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Hot tub


Just found out my hot tub will be here in 2 weeks, I cant wait. We still need to install the pool and decking and build another planter, Im sure we will manage it! I still need inspiration on what to plant, the area gets full sun for the best part of the day.
I want something that will smell wonderful “jasmine” maybe but will it be ok next to the pool and tub ????

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If it's sheltered, yes. Is this to grow in the soil or in a pot? You can get several different varieties of Jasmine, varying in colour/size etc.

17 Jun, 2008


Jasmine's are nice, but honeysuckles last longer with more punch as a result. But will all that building work actually happen once the hot tub arrives? LOL

17 Jun, 2008


Yes definately muddywellies i can sit in there with my glass of wine and still supervise construction, Im sure that can be classed as multi tasking LOL.

19 Jun, 2008

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