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I have a small patio in which I have two plumeria cuttings that are beginning to leaf out. I seem to be partial to spicy min carnations as I have several pots of those in various colors. Most I have grown from seed and am getting better at doing what they need to flourish. I am always on the lookout for a color or strain that I do not have. I also have two very large pots of Kalanchoe, one with red flowers, one with orange flowers. I also have several planters of desert wildflowers and a large potted Dragon tree that I have had since it was a mere seedling. It now stands eight feet tall wih many outgrowths. My most recent plant I acquired at a mass merchadiser but it was not labeled and no one knew what it was. I just found out from the Plant lady who gave me this link, that it is a Celosia Spicata Plumosa, also know as Flamingo Feathers. It is purple and white. I just love plants because they relax me and I get to work with Mother Nature.

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  • Candy Cane spicy mini carnation
  • Flamingo feathers or Celosia spica plumosa
  • Celosia spicata plumosa (celosia spica plumosa)
  • Spicy mini Carnations

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