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Do you ever think why did I start that?


As you can all see by my photos I have undertaken a large project. Dont get me wrong I love gardening but some days i look at my present building site (lol) and think oh my word WHY didI start that.
My partner has just had an op so is unable to do a lot! He is the carpenter in our family and Im waiting to get the decking done, as you can see by my photos I built my herb garden MYSELF!!!! with his supervision and Im very Proud.
But why oh why ?????
Im even planning the front garden now. LOL

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You did a great job on the raised beds for the herb garden; they are awesome! Yes, you have a major undertaking there but one bit at a time...
It looks great so far! When daunted just look at all you have done already!

10 Jun, 2008


well done you, the planters look fantastic. like grammazoo says just do a bit at a time.. most gardens take yrs, mine has lol and i still have to sort out the front of the house which believe me is tinyyyyy. i look forward to seeing the changes in your garden

10 Jun, 2008


You're doing well. It's wise, I think, to take a break now and again to see what you already have done as Grammazoo said. Then you'll know what to do next. Gardening is never-ending, but that's one of the things I like about it.

10 Jun, 2008


thank you to you all for your kind words, I actually took today off from the garden only because of my sun burn but its a break the only problem is i spent a lot of time on here and ebay looking for ideas and plants.
BIG chunk out of my bank balance LOL.

10 Jun, 2008


I started with a back garden with two apple trees and lots of grass. That was 24 years ago. A little bit each year and you'll get there in the end is my motto.
Another hint is to take before-and-after pictures. If you ever get downhearted, look at what it was like before you started and see how much you have accomplished - always works for me.

10 Jun, 2008


That is why I have taken so many photos they are great to look at and truly do inspire me. With a little bit of imagination i should get the garden of my dreams.

10 Jun, 2008


You have made SUCH a good start, and you've got lots of ideas and dreams. It will all come together in the end. Don't forget, 'Softlee, softlee, catchee monkee' - lol. in other words, do a bit at a time!

10 Jun, 2008

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