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if you’ve been looking at the pics uploaded u’ll probably realise ive been staining some of the wooden items we have in the garden… so far all i’ve done is the loveseat, hive, composter and planter… im covered in speckles of woodstain (as those of you who regularly read my blogs) will not be surpised! messy pup that i am!!

Ive got soooo much left to do… barrels, raised beds, fences gates, dog kennel to name but a few! and to make matters worse Tom and his friend John are fencing today which means more wood staining for me! Not to mention backwards and forwards with tea and bacon butties for the workers!! bored of staining wood i decided to revamp the barrells by the door. Ive added lobelia, violas and i think the other flowers are a bizzy lizzy!

anyway tea break time for the boys so off i go!!

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The two seats look brand new. You'd never tell they'd just been painted. You have transformed them. : )

2 Jun, 2008


Pretty tub! I like it. I planted Busy-Lizzies in two tubs this p.m. (in the rain) It has to be them, because the tubs are in the shade of a pergola with a vine and a huge rambling rose on it. I've tried other summer plants, but go back to the Lizzies 'cos they thrive there. You have made me feel guilty about not maintaining our seat at the front of the house, I really ought to do something about it.

2 Jun, 2008


The seat looks great. Something I should do.

4 Jun, 2008


That's three of us feeling guilty, but there are only 24 hours in each day ;-)
Your loveseat looks great, Ickle, and your tub is so colourful......that reminds me, I must plant up my french salamander pots.

6 Jun, 2008


Thanks!! The lobelia i planted in there has really taken off! Oh well if i didn't have a list as long as my arm i think i would worry! I mean i wouldn't want to get bored now would i? ha ha! keeps me out of mischief|!

6 Jun, 2008

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