perfectly… i was pleased as punch until…..

Jam splat!!! Oh well lucky i made five jars!!

I cant wait til the raspberries are ready!!

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you sure have been busy, id say that jam tastes beautiful, it certainly looks tasty

27 May, 2008


I hope the in-laws were suitably impressed! They should have been!

27 May, 2008


OMG ! my mouth is watering :)

28 May, 2008


And I bet it all tasted delicious!

28 May, 2008


This was pure "torture" to read, Ickle!! Haha! But brilliant! When will the next cyber meal be?

28 May, 2008


I could tell you about my tea last night if you like... bacon and leek quiche (almost all home produced not found a plant yet that grows pastry hahaha!!) new potatoes and salad with home grown lettuce onion and cucumber! Had to cheat with the tomatoes! Tom's thinking of getting a jersey cow for me to milk so i can make butter, cheese,cream and yoghurt! he's picked the name already... Buttercup!

28 May, 2008


Thanx for that, Ickle, lol! I've just had lunch, so was able to read this without drooling all over the keyboard and upsetting the others in the library with the tummy rumbles.
I'm looking forward to digging up our First Earlies to see what's been going on underground. Everything else is doing great, too. Thanx again for the e-meal!

28 May, 2008


Ickle you are a treat!! literally. Never thought about the other end of the process when I saw your pics of those lovely little chicks!! MMMMmmmm and and your husband have your own little self sustaining (or almost) paradise. How fortunate you are! I'm enjoying seeing your pictures as you chronicle your farm life..lucky man, your husband!!

29 May, 2008


I made jam like that once, a bit dissapointing but tasted good. Think it was a Nigella lawson recipe. Wasnt sure that it would last well as it didnt set.

Your dinner sounded fab. Truly a domestic goddess lol

4 Jun, 2008

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